At the Codfish Ball - Recap

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The episode begins with Sally calling Glen. She tells him that Henry and Betty are away with baby Jane. Just then Pauline walks by and trips on the phone cord. Sally asks Bobby to get some water while she calls for help. Pauline has hurt her ankle. Meanwhile, Megan’s parents, Emile and Marie are visiting their daughter. They will be staying for a while. Just then the phone rings; its Sally. Next, Roger is having a drink with his ex-wife. He tells her about the life altering experience he had when he took LSD. He tells her that he realizes that he never understood about other people emotions; and its tru. He tells her that she should try LSD once.

He then gives her a list of names of people from the American Cancer Board; he wants her to do a small investigation on them. He tells her about the dinner he and Don would be attending on the weekend, where don would be receiving an award for the letter he wrote on quitting tobacco. He says that he wants to know as much possible about these guys, so that he can propagate his business. She agrees. At the dinner table, Emile wants to know about Don’s money. Just then Don arrives with Sally and Bobby. Sally tells the room that Pauline tripped over one of Jane’s toys! But Don adds that after Pauline got hurt, Sally called the police, who in turn called the ambulance; and while they were waiting Sally put Pauline’s foot on the pillow and put ice on it and kept her calm. As a reward, Megan is making spaghetti for her.

Marie excuses herself from the table as she needs to got to bed. Megan goes in to check on her mom, and she finds that she fell asleep with the cigarette still burning in her hands. Before going to bed, Megan and Don have a talk, where Don tells her that whatever he does, her father would never like him. But Megan also points out that her mother touched Don six times in an hour. Don dismisses it and goes off to sleep. Next day, Megan walks into Don’s office- she has an idea. Its about Heinz. She tells him that last night while she made spaghetti for the kids; she realized that her mom made it for her and that her grand mom made it for her mom. So they could go back to the cave men, to the Middle Ages, the present and then take everyone into the future. And the tagline would be: Some things never change. Don loves the idea. He calls for Stan and Ginzo and tell them that they are going to change Heinz. They are angry. But then they tell Peggy that it is better than their idea. While the idea is being discussed, Peggy gets a call from Abe. He wants to arrange a dinner date. Peggy gets nervous.

She goes to meet Joan and tells her that Abe might be planning to break up with her. But Joan thinks otherwise. She thinks that Abe might propose to her. She tells her that men don’t make time for ending things; they just ignore you. Peggy arrives at the restaurant. Abe, instead of proposing her for marriage; proposes that they move in together into her apartment. Peggy is disappointed but tries to cover it with a smile. But she says a ‘yes’. Next, Don is dining with Raymond, his wife Alice, Ken and Cynthia. But things look a little afield. The wives excuse themselves to go to the ladies room. Alice tells Megan that Raymond is basically planning to drop them and that she hopes that they continue to remain friends. Megan comes back to the table and whispers into Don’s ears that they are going to be fired.

Megan prompts Don to tell Raymond about the idea they had in mind; but its presented as Don’s idea. Raymond loves it and they stay back for a bottle of champagne. On their way back home, Don and Megan are happy; but also turned on. They head off to the office to make out, as there are a lot of people at home. Next day, Peggy arrives at the office and Joan tells her that Don and Megan sold Heinz over dinner. There is champagne in the conference room. But then she notices that there is no ring on Peggy’s finger and figures out that Peggy might not be in the mood. But Peggy tells her what happened and that she is happy about with decision. Joan tells her that it is a good thing and that it is romantic. Next, Peggy congratulates Megan and tells her that instead of being jealous, she is experiencing her first time all over again. She tells Megan that she should savor it. Megan agrees and leaves.

Peggy is wondering about Megan’s dampened reaction. Next day, Sally, Megan and Marie return home with a lot of shopping bags. Sally tells Don that she wants to attend the award ceremony and that she has brought a dress for the occasion. Just then Emile reacts angrily and storms out of the room, with Mariefollowing him. They are fighting in French. Everyone is confused, but Megan understands. She tells Don that her father went to the publisher this morning and it didn’t go well. So he called up one of his grad students and was crying to her about it. Marie walks in and finds Emile crying on the phone. Don does not understand. But Megan explains to him that her father should be crying to her mother about his disappointment; and not some grad student. He understands. She tells Don that they always do this but they recover.

Next, roger arrives and Marie helps him with the tie; but she also flirts with him. Sally is dressed for the function, but Don makes her remove the eye make-up and her knee high boots. They arrive at the dinner. Pete introduces Don to Ed Baxter, Ken’s father-in-law. Next, Don gets his award. Roger meets Marie at the bar and she flirts with him once again. Megan tells her father that she is glad the he came. He tells his daughter that he always thought that she was single-minded about her dreams; but now she has changed. She skipped the trouble and went to the end. She feels that he hates that she loves Don. But he tells her that he hates tha she gave up for her love for Don. She has to do what she wants to do. She tells him that they shouldn’t discuss this tonight; at least.

He agrees. Next, Sally goes to freshen up; but she gets the wrong door. She sees Marie performing oral sex on Roger. She is shocked and immediately leaves. Meanwhile, Ed tells Don that he should get out of his business. Don is perplexed as he feels that everyone loves him and wants to talk to him. Ed tells him that everyone loves him but no one will ever work with him; especially after the tobacco letter. Ed tells Don that they would never trust him after the way he bit their hand. Don, Megan, Emile, Marie and sally are all at the table; each one lost in their own thoughts. Next, sally calls Glen. She tells him that she is at her dad’s. he asks her how is the city and she replies; dirty. The episode ends.