Christmas Waltz - Recap

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The episode begins with Lane being informed over the phone that if he pays only $8000, his slate will be clear with Inland Revenue. Lane is told that the IRS wants to make an example out of him. Later, Lane meets Harry to discuss the first quarter media projections. Later, Lane gets his line of credit increased to $50,000 on the pretense of money required to pay the bills for the agency. Meanwhile, Harry tells Don and Roger to gear up for a prospective new client. Meanwhile, Harry meets Paul and is shocked to see him all ‘Krishna Conscious’. Paul has basically called Harry so he could experience the whole thing first hand. Harry is dismissive of the whole idea, but Paul tells him to keep an open mind. Harry then sits for a sermon, in front of a saffron clad guru.

The people present meanwhile begin singing “Hare Krishna”. A woman called Lakshmi meanwhile chants “Hare Krishna” into his ear, and flirts with him. Meanwhile, Pete, Don, Burt and Lane assemble for meeting. Lane then tells them that the agency has a surplus of $50000, which means it can give out Christmas bonuses. He then gives the breakup of how the bonus would be disbursed. Don tells Lane to wait till the Christmas party, as someone or the other might not be happy with the bonus they get. Pete seconds it. He also informs them that they are in the running for acquiring Jaguar as a client. Lane is still persisting with the bonuses though and insists that they be disbursed before Christmas, as it would be good for employee morale.

But much to Lane’s dismay the group is unable to come to a consensus regarding the disbursal of the bonuses. Meanwhile, Roger completely drunk comes to office in a weird looking red shirt. Roger reminds Joan in the confines of her office that they have made a baby together. She replies “yes, and now it’s some other lucky girl’s turn”, and shows him out. Meanwhile, it is shown that Harry too has gotten in the mood and is chanting “Hare Krishna” with the rest of the crowd. Later, Harry leaves with Paul to get some food. Outside in the car, Harry tells Paul that he isn’t going to join. Paul in turn tells him that he doesn’t want him to. He then tells Harry how Lakshmi’s real name is Janet, and how in her previous life she was into drugs and prostitution.

He tells Harry that he isn’t interested in the movement, but just making a life with Lakshmi. Meanwhile, Don and Megan are at a play. The play as it turns out is a critique about the advertising industry. Later at home, Don expresses his displeasure to Megan about what was shown in the play. The two then have somewhat of an argument about it. Meanwhile, Harry tells Paul that he doesn’t have a job for him. He in turn tells Harry that he has been working, and then hands Harry a sample of his recent writing, telling him “it’s the most meaningful work I have done in my whole life”. He then hands him the script of “Star Trek” that he has written.

He tells Harry to read the first 15 pages and then make his assessment, if the script is good enough for network television. Meanwhile, after everyone has left for home, Lane steals a check from Don’s office, and then forges his signature on an unwritten check. Meanwhile, Harry tells his secretary to read Paul’s script, as he wants a second opinion. He also confesses to her that the script is really bad, but also that he wants to really help him. She tells him that if he really wants to help Paul, he should be honest with Paul and tell him that the script is bad. Meanwhile, Pete tells Don to take Megan along to secure the Jaguar account. Meanwhile, Lane tells his accountant that the money for the IRS has been arranged. Meanwhile, Joan is served with a subpoena by a man, and blasts her secretary for letting the man in. Don in the meanwhile comes in and drags Joan out of there.

Don then takes her to a Jaguar showroom; where they pretend to be prospective buyers. Don then writes the salesman a check and buys the latest Jaguar on display. Later over drinks, Don tells Joan that the car does nothing for him. Joan tells Don that her husband Harris has served her with divorce papers. Don gives her a pep talk, in order to lift her spirits. Meanwhile, Lakshmi arrives at Harry’s office to meet him. In his office Lakshmi comes on to Harry, telling him how she felt a connection with him, when he was chanting. She then kisses him passionately. He pushes her away and tells her that, he thought she was with Paul. She tells him “nobody is with anybody”. She then tells him “I am burning for you”. This time Harry kisses her.

They then proceed to have sex. Meanwhile, Don and Joan have some fun over drinks. Later in a somewhat drunken state Don is shown driving home. Meanwhile, after sex Lakshmi reprimands Harry for giving Paul false hope regarding his awful script. Harry in turn tells her that Paul wants to have a life with her. She tells Harry it’s not possible, and also tells Harry that she slept with him so he would stay away from Paul, in return. She then slaps Harry and tells him to stay away from Paul, just to drive home her point. She tells Harry to tell Paul the truth about his script. Meanwhile at home, an enraged Megan questions Don about where he was, since he left office at lunch. He tells her all that he did since leaving office.

Meanwhile, Lane tells his wife to stay with him for Christmas, instead of leaving for England. Meanwhile, Harry tells Paul that his script was liked, but the studio isn’t interested. He also tells Paul that although the studio isn’t interested he is, and then gives him an envelope with $500 and ticket to LA in it. He tells Paul to leave everything and go. Paul tells Harry that he can’t leave Lakshmi. Paul in the end sees sense in Harry’s idea and thanks Harry for his help. Meanwhile, Pete informs the guys that there might not be bonuses as one of their clients has gone on a strike. Much to Lane’s dismay, Burt informs them that only the bonuses of the partners will be deferred.

Later, Lane informs the employees of the agency the plan to give everyone their Christmas bonuses, for which the partners of the agency have decided to forgo their bonuses. Pete then informs everyone, about theirs being one of the agencies chosen to pitch for Jaguar cars. Don then speaks to the employees giving them a rousing speech about how they will, come heaven or hell secure the Jaguar account. He tells them that if they manage to land Jaguar, the world will know that they have arrived. His speech receives a loud applause from all the employees. Lane in the meanwhile looks visibly worried about the bonus issue. The episode ends.