A Little Kiss (2) - Recap

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The scene opens with Lane finding a wallet in the backseat of a cab and deciding to take it upon himself to return it to the owner. Pete stops by to tell Lane Mohawk called him at home and he's calling a partners' meeting in his office. When Lane's wife calls, he's distracted when he finds a photo of a young woman in the wallet. Joan's mother shows her the ad mocking Y&R and sees it as SCDP replacing her. Joan argues that it's not in the want ads and no one called her, but her mother obviously doesn't think that means anything; as she seems pretty convinced of what she has assumed to be the fact. Things are still tense between Don and Megan when they get to work, and when Don gets to his office, Roger shimmies over singing in French; mocking Don in the process.

As they head to Pete's office for the partners' meeting, Roger shows him the ad and Don reminds him that they don't make fun of each other's wives; as Don clearly found his mocking in bad taste. Roger argues he was making fun of him and wants him to be happy, adding they're all great girls until they want something. Pete's office is obviously too small for this meeting, with Don, Roger, Lane, and Bertram all squeezed together on one couch. Pete tells them Mohawk's going to be coming in and points out his office isn't big enough for a meeting. He doesn't want to use Roger's office since it doesn't involve him (he's still annoyed he crashed his meeting) and suggests Roger give him his office. That doesn't go over so well, and Roger does point out that while he's a full partner, Pete's just a junior one.

Pete brings up all the work he does for the company, but he's not getting anywhere. Harry tells Stan what he would have done to Megan after her dance for Don, and though Stan tries to warn him she's there, he doesn't listen, and Megan pushes her way by. Meanwhile, the wallet owner's girl calls for it, and Lane's obviously looking forward to seeing her as they set up for her to come by to get the wallet. Harry's worried when Roger wants to see him in his office and thinks he's being reprimanded for what he said to Megan. He's not because Roger doesn't know. Instead, Roger's decided he and Pete are switching offices and points out that Harry shouldn't be meeting his clients in his office anyway—he should be meeting them in their element. He even offers him $1,100 in cash—he can buy a photo since there's no window—and points out they could have the conversation he feared they were going to.

Joan finally just shows up with her baby, and Meredith at the front desk doesn't know who she is at first, then mentions that Scarlet and Clara are splitting her work. Clara and Caroline fawn over her baby, Don stops by to say hello, and when Megan joins, there's the awkward question about Don's party since Joan couldn't make it. Joan's planning to be back at work soon. Nothing is more awkward though than Roger walking over with, "there's my baby," talking about Joan, and he does end up holding the baby for a few moments. When Joan goes in to see Lane, Peggy's left holding her son. Peggy passes the baby off to Pete after his "what's that?" when he sees the carriage, and he walks off yelling for Clara. Megan lets Peggy know that she too did some work over the weekend, not hiding her dislike about what Peggy said at the party.

Megan complains that none of them apologize and they're all cynical. However, it's obvious she's upset because Don didn't like the party and ends up leaving early. Joan asks Lane about the ad, and he explains it was just a barb directed at Y&R. They're barely holding it together without her and need her back. She starts crying and explains she's been thinking about work and missed it too much, and he tries to cheer her up. They didn't have a cake because she wasn't there to arrange it, he jokes, trying to make her feel better. When she mentions that she just feels alone, even with her baby and mother there, he understands. When she asks him about the party, he tells her—with a demonstration—about Megan's performance.

Pete finds out from Harry that they're switching offices and explains that a bigger office wasn't the point. He argues that he deserves the bigger office as the heard of accounts and bringing in the clients. While apologizing to Don about the party, Peggy tells him about Megan leaving, and he heads home. Lane's disappointed when the wallet owner himself stops by, not his girl, and he keeps her photo before bringing it out to him. The owner makes Lane take cash reward and calls him "a real gentleman." Oh, if he only knew. Don gets home to find Megan taking off her robe to clean up, and though she tells him to stop looking at her and pushes him away, telling him he doesn't get to have her, he, well, gets to have her on the floor of their messy apartment.

Pete tells Clara to let Roger do whatever he wants and has her pencil in a 6 a.m. appointment with Coca-Cola. It works. Don explains to Megan that he didn't want the others in their home. The problems were there long before she joined the creative team (all of a few months ago). Things seem to be fixed there (for now). The ad taking a jab at Y&R came across as a help-wanted ad, and SCDP ends up with a reception full of African-American applicants. After Y&R sends them an artifact with a "resume" attached, which they see, SCDP has no choice but to take some resumes for secretary positions. The episode ends on this note.