Commissions and Fees - Recap

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The episode begins with Don getting a haircut, when Jed Covington enters and congratulates Don for the Jaguar victory. He is from another ad agency. He also adds that Jag was impressed with Pete. Next, Lane is having lunch with a guy from Four A’s and he offers him ac position on their fiscal control committee. Lane tells him not to expect any miracles. Next, it is the first meeting of the partners’ with Joan on board. It is about one of Jaguar’s demands. They want a fee structure in place instead of a straight commission. Lane explains the structure. They don’t look too sure. Don refuses it. Pete announces that Dunlop Tiers are willing to come aboard. Scarlet suggests that they should vote about the fee structure. Don said what he had to. He is ready to leave the room and let the rest do whatever they want.

They finally decide that they will look into it and then let the client know about their decision. Next, the Francis’ are going on a ski trip and Sally doesn’t want to go with them. Betty calls Don and tells him that they are dropping sally at his place. If he doesn’t want to keep her, Sally could sleep with the doorman and that she doesn’t care for what Sally does. Just then Bert walks in. he tells Don that while going through the fee issue, he came across a cancelled check for lane’s bonus. He is angry as it was decided that there would be o bonus given this year. Don is confused and he says that he will look into it. Don calls lane. He confronts him about the check. Lane tries to protest. But Don asks him if he doesn’t come clean with him, then he might have the professionals conduct the interrogation. He asks Lane if this is the only one he has signed.

Lane tells Don that it was actually his money and it was a wrong decision for the bonus to be cancelled. It was just a 13 day loan and he didn’t want to go through the humiliation of asking for money. Don asks him for his resignation. Lane is sorry and apologizes. He points out to all the things he has done for the company and begs Don to reconsider his decision. Don doesn’t budge. Lane wonders what he would tell his family. Don tells him to take the weekend and exit elegantly. Lane leaves. He goes to Joan. She congratulates him on his chairmanship with Four A’s. She tells him that she is taking a vacation and he tells her that he will prefer looking at her in a bikini on a beach. She tells him to take his party elsewhere. He goes into his office, puts down his drink and gazes at the snow outside.

Don walks into Roger’s office and tells him that he is tired of this piddly stuff. He hates the fact that they are pretending to go somewhere when they can’t even give Christmas bonuses. He says that he wants Chevy instead of jag, Firestone instead of Dunlop. He tells Roger that Ed Baxter told him that his letter is the reason that there business got poisoned. Roger finds this outrageous. He tells him that he should not let Ed discourage and that he could get him a meeting with Firestone if he wants. Don tells him that he wants Ed Baxter. But Roger says that it is complicated and then he asks what about Kenny. Don asks Roger to fire Kenny. Sally arrives at Don’s and Megan isn’t too happy about it as she wasn’t told. Next, Roger meets Kenny and tells him that they are going after his father-in-law.

Kenny tells him that he cannot help them in this matter. Roger says that they are counting on him. Roger asks him whether he would like a partnership in return. He says that he doesn’t want a partnership but he wants the Dow account. Also he doesn’t want Pete to go for any of the meetings. Roger agrees on the terms and leaves. Roger tells Don that he has arranged for the meeting. It is in 48 hours. Don is nervous. Roger tells him not to lose his nerve. Don arrives home and Megan tells him that it is insulting that he did not inform her and assumed that she had nothing better to do. Don tells her about the day’s events. She is shocked to hear about Lane. Lane arrives at home and Rebecca wants to take him out for dinner. He is drunk and he doesn’t want to. But she doesn’t listen to anything. In the parking lot, Lane is in for a surprise.

Rebecca has bought him a Jaguar and tells him that he never spends on himself and that she wanted to buy him something. She wants to go for a drive, but he goes to the side and pukes. Next, Don is working at home and the girls go out for a movie. Later, they meet Julia at the restaurant. They talk about guys. Sally tells them that she has a boyfriend but she isn’t sure whether he likes her the same way. Megan tells her that all great romances start with friendship. Next, Lane tries to kill himself by connecting something to the exhaust. But he is unable to start the car. Meanwhile, sally calls Glenn and tells him to visit her as she is going to be home alone the next morning. Glenn tries to avoid it by saying that its too far; but later he agrees. Lane goes to the office and begins typing something.

The next day, Megan leaves for the audition and Don is at the meeting. Glenn arrives at Don’s place and they decide to go to the museum across the street. Glenn tells her that he has told his friends that he is coming to the city to “do it” with her. She tells him that he can say whatever he wants but she doesn’t like him that way. They realize that they like each other like siblings. Sally feels unwell and rushes to the bathroom. She gets her periods. She freaks out and takes a taxi and heads back home. The meeting with Ed Baxter goes fine and they tell him that they will let him know the next day. Sally goes home to her mother; Megan arrives and is worried when she finds out that Sally isn’t around. Glen arrives to take his bag and tells Megan what happened. Both of them don’t know where Sally is.

Just then Betty calls and informs Megan that sally got her periods and that she needed her mother. Megan is relieved to find out that Sally is alright. Glen is about to leave. Megan offers to drop him to the station; but the train doesn’t leave until seven. Megan lets him be home to kill time. At the office Joan tries to enter Lane’s office. But something is stuck and something smells foul. She goes to Pete’s office. They realize that Lane has hanged himself in his office. Next, roger and Don arrive at the office. The office is empty. Joan, Bert and Pete are the only ones in there. They break the news to the duo. They sent the rest of the staff home and are waiting for the coroner to arrive. Don tells them that they can’t leave him hanging in there. They enter Lane’s office and cut him down and put him on the couch. They find boilerplate resignation letter addressed to his fellow partners.

Don arrives home and Glen I still there. He reminds Don that they have met before. They were neighbors in Ossining. He is ready to leave and Don says that he would drive him down to the station. He tells Megan that he has had a bad day and he will explain later. In the elevator Glen asks Don why everything that could make one happy ends up being crappy. Don says that he is too young to think this way. Don then asks him if he could do anything what he would do. Cut to Glen driving Don’s car and Don offering him a helping hand. The episode ends.