The Chrysanthemum and the Sword - Recap

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Ms Blankenship is doing a crossword and answers the phone.

Don is in a meeting with Faye about the Vicks Chemical account. The phone rings and Don answers it. The other line in his office rings and Ms. Blankenship enters and asks about when to buzz Don. Ms. Blankenship tells don he has a phone call from the Times. Don asks what it is concerning and Ms. Blankenship leaves to find out. Don excuses the meeting.

Don answers the phone and begins to talk to the reporter about lost accounts.

Roger is reading the paper and talks about civil rights law. Pete picks up the paper and Don enters the room. Joan calls the meeting to order and lists the partners at the meeting. Pete tells the good news about the accounts he is after. Pete is excited about bringing in the Honda account. Roger refuses to do business with the Japanese. Pete says that if agencies work with Volkswagen, then they could work with Honda. Roger states that Lucky Strike is great and leaves the meeting. Pete asks if anyone has a problem with Honda and Don asks when Pete could bring them in. Pete asks Bert for help dealing with the Japanese and Bert says to keep Roger out of it.

Sally and Robert are watching the news at Don's apartment. Don enters the room and puts on his jacket. The babysitter enters the apartment. Sally complains that she doesn't like her dad going on dates. Don leaves.

Robert and the babysitter are watching TV. Sally enters having just cut her own hair. Robert is told to go into the other room. Sally asks about her dad's involvement with women.

Don and Bethany are at a Japanese restaurant watching the chef cook. Ted and Nan Chaogh comes over to the couple. Ted begins to talk about filming commercials for Clearasil. Ted talks about the competition for the Honda account.

Nan asks Tom what he was doing as she takes her seat, he responds he was doing his job.

Bethany and Don discuss Tom. Don seems upset and Bethany wants to concentrate on their date. Bethany picks up chopsticks and Don asks for advice.

Tom is leaning back in his chair to get a god look at Don.

Don enters his apartment and asks when his kids went to bed. The babysitter explains that Sally cut her hair. Don is furious and offers the babysitter some severance pay and shows her out.

Betty is laying on Henry's lap while Henry read a paper. The doorbell rings and Betty gets up to answer.

Don enters with Robert and Sally. Sally is wearing a hat and Betty asks her to take it off. Sally removes her hat. Betty slaps Sally across her face and orders Sally to her room. Henry appears in the hallway and asks Robert to go outside and play. Don says Betty doesn't have to hit Sally. Betty wonders why Don let this happen. Don says to take her to the hair dresser and leaves. Henry tries to talk to Betty, but she refuses to listen to him. Henry calms her down and explains that Sally did this on her own and not to take out her frustrations about Don on Sally. Betty offers to make an apology. Henry and Betty kiss then Betty heads upstairs.

Don enters the main lobby of the agency. Pete walks up to Don and let's him know about the meeting scheduled. Don is upset he didn't know about Ted's involvement with Honda. Pete explains all of the competition. Pete excuses himself to get the office ready.

Bert is bowing to greet the executives from Honda.

Don offers the tour of the agency. Don and Pete lead the executives with the help of a translator. Joan is introduced and makes a joke about Benihanna. The translator makes a an obvious joke about Joan's breasts and they stare at them.

Inside the conference room, Pete, Bert and Don listen to the concerns of Honda. Bert assures the executives they will be happy. Pete offers gifts to the executives. Roger walks into the meeting and is upset that the meeting is happening. Roger insults the executives. The executives offer the rules for the presentations. Pete and Bert offer apologies for Regor’s behavior. The executives adjourn the meeting and Don looks frustrated.

Don bursts into Roger's office and tells him that he is not allowed to kill the Honda account. Don wants Roger to think about the ideas he could bring to the Honda account. Roger refuses. Pete rushes in and asks Roger what he was thinking. Roger tells Pete he could never understand. Pete says these aren't the same people. Roger states that he is the same person. Pete accuses Roger of being afraid of Pete's ability to bring in new business. Roger lunges at Pete and Don steps between them. Pete leaves. Don says Pete is right to Roger.

Sally is watching TV on the her friend Laura's couch. Sally begins to touch herself while watching TV. Laura's mom walks in and asks Laura to leave the room.

Henry and Betty are in bed kissing. The door bell rings. Henry gets out of bed.

Laura's mom is at the door with Sally. Henry asks what is wrong. Laura's mom asks to speak with Betty. Laura's mom tells Betty what happened. Betty is very embarrassed.

Betty bursts into Sally's room and yells at her.

Betty enters her bedroom and Henry asks what happened. Betty worries about Sally's actions. Henry suggests therapy. Betty is against the idea.

Don is in his office and Pete and Lane enter to discuss the Honda account. Bert and Roger enter the office. Roger apologizes for his actions. Bert has doubts and tells Pete the account might be done. Ms. Blankenship enter with a package for Don. The package is from Ted Chaogh. Don wants to win the Honda account and asks for ideas from the men. Lane and Bert tell Don the Japanese have rules that must be followed and the budget is too tight for Don's idea. Pete thinks it's a lost cause and leaves.

Don is sitting in his apartment and Betty calls to talk about Sally. Betty wants Sally to see a doctor and let's Don know what is going on. Don and Betty argue with each other about their new personal lives and the effect on the children.

Peggy, Joey, Pete and Joan are watching a drinking bird toy and cheering it on. Don walks in and calls Peggy Joan and Pete into a meeting.

Don takes a slip of paper out of his pocket and reads it to the group. Don goes over his plan to make a fake commercial and let the competition try to compete and waste money. Pete worries about the plan.

Joan is interviewing Howard a director for the Honda commercial. Don knocks on the door asking if he could store a motorcycle in Joan's office. Joan explains the scenes to Howard

Howard is telling Teddy about Don's plans for the commercial. Teddy starts to spitball ideas for the commercial. Teddy is told there is no money for the commercial. Teddy tells Barbara to talk to New York City about filming the subway.

Peggy is holding a motorcycle outside a studio. When Teddy's guy comes out of their studio, Peggy walks the motorcycle into the studio across the hall.

Joey unwraps a sandwich outside the studio. Howard and guy walks up to the door. Joey tells them it's a closed set.

Peggy rides the motorcycle in circle in the empty studio.

Don looks over papers in his office and sees the unopened gift.

Don walks through the office with his gift. Faye is washing dishes in the break room. Don offers Faye saki. Don pours two drinks and hands one to Faye. Don and Faye begin to talk about their personal lives.

Betty is in the doctor's office talking with Doctor Keener about Sally's problems. Betty talks about her father's death and the emotional issues the family has been having. Betty begins opening up and discussing her problems. Dr. Keener excuses herself to retrieve her date book and Betty stares at a dollhouse.

A porter pushes a cart through the hallway of the hotel. Don sits on a couch reading notes. Teddy exits the meeting room and asks Don where his film is. Teddy is happy with his commercial and walks away. The door is opened and Don walks into the meeting room.

The Honda executives and the translator stand as Don walks in. Don is introduced. Don explains that the rules were not followed for the account and withdraws from the competition. Don writes a check for the budget and gives it to them.

Roger is sitting at his desk with a drink. Joan walks in and Roger offers her a drink. Roger is upset with dealing with Honda. Joan does not want to hear about it.

Don walks into the office and Ms. Blankenship gives him messages.

Don opens the door to his office and pours himself some scotch. Lane and Pete walk in and offer congratulations for handling the Honda account.

Sally waits outside Dr. Keener's office. A patient leaves the doctor's office. Dr. Keener appears in the doorway and invites Sally in.