Dark Shadows - Recap

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The episode begins with Betty having her breakfast. It appears that she is working hard to lose weight. Next, Pete meets Don and Roger in the elevator. He tells them that Victor from New York Times has been in touch with him. He says that they are doing profiles on agencies. However, Pete tells them that he is only interested in talking to Victor. Next, Cooper tells Roger to get Max on the phone. He tells him that he is getting a new business- Manischewitz. Cooper tells Roger that he wants to involve Jane as well. But Roger tells him that they are getting divorced. Roger calls Max. Next, Megan is teaching Sally how to cry; pretend to be sad and Sally uses the trick on Don and reminds him to get her the color pencils.

Next, Betty arrives at Don’s to pick up the children. She wanders around the house. Just then she sees Megan in the bedroom wearing her clothes. Megan comes out and tells Betty that she lost track of time. Betty tells Sally that she will get her the colored pencils. Megan kisses the kids goodbye and they leave. Meanwhile, at the office, Don is working on the ‘Snow Ball’ slogans. When Betty reaches home, she sprays whipped cream into her mouth, but then she resists and spits it out. Next day, at the office, the team is going over the ideas for ‘Snow Ball’. They do not approve of Betty’s and Michael’s ideas. But then Don presents his idea about “Snow ball’s chance in hell”. Michel says that it is impressive that he could still come up with the idea after not writing for so long.

Next, at the weight watchers program, Betty tells the group that she had a bad week “out there” after having a good week “in here”. She tells them that she was in an unfamiliar place and felt a lot of things she wished she hadn’t. But she says that she lost half a pound and she deserves a pat as it was really hard. Next, Megan is running few lines with another actress, and she laughs. The actress tells her that everything is easy for her and that many people act for a living. She doesn’t have to work two jobs like many others. She leaves. Next, Michael walks into Roger’s office. Roger asks him if he could keep a secret. He tells Michael that he wants him to work on a prospective account and he needs Michael to give him a couple of ideas for Monarch Wines. Michael tells him that he works for the agency and that he doesn’t want to keep any secrets from Don.

He wants to know what’s in it for him. Roger pays him. Next, in the middle of the night, Betty finds Henry preparing steak. He tells her that he cannot eat fish five times a week. She feels sorry that she has driven in to this as she cannot control herself. Henry tells her that he is having some trouble at work and he feels that this job is a dead end. He tells Betty that she jumped ship for nothing. Betty tells him that she would help him like he always helped her. Next, Roger calls Jane and tells her that he wants to meet her for dinner. He tells her that he is meeting some important clients and would like to have her on his arm. He says he will owe her this one. She wants him to buy her a new apartment which doesn’t have his memories. She wants to start a new life and she can’t do that while she is here. Next, Beth walks into Pete’s office, scantily dressed.

She tells him that she missed him. But, actually, Pete is fantasizing. Next, Betty is checking the children’s homework and Sally is working on the family tree. Just then, she sees a note written by Don to Megan, at the back of one of their drawings. She is jealous and she tells Sally to add Anna Draper in the family tree; she is Don’s first wife. She tells Sally that she is surprised why Megan didn’t tell her about Anna and asks her to ask Megan about Anna. The next day, the team decides to go with Michael’s idea for the Snow Ball ad and Michael is happy. At home, don leaves with the boys and he notices that Sally’s behaving a little strange. Sally is acting nasty and she calls Megan a phony. She tells her that she isn’t her true friend as she did not tell her about Anna. Megan says that it wasn’t her place to talk about Anna and moreover Sally is a little girl and it is a complicated topic to discuss. Later, Megan tells Sally that Anna and Don got married to help each other and they did not have any babies.

Sally wants to know why her father married Megan. Sally doesn’t want Megan to tell Don about this. But Megan tells Don about what happened. Don is about to call Betty as she has no right to interfere in his business. She stops him from calling her. She tells him that if he calls her then she would get exactly what she wanted; the thrill of poisoning them from fifty miles away. Sally is listening to everything. Next, Michael tells Peggy that he is working for Roger. He clearly cannot keep a secret. Next, Pete wakes up don and tells him that they aren’t mentioned in the article. Don tells him that he doesn’t want to be disturbed on a Sunday. He then talks to Sally and tells her that he married Anna because of a particular law.

He tells her that Betty wants to hurt them. He says that Anna died; otherwise he would have told Sally everything about Anna. He tells Sally to apologize to Megan. Peggy meets Roger in the elevator and she tells him that she could always keep a secret. Roger tells Peggy that he thought that Michael was the best for this work. Meanwhile, we see that Don deliberately leaves Michael’s ad idea in the cab. Betty tells Sally that she did very well with the family tree. Sally tells her that she discussed Anna with Megan and her father and she saw pictures and everything. But that wasn’t the answer Betty was expecting to hear. Next, Roger and Jane are at the dinner and he was right about the idea of bringing Jane. But more so she has caught Bernard’s attention. Next, the Snow ball deal is done and he is angry when he realizes that Don left his idea in the cab.

Meanwhile, roger is on his way back from the dinner. He tells Jane that if at all she hooks up with Bernard, she should pretend that she is still married. He then asks her to show him her new apartment. When they reach the apartment Roger starts kissing her and they end up having sex. Meanwhile, Howard tells Pete that he is going to spend the thanksgiving with his girl. Next, Michael confronts Don in the elevator. Pete tells him that it was not right to leave his idea behind in the cab. Don tells him that going in with two ideas is weak. Michael says that he has a million ideas with him and Don tells him that is why he is working for him.

Next, Jane tells Roger that he ruined everything as she had sex with him in this place and now it is no different than the other apartment. Roger feels bad and he leaves. Next, it is Thanksgiving and Betty, Henry and the kids say what they are thankful for. Betty says that she is thankful that she has everything and no one has anything better. The episode ends.