The Other Woman - Recap

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The episode begins with the entire team sitting together, deciding on the Jaguar tag line. Stan comes up with: “Jaguar, the mistress who will do things your wife won’t”. But don tells him that the campaign cannot use the word mistress as it is the client mandate. Michael’s input: “You will love it when you are in it”. But none fit the bill and Don decides to take a break. Next, Ken and Pete are having dinner with Herb. He is the Head of the Dealer’s Association and he is the one who decides on which agency gets the Jag deal. Herb tells them that he is a very hard man to please and that they need to go an extra mile to please him. He suggests that he would like to bed Joan. Ken tries to say that she is married but Pete seems fine with the idea.

Ken tells him that he knows a lot of redheads that he could introduce Herb to; but Herb tells him that she is the one he is interested in as she is very much built like the B-52. He tells them that if this happens then they can consider his vote a given. Next, Pete meets Joan. He tells her about what happened at dinner the previous night. He tells her that Herb made it clear that either it is a night with Joan or no vote. Pete asks Joan to break this news to the company. Joan tells him that he is unbelievable and that he is talking about prostitution. But he retorts that he is talking about business at a very high level. He then leaves saying that all this was an act of desperation and he didn’t mean to insult her. Meanwhile, Rick from Chevalier Blanc wants to pull out the ad.

But Peggy does an excellent job of retaining the ad with them. Next, Pete has called a meeting. Pete educates them about Herb’s demands. No one appreciates it. Lance finds it shocking that Pete discussed this with Joan. But Pete tells them that there is no harm if they got her the right amount. Roger is amazed to know that Joan was ready to do it. But Pete tells him that she said that they wouldn’t be able to afford it. Don tells the group that Herb is just one guy and that they can win it without him. He walks out. Pete suggests to the rest that they should pay her $50,000 for her services. Roger tells him that he would stand in its way but he will not pay for it. Meanwhile, Peggy, Harry and ken come to meet Don and they tell him how Peggy saved the Chevalier Blanc account. Don says that it is Ginsberg’s account and that he will deal with the rest. Peggy doesn’t approve of it.

Don is completely stressed out with the jag and he throws money at Peggy and tells her to go to Paris if she wants. They leave. Next, lane goes to meet Joan. Lane tells her that they did discuss the situation and that they also came up with a figure they can offer. But he doesn’t want Joan to go ahead with the offer. Next, Julie and Megan arrive at the office. Megan makes out with Don as she wants to walk in confidently for her auditions. Pete tells his wife that he wants to move to Manhattan but she tells him that she wants to raise her child in fresh air. Next day, Megan tells Don that she got a call back and that the rehearsals would start in Boston and that she would be away for three months. Don disapproves of it. At the office, Joan meets Pete and asks him to inform the Board that she wants five percent of the partnership and that too not a silent one. She is not ready to negotiate and she wants the documents by the end of the day.

Meanwhile, Ginsberg comes to Don’s office and tells him the line for Jag: Jaguar, finally something beautiful you can truly own. Don likes it. Next, Pete comes to meet Don and he tells him about the deal he made with Joan. Don tells Pete that he doesn’t wants things this way but Pete tells him that it was her idea. Don goes to Joan’s and tells her that this is not worth it. He tells her that it is okay if they don’t get the jag deal as no one wants to work with people like that. He tells her that he had said a no to Herb’s proposition and left the room. Joan tells him that he is a good man. He tells her that he will do it his way. He leaves. Next, we see that Don makes a wonderful pitch for the Jaguar. They are impressed. But then we see the same scene, where Don goes to Joan’s place asking her not to do this and that it is not worth it.

This means that “Joan slept with Herb before Don arrived at her place and asked her to back out from the deal”. He was late. Meanwhile, Peggy meets Rumsen who tells her to move to some other company who would recognize her talent and potential. Megan goes for her audition. Next, Peggy meets the guy from the rival ad agency. She wants the position of a copy chief and a salary of $18,000 per year. He bumps it up to $19,000 and she happily accepts it. At the office, they get a call from Jag and SCDP has got the campaign. The partners of the company are called in for a meeting and Joan walks in. Don is shattered to see Joan with the other partners. He is in no mood for celebrations. Peggy and Don go to his office to have a talk. He tells her to drink with him. She tells him that she wants to discuss something serious with him.

He tells her that he cannot put a girl on Jaguar. She tells him that it is time that she had a new experience and that she has moved on to another company. She will be serving her notice as per the rules and then she would leave. Don tells her that things around have been crazy and that he knows that he had taken her for granted. And he also thinks that she has picked the right moment to ask for a raise. But she tells him that she is serious and that it is time for her to move on. She tells him that she is joining his rival. Don doesn’t know how to react.

He tells her to give him a number and that he will beat it. But she tells him that there is no number. He tells her that she need to wait to serve her notice period as he has a room full of freelancers and that he will get by. He kisses her hand. She tells him “Don’t be a stranger” and leaves. While the entire office is celebrating, Peggy is in tears. She picks up her things and leaves. She looks at her office for one last time and with a smile, she steps into the lift. The episode ends.