The Summer Man - Recap

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Don dives into a swimming pool.

Don is writing notes in a notebook in his apartment.

Don is swimming. He stops at the wall and the lifegaurd asks if he is ok.

Don is sitting on a bench in the locker a small transistor radio is playing the Rolling Stones.

Don stands outside the gym. He lights a cigarette and watches people.

Don is walking down the hall to his office and talks to Ms. Blankenship.

Rizzo and Joey are shaking a vending machine back and forth. Henry offers advice on how to shake it. Peggy and Kenny laugh at the sight. Joan comes in and asks what is going on. Joey explains he lost his watch trying to get Ken's clark bar free. Joan says to knock it off and not bang the machine again. Joey calls Joan "Mom". Pete comes in to ask what is going on.

Joan asks to see Joey in her office.

Joan tells Joey that there is an problem between them. Joey dismisses Joan as an old madam and leaves.

Peggy walks in and Joan yells at her about using her office. Peggy leaves.

Joan looks out the window into the next room and sees Rizzo, Henry, Ken and Joey laughing. Joan grabs her coat and leaves.

Ms Blankenship is carrying bottles down the hall. Peggy sees her and welcomes her back. Don asks Ms Blankenship to get him some cigarettes.

Ms Blankenship gives Don the message that Betty had called and said that Don couldn't have the kids this weekend.

Joan walks into her apartment and kisses her husband. They talk about basic training starting. Joan is worried and Greg takes her into the bedroom and consoles her.

Don sits in his apartment watching TV and writing in his journal. He is thinking about his son's birthday.

Don swims while an internal monologue lists his goals.

Don sits in a Mountain Dew account meeting with Ken, Peggy, and Rizzo. Don tells them they need a whole new campaign. Don yells for Ms Blankenship to get Joan.

Don watches intently as Peggy lifts a glass of scotch and drinks. He notices Ken pour a glass and then he takes a big drink.

Joan enters the room. Don asks Joan to get Joey on for the account. Joan tells Don there have been complaints about his work. Peggy and Don ask for details. Don dismisses the meeting.

Henry is discussing Hollywood posibilities with Joey.

Peggy asks what he is doing with Henry and Joey says Henry was hitting on him. Peggy asks Joey what happened between him and Joan. Peggy warns Joey not to cross Joan.

Henry and Betty meet Ralph at a restaurant. Betty sees Don having dinner at the same restaurant.

Don is having a date with Bethany. Bethany wants more from Don and the relationship they have.

Henry, Betty and Ralph come over to the table and Don introduces them to his date.

Don tells Bethany they were his ex wife and her new husband.

Ralph is explaining to Henry and Betty that the Govenor will be campaigning for President and will need Henry's help.

Betty drinks and smokes. Betty excuses herself from the table.

Betty sits on the toilet and goes through her purse to find a cigarette.

Henry and Betty argue about her actions during dinner. Henry wonders if Don has too much space in her heart. Betty tells Henry to drop her off at the house and leave her.

Don and Bethany are kissing in the backseat of a cab. Bethany undoes Don's pants and goes between his legs.

Don's internal monologue talks about people reactions as he writes in his notebook.

Bethany leaves the cab and Don watches her leave.

Don talks about how he likes to sleep.

Don walks out of the elevator and over hears Faye yelling on the payphone.

Henry is getting dressed and Betty apologizes to him. Henry tells Betty to get some sleep and leaves.

Henry gets into his car and drives into the boxes marked Draper.

Joey is mixing cocktails with Mountain Dew. Rizzo comes over to test the drink. Peggy says they need three ingredients for a cocktail. Joan walks towards Lane's office.

Joan enters Lane's office and asks if Joey would be put on full time. Joan takes a seat and asks if the vending machines are needed.

Rizzo and Joey gossip about what Lane and Joan are doing in the office. Joey sketches a naked scene of Joan and Lane. Peggy tells them to get back to work.

Don is staring out his window. Ms Blankenship tells Don that Henry is on the phone. Henry asks Don to come get his boxes on Saturday. Don looks at his tumblers and asks Ms. Blankenship for some coffee.

Peggy walks into Joan's office to complain about the vending machine. Joan reaches in her desk to give Peggy some money and notices Joey's drawing of her on the window.

Joan walks into the breakroom to ask who did the drawing. No one will admit to doing the drawing. Joan leaves and Peggy tells Joey he made a mistake.

Peggy walks into Dons office and shows him the drawing of Joan. Don tells Peggy to fire him and get respect.

Faye comes into Don's office.

Peggy asks to speak with Joey.

Joey and Peggy walk into Peggy's office. Peggy tells Joey to apologize. Joey refuse and Peggy fires him. Joey offers to apologize. Peggy says no.

Joey walks with a box under his arm and Henry asks what happened. Rizzo, Henry and Stan offer condolences. Peggy tells Stan he is now on Mountain Dew.

Faye and Don discuss an auto parts account. Don offers to take Faye out to dinner. Faye accepts for Saturday night.

Betty is cooking and Francine enters to return a dish. Betty and Francine talk about Don. Francine warns Betty not put her family at risk.

Joan is in front of the elevator doors. Peggy enters the elevator and tells her that Joey was fired. Joan explains the female office dynamic to Peggy. Peggy looks stunned at Joan's revelation that Peggy has reenforced the sexism in the agency.

Don sits in his apartment writing in his notebook.

Don pulls up to Betty's house and finds his boxes on the curb. Henry is cutting the grass.

Don throws the boxes into a dumpster.

Henry walks in to the kitchen past Betty.

Don pours himself a drink.

Don pushes Faye's chair in at dinner. Don begins to tell Faye how much he is enjoying swimming. Faye discusses her father's importance in the city. The waiter comes and Don orders drinks. Don talks about the birthday party he is not invited to. Don and Faye begin to talk shop.

Don offers his coat and wraps Faye.

Don and Faye get into a cab. They begin to kiss. Faye asks where Don lives. Don says he will not take Faye home. They kiss again.

Don is sleeping in his bed.
Don is swimming laps in the pool.

Don walks in to the birthday party. Henry asks why Don was there.

Betty walks over to greet Don and hands him Gene. Don plays with his son while Betty watches on.