Series 11

116 :11x01 - Series 11, Episode 1

Following the explosive revelation that Sam had actually cheated on Tiff the show finds out whether their relationship has survived. Stephanie has her eye on a new love interest.

117 :11x02 - Series 11, Episode 2

Ollie finds out about Binky's frustration over JP's lack of commitment in their relationship and he decides it's time to step in. Sam and Tiff's relationship is tested after he refuses to end his friendship with former flame Olivia Bentley.

118 :11x03 - Series 11, Episode 3

Lucy feels adamant that Stephanie has attempted to sabotage her relationship and they end up clashing.

119 :11x04 - Series 11, Episode 4

Lucy's refusal to accept anything other than the truth leads to an uncomfortable revelation closer to home. Chelsea is buzzing with the news about Jamie's new girl Frankie.

120 :11x05 - Series 11, Episode 5

Stephanie hopes that her holiday to the Maldives will be just the thing she needs to get all of her friendships back on track. Jamie is kept busy with his new girl Frankie, but he still finds time to see Jess.

121 :11x06 - Series 11, Episode 6

Still feeling upset by Tiff's cheating, Sam is furious after he finds out that despite previous attacks on his behaviour, her sister Lucy knew more about Tiff's holiday romance than she told him.

122 :11x07 - Series 11, Episode 7

Jamie is seemingly besotted with Frankie and keen to make her his girlfriend. Toff is finally getting the romantic date with Richard she has lusted after for so long.

123 :11x08 - Series 11, Episode 8

Louise returns from her make-or-break holiday in St Barths and announces that she has broken up with Alik. Louise comes to terms with her heartbreak whilst Alik resolves to get his girl back.

124 :11x09 - Series 11, Episode 9

Chelsea is left feeling shocked by a very surprising revelation that Binky and JP have split up. Romance isn't running smoothly for Jamie and Frankie either.