The Young And The Reckless - Recap

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The scene opens with Kate telling Ben that she doesn’t want to go back to work and Ben tells that they should go to Coney Island and she agrees to go. Later Kate goes to Tiffany’s and tells that she puked on Ben going on the Scrambler. Connie tells that she has a meeting with a publicist and Kate tells that when she is done with her meeting she and Connie will go out for drinks to celebrate. Tiffany tells that she is taking the kids with Connie there and says that they can take her car. Tiffany says that they will be in reception. Meanwhile, Ben is practicing his speech and Larry comes in and Ben tells that he is going to give the biggest speech and Larry says that he is going after Waterman. Kate calls and tells that she wants to steal him away for an hour and he agrees. However 4 hours later and 15 minutes until his speech, Ben comes into the conference center with no pants.

Larry asks what happened and gives Ben a suit. Meanwhile, Kate is having the same conversation and she tells that she wanted to take him to Stanton Island. Kate asks if she wants to go out for a slice of pizza and she agrees. Larry tells that Ben shouldn’t let Kate drag him to things. Larry tells that his relationship took a step forward. The scene flashbacks and Larry meets Connie and Tiffany and says that he will go with them to help watch the kids. Larry tells Ben that he was on fire, whereas Connie tells Kate that Larry was revolting. Larry thinks that he is going to marry Tiffany someday and Ben tells that she is already married. Larry tells that Ben shouldn’t judge because he lost his pants at a pizza place. However, Ben tells that he didn’t loose them at the pizza place and the scene flashbacks again and Kate and Ben get done eating at the pizza parlor when Kate sees a flier for a carnival. She says that it has a Scrambler. However, Ben tells that they don’t like the Scrambler anymore, but Kate tells that was a one time thing. Back in the bathroom, Larry tells that Ben is not spontaneous and Ben says that it felt rude to him. He tries on the suit and realizes that it is Larry’s suit.

Larry continues his story and they flashback and Larry, Connie and Tiffany are at the publicist’s office and Larry is criticizing Connie’s book and says that no one cares about a Griffin and a Pauper. He also says that there is no villain in the story. Connie tells that Larry rattled her and she was feeling nauseous. Kate tells that she wasn’t the only one and the scene flashbacks and Kate and Ben arrive at the dock with Ben having puke all over him again. He goes to the bathroom and puts his pants on the dryer and turns around for a second. When he turns around again, his pants are gone. He runs out and Kate tells that he forgot something. Ben and Larry go to the lobby and Ben tells that they got everything of his. Larry tells that Ben could do the speech and Ben asks for his cue cards, but Larry forgot them. Larry comes back and tells that he got him another 20 minutes, but he is going on after Conan, a very good public speaker in the firm. Larry suggests that they call Kate to get the cue cards, but Ben tells that they are not on good speaking terms because he told it was her fault that he was late. Connie agrees with Larry when Kate tells her the same thing. Larry calls Kate and tells that Ben needs his cue cards and she agrees to get them.

Connie tells Kate that she has a chance to rescue her relationship, but she can’t say the same with the publicist who hated her story. However, Connie tells that she has another character, a hairy ogre named Barry, who thinks that he is great with women and in reality everyone hates him because he is a monster. Larry tells that he was a big help and Connie tells that Larry is dumb. Connie and Kate get into the elevator and tells that Larry is not an idiot and that Tiffany wasn’t the only reason Larry was there. Delores, the publicist comes in and tells that she was just talking about her. Ben and Larry are waiting for Kate and tells that he has to try to go on without the speech. Meanwhile, Connie and Kate are in a taxi stuck in traffic. Kate gets out and walks there. Ben starts his speech and is nervous. He sees Kate walk up and suddenly he is confident in his speech and wings it.

Later at the bar, Larry congratulates Ben on his speech and Connie tells that she got told that Delores wants her to go back and talk more about her new character. Larry tells that she can mention him in the acknowledgments as Laurence Ebenezer Munch. Later, Kate tells Ben that they can do something fun and later that evening, they are home watching a movie. However, the camera moves around a lot and Ben tells that Kate has the Scrambler face on and she runs to the bathroom.