The Rejected - Recap

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Don and Roger are on a conference call with Lee from Lucky Strikes about the restrictions on cigarette advertising. Peggy and Faye come in to discuss the Ponds account. Don says he trusts Peggy to handle the account. Don opens a letter from Anna and places the picture inside on to his desk. Pete and Lane walk into the office, Pete is upset he wasn't brought in on the call.

Roger takes Pete aside and explains that Clearasil thinks Ponds will be a conflict of interest. Roger states Clearasil will be dropped. Lane explains it has to be done. Pete pleads to Roger to keep Clearasil because of his family ties to the account.

Roger is back on the phone with Lee from Lucky Strikes discussing billing. Don pretends there is a fire and the call finally ends. Rogers tells the secretary to let Lane know Lucky Strike is starting to notice they get billed for the work they have been doing for other clients.

Pete enters his office and find Henry at his desk reading the newspaper. Pete pours a drink. Henry and Pete discuss the Playtex ad and how the model looks Puerto Rican. Henry tells Pete that he is going to lunch with Ken from a competing agency and invites Pete to come along. Henry leaves and Pete begins to bang his head on the wall.

Peggy enters the elevator and meets Joyce. The two strike up a conversation and Joyce shows her some nude pictures that won't make it into Life.

Tom is sitting in a bar and Pete walks up to him. Pete orders a drink and Tom asks what the meeting is about. Pete begins to tell Tom about dropping the Clearasil account. Tom believes Pete wants to tell him about his wife being pregnant. Pete takes this news in shock, he had no idea he was going to be a father. Tom orders champagne and orders Pete not to tell Trudy. Tom asks Pete why they needed to meet and Pete told him there would be more people on Clearasil.

Pete enters his apartment and calls for Trudy. Trudy begins to apologize for not telling him about the baby. Pete isn't upset and embraces Trudy. Trudy and Pete sit on the couch and talk about the doctors visit. Pete tells Trudy about dropping the Clearasil account and not telling Tom about dropping the account. Trudy offers to tell her father at dinner the next day.

Joan leads Caroline to take over for the secretary during the Ponds testing. The girls assemble in the conference room for the test.

Peggy and Don reading over papers when Faye and Fred come in.

Faye is upset that her name is not misspelled as part of her presentation, Don is intrigued by her methods.

Joan walks in to warn Faye about the amount of perfume in the conference room. Faye leaves. Fred, Peggy and Don take seats as Joan pulls the curtain away from the testing room and turns on the audio. Joan excuses herself.

Faye introduces herself to the focus group and looks around for her name tag. Dottie says she doesn't have a name tag either.

Peggy is taking notes and is side tracked by playing with her ring. Don notices Peggy playing with her ring, Peggy sees Don noticing her and stops.

Faye is working on getting the women in the focus group talking.

Don and Fred comment on Faye's methods and the girls in the focus group.

Faye offers danish to the girls. The girls begin to take the danish and start talking about the skin care.

Peggy is amazed at Faye's abilities.

Faye is discussing that the woman are upset by the way their boyfriends treat them.

Don, Fred and Peggy listen closely.

Pete is filling out life insurance information at his desk when Lane comes in. Lane asks if he spoke with Tom about the account. Lane informs Pete that roger has already told Ponds that Clearasil is done. Pete says he will tell Tom at dinner. Pete tells Lane he is going to be a father, Lane responds that it will help Pete tell Tom about the account. Lane apologizes about his remark and returns to congratulate Pete.

Dottie is crying in the focus group and explaining her romantic situation.

Fred wonders to Don and Peggy why this got emotional. Peggy tells him to be quiet. Don looks at Alison's reaction. Dottie continues talking and Alison breaks down crying.

Fred and Peggy look intently at Alison's reaction and Don looks at the floor.

Alison leaves the focus group. Faye continues the group.

Peggy feels responsible and asks to leave the room. Don nods in agreement.

Don lights a cigarette and Fred comments that all women want to get married and will buy anything that will help.

Peggy goes into Don's office to comfort Allison. Peggy leads Allison into Don's office to talk. Allison believes Don and Peggy have been romantically involved.

Faye is ending the meeting. Don asks Peggy is allison went home. Faye enters the room and start to go over results of the focus group. Joan interupts and ask to put the room back together. Don offers his office as a meeting place. Peggy insist using the focus group room. Joan begins to close the curtains.

Henry and Pete are sitting at a restaurant and Ken walks in. Henry gets a phone call and excuses himself. Ken and Pete get to talking about business rumors. Pete apologizes and Ken tells Pete about

his agency. Pete tells Ken about the pregnancy.

Don knocks on his office door. He opens the door and asks Allison if he can come in. Allison shuts the door and tells Don that she is embarrassed. Allison wants to leave her position and asks Don for a letter of recomendation. Don offers to sign whatever Allison would like. Allison picks up a table lighter and throws it at Don, missing him and smashing into a picture frame.

Peggy sticks her head out of the office to see what is happening.

Allison accuses Don of being not a very nice guy and storms out of his office. Don calls after her. Allison runs down the hallway with Joan and Peggy looking on.

Joan is in the doorway of Don's office asking what is going on. Don says he needs a new secretary. Joan asks if he would be ok with Allison returning in a few days. Don says no. Joan leaves and Don fixes himself a drink. Peggy is looking into Don's

office from the window above the dividing wall.

Peggy is standing on her desk looking into Don's office when her secretary buzzes her.

Joyce is flirting with the secretary. Peggy comes in and asks Joyce if she'd like to see her office. Joyce invites Peggy to come to a party and gives Peggy the address. Bert can be seen eating an aplle on the couch behind Joyce. Peggy folds the paper and walks back to her office.

Pete enters his apartment and his in laws are over for dinner. Trudy offers Pete and Tom drinks. Trudy and her mother leave Tom and Pete to talk business. Pete asks Tom for all of his business.

Don sits alone on the couch in his office. Don Leaves and nods to the janitor cleaning the floor.

Peggy is entering a stairway with various hipsters essembled on the steps. Peggy goes up the steps into a crowded hallway and spots Joyce. Joyce offers Peggy a joint. Joyce tries to kiss Peggy.

Peggy says she has a boyfriend.

Don enters his apartment and begins to type a letter. Don takes the paper from the typewriter and throws it away. Don goes to the couch and lies down.

Joyce and Peggy are watching a film and smoking a joint. Joyce introduces Peggy to Abe and David Kellogg. Peggy and David talk about art in advertising. The police begin to break up the party.

Abe helps Peggy hide in a closet. Abe tells Peggy that he had been arrested before, they begin to kiss. Joyce opens the door and tells the two to follow her.

Abe leads the way and Joyce says the police took the film.

Joyce and Peggy run away from the building into the street laughing.

Don is walking down the hall towards his office. Miss Blankenship greets him and tells him Roger is

waiting for him. Roger and Don discuss Don's secretary choice. Lane and Pete come into the room and Pete tells them about Tom giving over the entire Vicks Chemical account. Lane says they all have a meeting for lunch and Don congratulates Pete. Don walks back to his office.

Peggy is describing the party to Joey. Peggy begins to talk about Malcolm X. A secretary walks in with a card for the Campbells. Joey signs and Peggy looks at the card and begins to get upset.

Peggy walks into Pete's office to offer congratulaions. Pete thinks she is talking about the account. Peggy wishes him the best of luck.

Peggy walks into her office and hits her head of her desk.

Don is typing at his desk and Faye walks in. Faye tells Don about the results of the focus group. Don tells Faye that the results do not match his ad campaign. Faye leaves.

Peggy is laying on the couch in her office and Joyce calls to invite her for lunch.

The partners are meeting in the lobby with Tom and Phil from Vicks Chemical.

Joyce and her friends arrive and Peggy leaves with them. Peggy looks back at Pete and they exchange awkward smiles.

Don is arriving back at his apartment and an elderly couple are arguing about pears. Don enters his apartment and locks the door.