Waldorf Stories - Recap

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Don and Peggy are going over Danny's portfolio of in Don's office. Peggy and Don are not impressed with his portfolio and walk Danny out.

Don and Peggy have drinks and joke about the interview. Don and Peggy start talking about award nominations. Don starts asking Peggy about the Vicks account. Peggy offers Don good luck with the awards and leaves the office.

Roger is dictating to Caroline for a chapter in his book. Don walks in to tell him about the interview. Roger tells Don that Danny will have to get the job because of his family connections.

Flashback to Don as a salesperson meeting Roger for the first time. Roger notices a sign in the shop and asks Don who did it. Don tells Roger he is the one who does the ads and Roger hands him a card.

Joan is waiting on the bed and Roger enters the room with a box under his arm. Joan opens the box and tries on the fur. Under the fur, Roger finds Don's portfolio. Roger glances at the portfolio and says it's out of line. Roger and Joan embrace and kiss.

Roger calls Caroline in for more notes on his book.

Pete yells for Joan in the conference room. Peggy, Henry and Lane joke about Don's award show. Joan walks in and tells the group the cereal execs are stuck in Philly and offers drinks for a warm up to the award ceremony. Pete worries about the executives schedules. Peggy excuses herself from the party to do work.

A film on the KKK is playing. Peggy walks in excuses Clara from the room to talk to

Don is at the bar at the award ceremony talking to Ned. Roger walks up and signals for another drink.
Ned wishes Don luck. Teddy comes over and introduces his guest a General. Roger makes fun of Ted's last name. Roger tells Don that Ted is nothing.

Pete and Joan are looking over the crowd at the ceremony when they spot Philip and Kenny. Philip talks about Kenny working with Pete and Don again.

Pete asks Joan what she knows about a possible merger.

The ceremony is called to order.

Pete asks Don about Ken.

Duck loudly interrupts the ceremony.

The emcee cautiously talks him down.

Duck yells back and begins on a tirade. Security escorts Duck out.

Roger and Don laugh about Duck's antics.

Peggy watches as the director tosses pencils into the ceiling. They discuss his lack of motivation. Peggy gets him going on ideas for Vicks.

The ceremony is announcing Don's category. Roger holds Joan's hand.

Don holds Joan's hand.

Don is announced as the winner ans rushes to pick up his award. Don is congratulated as he makes his way to the table.

Pete asks to see the Clio award and the receptionist form the agency shows up to let the group know the execs from Life cereal are on their way to the office. Pete offers to rescheduled and Don wants to do the presentation. Pete is concerned.

Henry is pouring drinks for the Life cereal execs in the conference room. Don, Roger and Pete enter the room to the applause of everyone around the table. Don puts the Clio award on the table and Peggy picks it up to admire it.

Pete makes introductions to the execs. Roger takes the Clio and does a victory lap around the conference table. Pete looks on worried.

Don begins the presentation and begins to show signs of his drinking. Don pulls himself together and delivers the new ad campaign. The execs are not happy with the tag line and Pete offers a chance to re try at a later date.

Don interjects.

Pete looks worried.

Don offers a few spit balled ideas. Don spits the line "Cure for the common cereal". The execs love it.

Don leaves the conference room and calls for Roger. Peggy leaves behind him wanting to talk about the tag line. Don is cross about the lack of progress on Vicks and asks Ms. Blankenship to book Peggy and Rizzo into a hotel room for the weekend.

Rogers enters and Pete and the Life execs come in behind him. Don offers to walk them out. Ms. Blankenship asks Peggy which hotel she'd like to stay in.

Peggy walks down the hall and asks Pete to talk. Pete blows her off to talk to Lane.

Peggy sees Rizzo laying on his back smoking.

Pete asks Lane if the firm is merging. Lane says that Ken Cosgrove would be a valuable asset to the firm. Pete is upset that Lane would consider it without asking. Lane stops Pete to make a case for adding Ken.

Roger, Joan and Don are at a bar celebrating their victory. Roger stops the General and asks him some military questions.

Don gets congratulations and Roger seems upset. Don tells Roger to order more drinks and walks away.

Don pulls Faye away from a man she was talking to. Don begins to flirt with Faye and Faye talks about the other firm's jealousy. Don tries hard to flirt but Faye wants nothing to do with him.

Peggy and Rizzo are in a hotel room. Peggy wants to work and Rizzo is reading a Playboy. Peggy accuses Rizzo of being lazy and having no ideas. Peggy strips naked to inspire Rizzo's creativity.

Don, Joan, and Don are drinking. A woman walks up to Joan and Roger and asks about Don. Roger and Joan begin talking about Roger's role in the firm. Joan leaves.

Don is flirting with the girl.

Flashback to Don and Roger meeting in the lobby of the building. Roger doesn't remember Don and Don asks about his portfolio. Roger says he threw it out. Don offers to buy Roger a drink and hear what he has to say about his work.

Roger and Don sit at a table with drinks. Roger is drunk and they are having a good conversation. Roger staggers up to leave.

Rizzo and Peggy sit naked and spit ball ideas. Peggy is upset by the lack of focus. Rizzo puts his clothes on and goes into the bathroom. Peggy smugly puts on her clothes and asks Rizzo if he wants some food.

Don and the girl he met at the bar are in bed. Don asks her to hum a few bars of her jingle. She hums and kisses Don. Don falls asleep.

The sun rises over Dons sleeping face. The phone rings. Don answers and Betty is on the line asking where he is.

Betty is in the kitchen yelling at Don on the phone.

Don forgot the day and apologizes to Betty. He hangs up the phone. Don has trouble remembering what happened the previous night. The girl in his bed calls him Dick. Don gets out of bed and hands Doris her outfit.

Don enters his bathroom and turns on the shower. Doris can be heard leaving.

Whiskey is poured into a glass.

Don takes the glass and lays on the couch and falls asleep. A knock at door.

Peggy is at Don's door asking if he is alright.

Peggy walks in and tells Don about Life's cereal tag line and let's him know it was the line of the kid they interviewed. Peggy tells Don he has to fix this and leaves.

Pete sits at his desk and Lane walks in to invite him to lunch with Ken. Pete asks for a meeting rather than lunch.

Rizzo shows the storyboard to Joey, who likes the idea.

Don walks past the room and heads to his office. Ms. Blankenship greets him.

Don walks in and Danny is sitting in the office. Don offers him $50 for the idea. Danny wants a job with the firm.

Pete sits in the conference room as Lane brings Ken into the room. Pete asks to be left alone with Ken. Pete asks Ken if he can do what he's told.

Don leaves his office and calls for Peggy. Don tells Peggy that Danny will be starting on Monday.

Don enters Roger's office and tells him that Danny is hired. Roger found Don's Clio and says he can have it back if he says thanks. Don leaves and Roger watches him go.

Flashback to Don and Roger in the lobby. Don says that Roger hired him when Roger was drunk. They get on the elevator and Roger looks confused.