In Care Of - Recap

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Don arrives at the office where he is immediately greeted by Stan, who wants in on the Sunkist account. The job would require a move to Los Angeles, which Stan is hopeful can flourish into a new branch of the agency which he will spearhead. Don tries to talk him out of it, viewing it as a demotion with a lot of risk attached if Stan fails, but Stan is undeterred.

Outside Roger's office, he concludes a meeting with his son-in-law and daughter, who invites him out for lunch. Her husband had been trying to talk Roger into investing in his business, but when Roger won't bite Margaret flies off the handle, asking what she has to do to get on the list of women he gives money to. She storms off and her husband apologizes on her behalf. In Don's office, Ken and Cutler enter to see if he would be interested in pursuing Hershey's as a client, seeing it as another potential cash cow. Downstairs, Pete returns from Detroit and runs into Roger, letting him know of his and Bob's success on the trip. Roger spots Bob talking to Joan. Bob brought back a model car for Joan's son, prompting Roger to get jealous and make an awkward joke.

That evening at the Draper apartment, Megan brings Don a letter which might force Sally to testify to the D.A. regarding the burglary. Don looks at the letter with a worried expression, promising to talk to Sally as soon as possible. The next day, Roger arrives at his office still in a mood regarding Bob and Joan when Bob abruptly comes in. Roger berates Bob under the guise of a performance review, insinuating that Bob is having an affair with Joan. Bob is apologetic but confused, thanking Roger for his candor.

Don has an awkward phone conversation with Sally, who is still upset with him after witnessing his adultery. He relays the contents of the letter, but she flippantly tells him her calendar is full and she can't testify. He tells her it's the law, and she coldly responds that she would hate to do anything 'immoral' before hanging up on him. Back at the office, Cutler calls a busy Ted to a meeting with a client, saying that they can't find Don anywhere. Don has returned to licking his wounds at a local bar, drinking heavily as a man attempts to preach religion to him. Don tries to brush the preacher off to no avail. He dreams of his childhood, his father throwing out another devout man from their household as young Don looks on. Don awakens in the drunk tank after evidently punching the preacher when he wouldn't leave him alone.

At the office, much of the staff is heading home for Thanksgiving. Peggy sees Ted leaving with his wife and sons, and Ted gives her the cold shoulder when she tries to say hello. Elsewhere, Pete is shocked to receive an emergency telegram that his mother fell overboard during her cruise with Manolo.

Don is still in shambles at the apartment the next morning. He tells Megan he spent the night in jail and it made him realize he is out of control. He sees it as a wake up call to get out of New York, telling Megan he wants to move to California. Megan can pursue opportunities in Hollywood while Don heads up the Sunkist account, taking Stan's idea to set up a satellite office for the firm. Megan cries as Don tells her he just wants them to be happy like they were before. The next morning, the agency partners gather to learn of Don's decision, thoroughly confused that he is taking a substantial step backward in his career. Ted is annoyed that Don made the decision without them, seeing it as another case of Don doing things his own way. Stan butts into Don's office, angry that Don scooped up the job from under him. Don attempts to apologize, saying he could find something for Stan eventually, but Stan refuses.

Pete is shocked to learn that his mother and Manolo got married before she was lost overboard. His secretary interjects to tell him he is late for his flight to Detroit. He runs into Bob on the elevator, livid about his friend's actions, alleging that Manny killed his mother and Bob is now an accessory. Bob insists he knew nothing about the situation, saying that Manny wouldn't hurt a fly. Peggy is in her office, dressed in a low-cut top and applying some makeup. She interrupts a meeting with Harry, Cutler and Ted to tell them she is leaving early due to plans as the men ogle her.

In Detroit, Pete and Bob butt heads while meeting with the Chevy executives. Bob attempts to embarrass Pete, putting him behind the wheel of a stick shift Camaro even though Pete has never driven one. He mistakenly puts it in reverse and backs into a showroom display as the Chevy executives laugh at him.

Meanwhile, Ted waits for Peggy in the lobby of her apartment building. They argue over his treatment of her since Don almost exposed their interest in each other. Ted tells her he doesn't want anyone else to have her, telling her he loves her and promising to leave his wife. They kiss.

Later that evening, Don is woken by a phone call from Betty alerting him that Sally has been suspended for buying alcohol. She asks Don to pick her up, unable to do so herself since she is out of town. She feels that she is failing Sally and is at a loss as to how to help her. Don agrees to pick her up. Back at Peggy's apartment, she and Ted happily snuggle in bed. He promises that they won't need to sneak around, but Peggy tells him she can wait, saying he should go home to his wife to avoid suspicion.

The next morning, Pete returns to the office early. The embarrassment in Detroit got him kicked off the Chevy account. His secretary lets him know that his brother has been calling, possibly with news about his mother. Meanwhile, Joan talks to Roger's secretary and she lets on that Roger is depressed. Don is in his office when Ted comes in to speak with him. He tells Don that he wants to go to California, telling him that he needs the opportunity to start over with his family. He is second-guessing his affair with Peggy and can't continue to work with her. Don says he needs the move as well.

At the Hershey's meeting, Don presents to the company executives. His pitch relates Hershey's to childhood love and nostalgia, Don making up a story about his father taking him to the drugstore and buying him a chocolate bar after he finished his chores. Don gets the shakes as he sees that Ted is still morose over their meeting. As the executives glow over the campaign, Don confesses the grim reality of his childhood growing up in a whorehouse. In actuality, his first experience with Hershey's was when he would rummage through the customers' pockets to steal their money as they were with a prostitute. Everyone is speechless as Don says it was the only sweet thing in his life. Cutler tries to cover for him, calling the story "theater" before ushering them out of the meeting room. After they leave, Don tells Ted that he can take his place in California. Roger confronts Don before he leaves, wondering what happened. Don goes home, telling his secretary to have a Happy Thanksgiving.

In Pete's office, he and his brother talk to an investigator who fills them in on his mother's apparent death. They learn that since it was done over international waters, prosecution and investigation of the crime is incredibly tricky, even moreso since there is no body. When the investigator hints at steep legal fees to bring Manolo to justice, Pete and Bud balk. They agree that an investigation won't bring her back, both clearly not willing to foot the bill. Meanwhile, Ted meets with Peggy to tell her about his impending move to California. She blames it on Don, but Ted admits that he has to choose his family over her. He says he loves her so deeply that he can't be around her, telling her that one day she will be thankful he made this decision. She tells him to get out.

At the Draper household, Don relates the news about the canceled move to California to his wife. Megan is furious, saying she already quit her job. He promises that she can live and work in Los Angeles and he will frequently visit -- they will be "bi-coastal." She sees it as another excuse for Don to not quit drinking and leaves it a huff.

Thanksgiving morning at the Campbell house, Pete arrives and is met by Trudy. She is about to leave for her mother's for Thanksgiving dinner, while Pete insinuates that he is moving to California. Trudy tells him that his mother's death will ultimately set Pete free to be his own man. Pete goes in to say goodbye to his sleeping daughter, and Trudy watches from the doorway. Meanwhile, at the office, the partners have called an emergency meeting to discuss his questionable behavior at the Hershey's meeting. The partners are forcing Don to take a sabbatical to get his head on straight. Don seethes, saying that he has tolerated just as much from them. As he goes to the elevator, he runs into Ducky and a man who appears to be Don's prospective replacement.

At Joan's apartment, Roger shows up for Thanksgiving dinner. Joan agrees to let Roger be a part of Kevin's life, and Roger is surprised to see Bob Benson carving the turkey, smiling as always. Back at the office, Stan runs into Peggy catching up on work in Don's office, as she is set to run the agency while Ted is in California. Elsewhere, Don brings his children to a derelict house in a terrible neighborhood. They look at the house in disbelief as Don tells them it was where he grew up. Sally and her father look at each other, his daughter perhaps wary of this sudden show of honesty.