Time Zones - Recap

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Freddy Rumsen gives his pitch for a watch. Peggy thinks it's great and makes a few adjustments. Her secretary interrupts to tell her the status meeting is five minutes away, and Peggy agrees to see Freddy next week.

A woman laying on the floor passes the ringing phone to Roger Sterling. He answers the call from his daughter, Margaret. She asks to have brunch with him alone. Roger hangs up, and looks around the room... full of passed-out nude people.

Peggy and her team meet with Lou Avery in his office. They discuss news of Chevy from Detroit. Peggy gives her suggestion for Accutron but Lou doesn't like what she has to say.

Joan arrives at Ken Cosgrove's office as he yells at some employees leaving his office. He invites Joan in and she asks what he needs. Ken wishes he had some competent underlings and asks Joan to take care of one of his meetings. She thanks him for his confidence in her and leaves his office.

Megan picks Don up at the airport. She says they must go to one quick dinner before they have the whole weekend to themselves.

Jim Cutler enters Ted Chaough's office and suggests that he push his trip back another day. Cutler doesn't mind dropping Roger so that he can take Ted to the inauguration. Ted starts working, though.

Megan and Don meet with Allan Silver, a friend of Megan's. Allan thinks Megan has great potential and reveals she will be starring in a pilot for a television show on NBC. He says Don and Megan are his favorite couple.

Joan meets with Wayne Barnes and says Ken asked her to take his place at their meeting. She convinces him to at least hear her out. He wants to move all of the company's advertising in-house to save money. Joan says that SCDP's relationship with Butler Footwear is important and thinks they have more value than Wayne realizes. He has to leave but agrees to hold off on his recommendation until he can meet with Ken.

Megan returns home with Don and shows him what she's done with the place. He thinks the place is too far away from town but she likes it. Megan apologizes about drinking so much and promises to make it up to him tomorrow. Don falls asleep watching television and wakes up on the couch the next day. Megan offers to drop him off at the office on her way to school but he says he'll take a cab.

Peggy arrives at the office and is surprised to see Ted there. She calls Stan over to ask him if he wants coffee. Ted makes a quick exit and says it was good to see them. Stan tries to cheer up Peggy but she says she's fine.

Pete meets Don at a diner. They catch each other up on their lives and work. Pete says that if it was his decision, he would already have Don back. He doesn't think that Ted likes it there and suggests Don intentionally showed up at the same time Ted went to New York.

Pete shows Don around his one-bedroom apartment. Bonnie Whiteside, a real estate agent, shows up and Pete introduces them. She's helping Pete find a new place to live. Bonnie hands Don a card and suggests that he call her when he's done commuting from Megan's place in the hills.

Joan stops by Professor Podolsky's office to discuss her client and Wayne's desires to cut costs. She needs a technical argument to counter him and asks if she can pay him with money, but he asks her about the difference between fees and commissions.

Don returns home for dinner with Megan. Shortly after he gets there, two men deliver a television set. She doesn't want one because all of her friends are struggling. He's not in town long, though, so she doesn't think it's worth fighting over. Later that night, he suggests they celebrate. She didn't think he wanted to but she gets undressed anyway. In bed she admits that she feels nervous about everything. The next morning, she asks how much longer they have together. He's taking the red eye later and says he has to go back to work.

Roger meets with Margaret and asks why she wanted to meet with him. She only wanted to see him and says she forgives him. He jokes about it but insists that she's serious about forgiving him for everything.

Roger returns home and lays down in the bed he shares with his girlfriend and another man.

On Don's flight home he sits next to a woman who doesn't enjoy flying. They hit it off and the woman reveals that her husband died a year ago. She went to the hospital with him and thought he was getting better. The doctor told her he only had one year left to live. Don comforts her as she falls asleep. They wake up leaning against each other. The woman says his wife wouldn't like this but he says that she knows he's a terrible husband. He thought this marriage would work out and says his wife knows about him. The woman says she could make him feel better and offers him a ride when the land. He declines and says he has to get back to work.

At work, Peggy attempts to pitch Lou Avery a few more ideas for Accutron. He isn't interested in any of them and says he must be immune to her charms.

Joan asks Clara, Ken's secretary, to let Ken know that she wants to speak to him about Butler. Clara congratulates her because Mr. Butler is coming in this week. Joan goes into Ken's office and asks Clara to get Wayne Barnes on the line. She asks Wayne about the meeting he has already set up. Joan convinces him that doing the advertising work in-house will be bad for his company. He asks what he should do and she tells him to say the meeting was cancelled. Wayne still wants to meet with Ken and Joan agrees to set the meeting up.

Stan confronts Peggy about her wanting to look for more ideas for Accutron. She thinks Lou will change his mind when he sees the artwork but Stan disagrees. Peggy feels she's the only one working there who actually cares.

Freddy visits Don at his apartment. He says that Peggy loved Don's idea about Accutron. Don's been feeding ideas to Freddy. No one has called Don but he's still being paid. Freddy warns that Don doesn't want to be damaged goods.

Joan tells Ken that it's only a matter of time until Butler cancels the account. He asks her to stay out of his office.

Peggy collapses to the floor crying after she gets home.

Don struggles to be alone in his apartment.