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Favors - Recap

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The episode opens with Peggy at her apartment about to head out the door for work. Right before she leaves, she shrieks at the sight of a rat scurrying across the room.

At the office, Don arrives to find Roger crawling around in his office picking up samples of oranges sent in by Sunkist. Roger asks Don to take the lead on the account, but Don is wary since the company is hesitant to get out of print advertising and into television. He advises putting Harry Crane on the account to come up with other ideas.

Pete's mother and servant Manolo are escorted up to his office, just as Peggy exits. While Pete asks to speak with Manolo privately, Peggy speaks with Pete's mother who seems to have her confused with Trudy. Dorothy commends 'Trudy' for reuniting with her son, if for no other reason than for the love of the child the two have. Peggy squirms as Pete's mother continues about her physical intimacy with Manolo. In his office, Pete pays Manolo for his services in taking care of his mother.

At her home, Betty Draper confronts Sally over a prospective school trip into the city, forbidding her from staying in a hotel with boys. Betty laments to Henry that school activities like this are just another excuse for kids to make out. Meanwhile, Don arrives at his apartment to find Megan with Sylvia and Arnold's son Mitchell. When Don introduces himself, Mitchell retreats to another room and Megan confesses that he has been drafted and is attempting to flee to Canada. Megan is torn between helping him and going behind Sylvia and Arnold's backs -- Don says it's not their problem, and that Mitchell can't spend his entire life on the run.

Peggy, Ted, and Pete are several drinks in at a restaurant that evening. Ted attempts to cut the two giggling executives off, but Peggy explains that Pete is drinking his fears away, scared about his flight the next day. Ted assures him that flying is perfectly safe, but is taken aback when Pete confesses that his father was killed in a plane crash. Ted excuses himself to call home, leaving Pete and Peggy alone to talk about him. Pete surmises that Peggy has feelings for Ted, before unhappily lamenting that the two have been on opposite trajectories -- Peggy is 'important' and Pete feels that everyone pities him. Peggy claims she doesn't because, as Pete tells her, 'you really know me.' The two share a quiet moment before Peggy relates the awkward conversation she had with Pete's mother. As Ted returns, Pete jokes that he has never been less afraid of flying in his life after learning of his mother's sexual escapades.

That evening at Don's apartment, Don mixes a drink as Arnold arrives to apologize for his son. He relates that his wife is sick over the draft announcement, treating it as a death sentence for Mitchell, but assuring Megan it will be taken care of. Don takes Arnold to a bar for a drink, where he tells Don he never knew Mitchell left school in Paris and wishes he had stayed. Don suggests that perhaps, as a successful surgeon, Arnold may know someone who can help get his son removed from the 1-A classification. Arnold is torn between not wanting his son to go to war and realizing it is a necessity for citizenship in the country, admitting that his own service helped pay for his medical training. Don states flatly that the Vietnam War is wrong, and Arnold is convinced that his son is too 'soft' to make it out of there in one piece.

Ted arrives home to find his wife in bed watching television. She is upset with her husband about no-showing a family dinner to hang out with work friends, saying he works too much and even during his downtime his mind is on work-related things. Ted attempts to apologize, and his wife says she wishes he liked being at home with his family as much as he liked being at work.

At the office the next morning, Don talks to Pete about his friend who used to work for the Department of Defense to see if there is anything he can do for Arnold's son. Pete suggests discussing it with General Motors, one of the largest defense contractors, at the dinner Don is set to have with the client that evening. As the two walk to the morning meeting, they run into Ted, Roger and Cutler. Ted is upset that he was not informed Sunkist is set to be pitched as a client, particularly as he has Pete directing all his energies toward the Ocean Spray pitch. He leaves in a huff, upset at the prospect of pitching to competing companies. Cutler talks to Ted in his office, wondering why he is taking it so personally.

At the lobby of Don's apartment building, Mitchell talks sports with the doorman as Sally arrives with a friend, Julie. Julie seems taken with Mitchell, asking him if he is a musician and if he knows of any good places to eat in the area. Sylvia steps out of the elevator to leave with her son, brushing off Sally and Julie as the two leave in a rush.

Manolo and Pete's mother arrive at his apartment for dinner. Pete politely asks Manolo if he could have his mother to himself for the evening, much to the chagrin of Dorothy. Pete confronts his mother about her conversation with Peggy, asking point blank if Manolo has taken advantage of her. Dorothy again asserts that Manolo has awoken her physical intimacy from a long dormant state. Pete labels him a pervert, prompting his mother to leave angrily.

Don, Cutler, Ted and Roger have dinner with two executives from Chevy. Over drinks, the conversation moves to the men's families, which Don sees as a segue to discussing Mitchell's situation. He is thankful that his sons are too young for the draft, but his friend is beside himself. Ted tries to steer the conversation away from the war as the mood at the table goes dour.

Sally and Julie have a slumber party and read off a list of things they like about Mitchell. Megan interrupts the hushed laughter and tells them lights out. Meanwhile, Peggy finds a trail of blood in her apartment leading under the couch, presumably from the rat. She awakens Stan, calling him in the middle of the night. Peggy tells him the rat is wounded by a rat trap, asking if he will come over and put the rat out of its misery. As he hangs up on Peggy, a woman is revealed to be sleeping next to him. Peggy scurries out of her living room.

That morning at Don and Megan's apartment, Megan is in a hurry to get Sally and Julie ready to leave. She is late for work and sends Sally to get washed up. At the office, Ted confronts Don about the Chevy meeting the night before. Don says he felt desperate, that he didn't mean to step on Ted's business endeavor, only thinking that GM had clout in Washington that could help Mitchell. Ted says he may have sway to get Mitchell into flight school if Don will relent in his power struggle in the company. Don agrees. Don calls Sylvia to convey the news, and she is overcome with gratitude. She tearfully thanks him for helping her family, even after she had broken off their affair.

Bob meets Pete in his office to go to lunch. Pete is livid at Bob for introducing Manolo into his mother's life. Bob pours drinks and assures Pete that despite what his mother may have told him, Manolo doesn't swing that way. He insists that Manolo is simply caring for his mother, and that she may have misinterpreted taking care of her every need as feelings of love. As he tells him this, Bob smiles and moves his knee to touch Pete's, as Pete looks shocked. He tells Bob that he will give Manolo one month's pay and that his services are no longer needed. Bob feigns a smile, but leaves clearly upset.

Sally reviews for the Student Diplomacy meeting as she and Julie ride in the cab to their meeting. Julie reveals that she took the list that she and Sally had made of things they liked about Mitchell from the night before, signed Sally's name and slipped it under Mitchell's door. Sally returns to the apartment and tells the doorman that she forgot something in the apartment and doesn't have her keys. The doorman gives her his keyring, which she uses to sneak into Sylvia and Arnold's apartment to find the letter. Sally is shocked to find Don and Sylvia kissing in an adjacent room, startling the couple when she drops the key ring. Don hurriedly gets dressed and runs after Sally, breaking down as he rides the elevator. He finds out from the doorman that Sally hopped in a cab and rode off, leaving Don unsure of what to do.

That evening, Pete, Peggy, and Ted arriving at their respective homes that evening. Pete is alone, frustrated, Peggy quietly smokes a cigarette and watches television with her cat, and Ted walks in on his wife fast asleep and his sons watching television in his room.

Don arrives home after several drinks at the bar to find Sally, Julie and Megan having dinner. He attempts to excuse himself, but Megan insists he eat something. Arnold and Mitchell arrive to thank Don for pulling strings to get him out of the draft. As Megan remarks that Don is the sweetest man, Sally storms out of the room saying he makes her sick. Don tries to talk to Sally through her door, lying that he was simply comforting Sylvia. The episode ends with Don retreating quietly to his room as Sally cries in bed.

Written by: Kale Morgan