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 Series 1(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
1 1x01 09/May/2011 "Ad Victorem Spolias – To The Victor Go The Spoils"
2 1x02 16/May/2011 "Quick, Let's Have A Quickie"
3 1x03 23/May/2011 "I'm So Honest With Everyone, Maybe It's A Downfall"
4 1x04 30/May/2011 "Do I Look Like Jesus?"
5 1x05 06/Jun/2011 "Take Your Passion, Make It Happen."
6 1x06 13/Jun/2011 "Problems Not Solutions, That's The Way I Live My Life"
7 1x07 20/Jun/2011 "Payback's A Bitch"
8 1x08 27/Jun/2011 "I Find It The Biggest Turn On That He's Shouting At Me"

 Series 2(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
9 2x01 19/Sep/2011 "Capitalism Makes You Beautiful"
10 2x02 26/Sep/2011 "When I Was Younger I Experimented With Clingfilm"
11 2x03 03/Oct/2011 "Babe, You're Attituding At Me"
12 2x04 10/Oct/2011 "No One Likes A Banjo"
13 2x05 17/Oct/2011 "My Mum Sometimes Calls Me Football Head"
14 2x06 24/Oct/2011 "Voulez-Vous Coucher Avec Moi?"
15 2x07 31/Oct/2011 "You've Gotta Level The Playing Field"
16 2x08 07/Nov/2011 "How Do They Find Flamingo Roadkill?"
17 2x09 14/Nov/2011 "Je Suis Amoreuse De Toi"
18 2x10 21/Nov/2011 "Here's To Friendship"
19 2x11 28/Nov/2011 "End of Season Party"
20 2x12 22/Dec/2011 "Christmas Is About Giving And Forgiving"

 Series 3(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
21 3x01 02/Apr/2012 "When You're Part of the Party, You Never Want the Party to Stop"
22 3x02 09/Apr/2012 "What's Mine Is Mine and What's Yours We Share"
23 3x03 16/Apr/2012 "Sabotage Is Not Chic"
24 3x04 23/Apr/2012 "What's the Point of a Point to Point"
25 3x05 30/Apr/2012 "I'm Really Not That Gay at All"
26 3x06 07/May/2012 "Until The Book's Closed It's Open"
27 3x07 14/May/2012 "Karma's A Bitch"
28 3x08 21/May/2012 "Everyone Has Skeletons In Their Closet"
29 3x09 28/May/2012 "It's Called Dessert And Apparently It's Sucking Richard's Face"
30 3x10 04/Jun/2012 "At The End Of The Day, I've Got The Crazy Title. No One Can Steal That From Me"
31 3x11 11/Jun/2012 "End of Season Party"

 Series 4(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
32 4x01 15/Oct/2012 "If You Want To Crack On And Go Head To Head... You'll F****** Lose"
33 4x02 22/Oct/2012 "The More You Can't Have Someone... You Want Them More"
34 4x03 29/Oct/2012 "No One You Want At A Party Is Going To Turn Up To A Themed Party, Unless It's Versailles"
35 4x04 05/Nov/2012 "I Could Fall In Love With You So Easily..."
36 4x05 12/Nov/2012 "A Man At 23 Is A Bit Like A Girl At 15"
37 4x06 19/Nov/2012 "They're Wriggly Little Buggers"
38 4x07 26/Nov/2012 "I Think You've Got The Costume Wrong Tonight Because It's Not Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air"
39 4x08 03/Dec/2012 "I'd Rather Die Than Be Friends With Her"
40 4x09 10/Dec/2012 "If I Wanted To Sleep With Other Girls, I Could"
41 4x10 17/Dec/2012 "I Used To Charge Young Boys For Bunny Cuddles"
42 4x11 24/Dec/2012 "I Didn't Know Reindeers Actually Existed. I Thought They Were, Like, A Mythical Creature"
43 4x12 31/Dec/2012 "End of Season Party"

 Series 5(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
45 5x01 08/Apr/2013 "I Made A Mistake That I Wanted To Cover Up"
46 5x02 15/Apr/2013 "I Am Not A Robot"
47 5x03 22/Apr/2013 "Of Course I'm Going To Say I'm Straight"
48 5x04 29/Apr/2013 "He Is Being A Tit"
49 5x05 06/May/2013 "Kill Jamie, Marry Andy, Kiss Spencer"
50 5x06 13/May/2013 "I Wouldn't Want My Daughter Going Out With Spencer Matthews"
51 5x07 20/May/2013 "Is He A Fantastic Lay?"
52 5x08 27/May/2013 "See You Later, Spenny!"
53 5x09 03/Jun/2013 "It's Very Rare to find Someone who Hasn't F**ked one of Your Friends"
54 5x10 10/Jun/2013 "Hot Tubs Are Like My Nemesis"
55 5x11 17/Jun/2013 "She's Becoming Spencer"
56 5x12 24/Jun/2013 "Someone's Taken A Shit on a Relationship and I wanna Know Who"

 Series 6(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
57 6x01 14/Oct/2013 "I'd Have Sex With Any Of My Exes"
58 6x02 21/Oct/2013 "Your Friends Are All Pretty Rude"
59 6x03 28/Oct/2013 ""If You Are Going To Play Two Girls, It's Best To Play Two Who Don't Know Each Other"
60 6x04 04/Nov/2013 "I Once Knew Someone Who Had A Sleeping Bag"
61 6x05 11/Nov/2013 "Your Buds Are Way More Important Than Any Girl"
62 6x06 18/Nov/2013 "Willies Aren't Such A Big Thing, We All Know That"
63 6x07 25/Nov/2013 "You Need to Get Under Someone to Get Over Someone"
64 6x08 02/Dec/2013 "Let's Go For A Drink, Maybe Some Fondling"
65 6x09 09/Dec/2013 "Fancy A Bit Of African Holiday Sex?"
66 6x10 16/Dec/2013 "If You Knew Everything I'd Be In Deep Deep Trouble"
67 6x11 23/Dec/2013 "Miracles Happen At Christmas"
68 6x12 30/Dec/2013 "End of Season Party"

 Series 7(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
69 7x01 07/Apr/2014 "There's Gonna Be A Storm"
70 7x02 14/Apr/2014 "Doesn't Everyone Have Secrets?"
71 7x03 21/Apr/2014 "People Think I Look Like Karl Lagerfeld"
72 7x04 28/Apr/2014 "There's Difference Between Bro Code And Being-A-Dick Code"
73 7x05 05/May/2014 "If Your Dick's Working, Your Head's Working"
74 7x06 12/May/2014 "I Want To Be In Everyone's Breast Pocket, Caressing Half Of London's Nipples"
75 7x07 19/May/2014 "Everyone Loves A Toff"
76 7x08 26/May/2014 "I Was Sucked Into A World I Didn't Know"
77 7x09 02/Jun/2014 "You're Like A Fat Tom Daley"
78 7x10 09/Jun/2014 "When Are We Getting Married?"
79 7x11 16/Jun/2014 "I Tried So Bad, I Even Got Naked"

 Series 8(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
80 8x01 13/Oct/2014 Series 8, Episode 1
81 8x02 20/Oct/2014 Series 8, Episode 2
82 8x03 27/Oct/2014 Series 8, Episode 3
83 8x04 03/Nov/2014 Series 8, Episode 4
84 8x05 10/Nov/2014 Series 8, Episode 5
85 8x06 17/Nov/2014 Series 8, Episode 6
86 8x07 24/Nov/2014 Series 8, Episode 7
87 8x08 01/Dec/2014 Series 8, Episode 8
88 8x09 08/Dec/2014 Series 8, Episode 9
89 8x10 15/Dec/2014 Series 8, Episode 10
90 8x11 22/Dec/2014 Series 8, Episode 11
91 8x12 29/Dec/2014 End of Season Party

 Series 9(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
92 9x01 13/Apr/2015 Series 9, Episode 1
93 9x02 20/Apr/2015 Series 9, Episode 2
94 9x03 27/Apr/2015 Series 9, Episode 3
95 9x04 04/May/2015 Series 9, Episode 4
96 9x05 11/May/2015 Series 9, Episode 5
97 9x06 18/May/2015 Series 9, Episode 6
98 9x07 25/May/2015 Series 9, Episode 7
99 9x08 01/Jun/2015 Series 9, Episode 8
100 9x09 08/Jun/2015 Series 9, Episode 9
101 9x10 15/Jun/2015 Series 9, Episode 10
102 9x11 15/Jun/2015 Series 9, Episode 11
103 9x12 22/Jun/2015 Series 9, Episode 12

 Series 10(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
115 10x12 04/Jan/2016 End of Season Party

 Series 11(Add Episode)
Episode # Air Date Title
116 11x01 11/Apr/2016 Series 11, Episode 1
117 11x02 18/Apr/2016 Series 11, Episode 2
118 11x03 25/Apr/2016 Series 11, Episode 3
119 11x04 02/May/2016 Series 11, Episode 4
120 11x05 09/May/2016 Series 11, Episode 5

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