The Suitcase - Recap

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Henry is handing out tickets to Pete, Ken, Danny and Joey. The men begin to discuss the Liston - Clay fight. Don walks in and gives his input and calls the Samsonite account guys into his office.

Don walks into the office and tells Ms. Blankenship to make dinner arrangements for him and Roger. Rizzo, Danny, Peggy and Joey enter to give their pitch.

Don sits at his desk and the pitch is given and played out in his front of him. Joey gives the tag line as Joe Namath and the rest of the crew acts like football players with suitcases.

Don thinks the idea of Joe Namath is lazy. Peggy defends the idea and Don asks to be alone with her. The rest of the crew leaves.

Don addresses Peggy's ability to pull this idea together. Peggy leaves.

Peggy enters her office and finds flowers in her office.

Duck is sitting with his bare feet propped up and answers the phone.

Peggy thanks Duck for remembering her birthday.

Duck asks if she opened her present.

Peggy goes to open the bow on her desk.
Peggy finds business cards that read "Philips -Olsen Advertising Agency."

Duck says it is finally happening and he is doing something he should have done years again. Duck says that the connections are all in place for her to leave.

Peggy asks where Duck is and what happened to his position at Gray.

Duck says that he is done with wasting his talents.

Peggy worries about Duck got fired.

Duck wants to get some clients and cash.

Peggy is unsure how to take it because of Duck's drinking.

Duck tries to make plans to see Peggy. Duck begs to see Peggy. Rizzo, Joey and Danny are let into Peggy's office. Peggy hangs up the phone. Rizzo offers to take Peggy to lunch. Peggy is worried about the account. Joey says she should go because it's her birthday.

Don walks down the hall and Ms. Blankenship gives Don his message from Stephanie.

Don sits at his desk and looks at the picture of him and Anna. Don hangs up the phone and prepares a drink. Roger enters the office and says that they will have to go to fight with the execs from Ponds.
Don wants Roger to go without him.
Don closes the door behind Roger and takes a seat in his office and looks at the note about Stephanie's call.

Joey, Danny and Peggy are working on Samsonite. Peggy gets up to leave. Joan comes in to the office to complain about the mess.

Peggy is in the bathroom applying makeup talking about her big birthday date night. Mrs. Campbell comes in and they talk about the baby and the fight.

Mrs. Campbell joins Pete with Henry and Ken and talks about the fight.

Rizzo, Joey and Danny see Peggy going to Don's office and they run away before Don calls them too.

Peggy appears in Don's doorway and says she was about to leave. Ms Blankenship asks if she should call California. Don says no, then asks Peggy how Samsonite is going. Peggy says she tell him tomorrow. Don asks to see what she has and Peggy leaves to get it.

Peggy goes into her office and begins to take off her jacket. Then puts it back on, grabs a folder and walks out.

Peggy enters Don's office and shows him what they have so far. Don is not happy with the proposals, he says she needs to stay and work. Peggy leaves Don's office.

Mark receives a phone call at the restaurant. Peggy apologizes and tells Mark it should be 15 minutes. mark hangs up the phone and lets Peggy's family know she will be late.

Peggy is spit balling ideas with Don. Don talks about Cassius Clay. Don brings an idea and Peggy agrees. Peggy answers the phone and Roger is calling for Don to come join him.

Peggy leaves to answer her own phone and Mark wants her to come to dinner. Peggy tries to reschedule. Mark tells Peggy her whole family is waiting at dinner.

Peggy comes into Don's office to let him know she is going. Don offers her a drink. Peggy tells Don it's her birthday and she missed her dinner. Don tells her to get over her birthday and excuses her.

Peggy waits as the elevator doors open in front of her.

The waiter brings a phone to Mark's table. Peggy tells Mark she will not be able to make dinner. Mrs. Olson yells at her daughter. Peggy is upset at Mark. Mark breaks up with Peggy on the phone.

Don sits looking at the message from Stephanie. Peggy tells Don it's his fault she is not going to her dinner and for the break up.

Don and Peggy argue about the recognition for her work. Don yells at Peggy about her standing in the agency. Peggy leaves Don's office. Don says he's sorry.

Peggy goes into the bathroom and looks at into the mirror. She breaths heavy and begins to break down and cry.

Don starts dictating ideas into a tape recorder, but the tape needs replacing. When don gets a new reel, he spots a mouse running through his office.

Don is replacing the reel and can hear the mouse.

Peggy is in her office looking over a file. Don calls Peggy into his office. Don begins to play a reel and Roger's voice comes out over the speakers. They sit and listen to Roger talk about his early days in the firm and about a relationship with Ms. Blankenship. Roger Talks about Bert's problem with Roger's youth and Bert's impotency. Don cuts the tape and laughs. Don offers Peggy a drink and wants to talk. Peggy begins to talk about the breakup. Peggy sees the mouse and screams.

Don gets on the floor and tries to catch the mouse. He wants to use it for a test of the suitcases. The phone rings and Don offers to buy her a birthday dinner.

Peggy and Don sit in a diner and talk over the account and about suitcases. Don says they need to keep thinking and the idea will come. Peggy tells Don about her father dieing in front of her. Don tells of his father's passing.

Don and Peggy sit in a bar and listen to the fight and talk about Peggy's relationship. Peggy feels insecure about Don never wanting to sleep with her. Peggy talks about her pregnancy. The fight ends and everyone is shocked.

Peggy and Don enter the agency and Peggy helps Don to the toilet. Don pukes in the toilet. Peggy offers water. Her name is being called and She leaves the bathroom.

Peggy sees Duck wondering the hall.

Duck drops his pants and tells Peggy he will leave a present in the office. Duck begs Peggy to take him back.
Peggy walks Duck down the hall.

Don sees Peggy and Duck walking down the hall.

Duck confronts Don. Duck tells Don that he and Peggy were in love, but and she's a whore. Don takes a swing at Duck and they fall to the floor.

Duck is on top of Don and threatens to kill him.

Duck lets Don up and Peggy follows Duck out.

Don walks down to his office.

Don is sitting on his couch and Peggy walks in to tell Don that Duck was gone. Peggy begins to explain her relationship with Duck. Don asks for a drink.

Don tells Peggy he needs to make a bad phone call.

Peggy sits down next to Don with a drink. Don lays down on her lap and passes out.

Peggy and Don are asleep on the couch. Don wakes and sees the ghost of Anna with a suitcase. Anna vanishes.

Don falls asleep.

Don wakes again and the sun is rising. Don gets up and unfold the message from Stephanie.

Don calls the number.

Stephanie answers and tells Don that Anna has died.

Don says he knows and apologizes for not being able to call. Don says he will come out.

Stephanie says that Anna donated her body to science.

Don says he is coming out to take care of the house.

Stephanie would like to stay in the house.
Don hangs up. He notices Peggy had been listening and begins to break down.

Peggy asks what happened.

Don says that someone died who was the only person who really knew him.

Peggy puts her hand on his shoulder to try and comfort him. Don sends her home.

Peggy is waiting for the elevator.

Peggy is back in her office and lays on the couch.

Rizzo blows a whistle to wake Peggy. Joey and Danny talk about the fight.

Peggy walks into Don's office and Don shows Peggy ad copy for the Samsonite.

Don holds Peggy's hand.

Don tells Peggy to get the guys on it and go home to freshen up.

Don starts reading the paper at his desk.