The Better Half - Recap

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Ted, Harry and Pete are in a meeting talking about how the beer tastes better when it is more expensive. Peggy is called into the office and Don asks which beverage she would buy. She says it is all the same to her and says she would have someone run them by the client. Ted agrees to go with Don’s choice. Harry tells Pete he wasn’t going to get into the argument because he is going to be partner one day. On the set of ‘To Have and to Hold’, Megan is playing Colette. The director doesn’t like it and tells Megan to pay attention to her role. Don goes to Peggy and tells her she needed to give her opinion. He says she needed to pick a side, but Peggy snaps back and says Ted has his ideas and Don has his. She tells him Ted doesn’t get her angry and Don tells her that Ted doesn’t know her yet.

Later at a party, Betty waits for Henry. A man named Stew comes up to her and flirts. He is interrupted by Henry and they leave. Peggy arrives home to find Abe with a bandage around his arm. He got stabbed in the hand on the subway. The police officer tries to get information from him, but Abe is not very cooperative. After the police leaves, Peggy tells Abe she doesn’t believe him. She changes her tune and says she understands. She tells him she is going to sell the place. He tells her he is going to write a story of his experience. Megan has dinner prepared for Don and says she is playing the part differently than they want. Don says he is tired and she tells him his bag is already packed for Bobby’s camp. On the ride home, Henry asks what Stewart said to her. She tries to refuse, but Henry insists. She tells him and he kisses her.

Margaret, Roger’s daughter, is over at the office with her son, Ellery. She tells Roger not to fill him full of junk. Pete and Duck Phillips meet and Duck says he has a lot of questions. He tells Pete about a marketing job and says he knows where he is coming from. Pete says his family is a constant distraction and Duck tells him to manage it. On the way to camp, Don runs into Betty and asks where Henry is. She says he is on his way. She gets directions from the attendant and is still confused. Don offers to guide her. At the office, Ted tells Peggy she is not to touch his hand while he is giving the presentation. He tells her he regrets kissing her, but tells her he is falling for her. She asks if she needs to work someplace else and he says it won’t be necessary. At the camp, Betty and Bobby are at the restaurant when Don comes in. Bobby teaches Don the song he learned and at first, Don isn’t interested. He eventually decides to join in. Back at the office, Pete talks to Joan about his attention to business. He says he is being pulled in different directions. Pete asks if she wants supper, but she has plans.

Arlene visits Megan and compliments the space. They sit down and Arlene tells Megan she is worried about Megan. She tells Megan not to worry about the director. At the camp, Don walks up to Betty and they talk about old times and what they were like. Betty admits she forgot her anger towards Don. She gets up and Don follows her. He turns off the light and they kiss. Back at Megan’s, Arlene tells Megan that Don is proud of her and Megan says she feels lonely. Arlene leans in and kisses Megan and she declines her advances. They get into an argument and Arlene gets up and leaves after calling her a tease. After Don and Betty finish having sex, Don tells her he has missed her. She tells Don she liked their time together. She says she feels sorry for Megan and says the worst thing she could be do is to love Don. They continue to kiss.

At Abe’s place, he boards up the window that a rock broke. Peggy tells him she is scared to live in the apartment and he agrees to look for a new place in the morning. The next day, Margaret yells at Roger for taking Ellery to “Planet of the Apes” and she tells him she is not allowing him to be a grandfather to Ellery anymore. At camp, Don wakes up to an empty bed. He goes to the lodge and finds Henry with Betty. He takes a table in the back and watches them. Bob helps Joan pack for the beach and she tells Bob that Pete needs a nurse for his mother. Roger comes over and he makes up a reason to be there. Joan isn’t interested in his propositions and Roger leaves. Bob asks about Roger and she plays it down.

Later that night, Peggy hears screaming. She grabs her makeshift knife on a stick and opens the blinds. Abe comes up behind her and she turns around quickly, accidentally stabbing him. They call the ambulance and they rush Abe to the emergency room. He tells her they are two different people and Peggy can’t believe he is breaking up with her. Don gets home and tells Megan he missed her. Megan says she doesn’t know why she thought everything was good. Don admits it is because he hasn’t been home. Megan says she is there for him, but something has to change. They kiss. At Joan’s office, Roger comes in and gives her a gift to give to Kevin. She tells him it is too confusing. Joan says Greg, Kevin’s father, should be the hero. Roger says he wants to be around. Joan thanks Roger for the gift and Roger leaves.

Bob talks to Pete about the nurse Pete is looking for. Bob recommends a nurse and says Joan is just worried about him. Peggy goes into Ted’s office and says she needs to talk to him. She tells him Abe got stabbed and that their relationship is over now. Ted says he is sorry and that she will find someone else. Peggy sees that Ted is not interested in her. Don comes into the office and asks about the Fleischmanns and Ted says they are ready to go when he is.