The Phantom - Recap

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The episode begins with Don having a toothache. Megan receives news. Her mother, Marie is home too. Megan reads the letter and doesn’t tell Don about it. Don leaves for work and Marie tells Megan that she shouldn’t hide things from her husband. She reads the letter and learns that the reel Megan had made on herself did not reach any agent and it was a scam made by a company trying to sell classes. Pete meets Howard and Beth on the train. Beth is going to be at her sister’s and Pete asks her where that would be. She gets up and leaves. Howard tells Pete that Beth is in one of her moods. Next, Harry meets Joan in the elevator. He tells her that he is getting scurvy working in an office without windows. Ginsberg and Stan are presenting a campaign for Topaz and the tagline has the word cheap in it.

The Topaz guy does not like it because of the word cheap. Ginsberg and that Topaz guy get into an argument and Ken calls Don to smoothen out things. The guy tells Don that they should take a girl’s opinion and that he felt it was a given in SCDP and he is not referring to “black coffee”. Don assures them that they will see what can be done and will work things out. After they leave, Don and Ginsberg have a fight. Pete gets a call from Beth. She wants him to meets her at the same Hotel where he wanted to meet her the last time. She says that she will be there at noon and the room will be under the name of Kimball. Peggy is shouting at two guys as they aren’t doing their job right. Her boss comes in and throws a carton of cigarettes towards her.

He tells her that it is a secret woman’s brand and that they need to pitch for it. he tells her to start smoking and come up with what she thinks would be the best pitch. At the meeting, Joan tells the board members that they have had an excellent quarter and that fiancés look bright for the next quarter as well. They ask her about the space for new offices. She tells them that she couldn’t meet the building manager as Harry was snooping around. Pete leaves the discussion in the middle and gives Don his proxy to vote. They table the discussion until the next quarter. At the Hotel, Beth tells Pete that she knew he would come. He tells her that it is because he is pathetic. She tells him that Howard has checked her into the hospital for electroshock therapy. The after effects of the therapy could make her forget him and so she wants to be with him for the last time.

He tells her she is crazy for want ting him to do this; but she wants him to do this as this is her last chance. Meanwhile, Megan and Emily are looking at casting articles, when Emily tells her that she wants Megan to talk to Don and get her into the new Butler shoe commercial, which is looking for a European type for the ad. It is based on the theme of Beauty and the Beast. Megan tells her that Don would never do this. It is not the way it works but she will talk anyway. At the hotel, Beth gets up to leave as Howard would be back to check on her. Pete tells her that they should go to LA as there is a lot of sunshine and being with him would make her happy. She talks about suicide and he tells her that it is for the weak. Pete feels that they are depressed because they are apart. She tells him that the therapy works well for her. He asks her to stay for five more minutes.

Don reaches home and tells Megan that his toothache is better. Megan goes into the bedroom and instead of pitching for Emily, she asks Don to recommend her name for the Butler shoe advertisement. He points out that she should want to be someone’s discovery and not someone’s wife. She agrees. Just then the phone rings. It is Roger. He pretends to be Emile, and asks for Marie. Roger tells her that he wants to meet her for a little conversation and nothing else. She agrees to meet him provided he lowers his expectations. Roger promises only conversation and assures her that the meeting will be discreet. Next day, at the office, Don arrives with a swollen face. He is in great pain. He sees his dead brother, Adam sitting on a desk. Joan is waiting for him in his office. She tells him that they should reopen the conversation about more space.

She then adds that the check for Lane’s death benefits has just arrived, and it is for 175,000 dollars. She is upset and she tells him that she should have done what Lane wanted. Don wonders what that would be. She shoots a look at Don. Don tells her that they should cut a $50,000 check to his wife. It is the money that Lane had put in. don arrives at Lane’s house. He offers his condolences but Rebecca doesn’t seem to be very warm; she is livid. He gives her the check. She shows him the picture of Dolores that she found in Lane’s wallet and accuses Don for taking Lan to brothels. Don thinks that he should leave. She tells him that he has done nothing to help Lane but himself. Pete arrives home and Tammy shows him the plans for the pool.

Pete thinks that Tammy could drown. She tells him that she is tired of his doom and gloom. Marie arrives in Roger’s room. He wants her to take acid with him. She tells him not t ask her to take care of him. She sticks his hand into her blouse and asks him if there is anything else that could do. They get it on. Don arrives home only to find Megan drunk; so drunk that she stumbles while walking towards him. He takes her to bed and she tries kissing him. But he can’t as his mouth hurts. She tells him to see a dentist as she wants to have sex, as that is all she is good for. She feels that all that Don wants is her waiting for him and see her fail. And if that is not true then it means that she is a terrible artiste. Don tells her to sleep it off. Marie arrives and Don asks her how she could leave Megan alone in this state. She tells him that Megan is his responsibility now.

She tells him to nurse Megan through this and he will have the life he desires. Next day, at the dentist while having his tooth removed, Don sees his brother Adam haunting him once again. He is about to leave and Don asks him to stay. He tells Don that he will hand around. When Don wakes up, the dentist tells him that he will be sore for a while and that he shouldn’t smoke for twenty-four hours. Next, Pete visits Beth in the hospital pretending to be her brother. Bur Beth doesn’t have a brother. Pete realizes that Beth doesn’t remember him after the electroshock therapy. He tells her that he was visiting a friend. Pete is heartbroken. After a short conversation, he leaves. Beth wishes him luck with his friend. Next, Don runs into Peggy at a theater. They are glad to see each other. They banter a little and she tells him that she is going to Virginia in a plane and is excited about it.

She asks him to give her love to Megan. Next, Pete meets Howard on the train and he tells him that he is disgusting for having his wife’s memory erased. Howard figures it out and he tells Pete that Beth spread her legs to the first chump she me. Pete is furious and hits Howard. They end up in a fight and Pete is hurt. The conductor breaks the fight. The conductor then asks Pete to apologize to Howard. Pete is rude to the conductor and pushes him off. The conductor lands a blow to Pete’s face and throws him off the train. Tammy is shocked to see the bruises on Pete’s face and tells him that they are going to find him an apartment in the city.

Next, Joan shows the partners their new space on the 38th floor. Don gets Megan the job in the commercial. He walks away from the sets. He goes to a bar and orders for an old-fashioned. Peggy is in Virginia and she looks happy. Pete listens to music on his headphones. Roger is standing naked, looking out of the window. At the bar, a girl walks up to Don and asks him for a light. She tells him that her friend at the end of the table wants to know if he was alone. Don looks at the girl. The episode ends.