Cacti - Recap

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The episode begins with Martina arriving at work and Nolan Adams hands her the jail mail; it falls under the duties of the first years. She opens one of them and heads to meet Donovan Stark. Donovan tells her that he remembers the tough case of Hannah Atwood as he was the lead on that. After killing her boyfriend, Hannah pleaded for insanity and has been institutionalized ever since; it is eleven years now. It was tough because during her teens, Hannah was undergoing treatment for anxiety and it turns out that she was an undiagnosed schizophrenic. She snapped at an event and killed her boyfriend. She was found standing over the body. So an anxiety plea was the best option.

But Martina wonders that was she really catatonic enough to write these letters? Martina then meets Hannah at the Fusco Institution. She tells Martina that she has been on a new medication and she feels as if she has woken up from a coma. She tells her that she wants out and she doesn’t want the world to feel that she was lying or acting. She says that she wants to bridge the gap that all of this has created with her mother; she misses her. But Martina points out that since she killed her boyfriend, a release was difficult. Martina tells her that she remembers now; she did not kill Carl, the boyfriend. She was in the house but someone else killed him. Martina tells Nolan that Hannah remembers every small detail from that day. She also remembers finding Carl lying face down and dead.

Nolan tells Martina that they can arrange for a competency hearing and that is the fastest way. Martina then meets the DA. She knows Tommy and she tells him that she wants to give him a heads up on a competency hearing. Tommy is skeptical but tells her that he will look into it. He then asks her out for drinks after work. Next, Martina arrives at a bar and finds her sister Bonnie with her new boyfriend, Rick. Bonnie is all excited about him. Next day, in court, Martina is surprised to see Tommy in court. Both of them put forth their case, and the Judge denies release as he did not receive any reassurance from a medical expert. Martina reassures Hannah by telling her that there is one more option.

At the office, Martina states that the witnesses heard a woman scream after the music stopped and they ran out to see that Hannah was standing over the body with a paving stone. But since Hannah remembers the song, it means that she was inside the house and not outside. Also, that there is a man who saw someone run away from the murder scene. Donovan calls them to the conference room and shows them a video where Hannah was being interrogated. It is clear that the guy was leading her and Hannah wasn’t in a state to reason, so she repeated whatever the guy said; a coerced confession. Martina says that they should go ahead with the manslaughter case and Donovan says that he is with her.

Martina and Donovan go to meet Hannah at the institution and clearly she doesn’t remember Donovan who was on the case years ago. They tell her that they could present the manslaughter case, but this could be risky because if they lose, she could end up in prison. Hannah agrees for the trial. Martina and Tommy once again meet in court and this time the Judge agrees to give Martina her trial. At the office, Martina goes over options as to how she can prove that Hannah was inside the house when Carl was killed. The DA sends a parcel for Martina; a cactus! At home, Martina tells everyone that her ex, Tommy, is the opposing counsel on the new case. Her mother wants Martina to run a background check on Bonnie’s new boyfriend.

Later, Martina calls Brody. She tells him to inform her if he finds out something from the witnesses and also she asks him to do a background check on Rick. Brody tries talking to the witnesses but none of them prove to be very useful. Moreover it was a long time ago. Martina prepares Hannah for the testimony and she tells her that the DA is going to be pretty hard on her. In order to give Hannah an idea of how it could be in court, she pretends to be the DA. Hannah is disturbed at the sight of Carl’s pictures. She recounts some events and remembers her mom waking her up from a trance. She also mentions seeing something, but she can’t remember. When Martina presses her further, Hannah gets worked up. Martina then calms her down.

At the office, Martina knows that Tommy was trying to send her a message by sending her the cactus. Donovan calls for Martina. Donovan introduces Martina to Judith Atwood, Hannah’s mother. Judith tells her that she wants to help her daughter but she doesn’t know what to do. Martina asks for pictures of that night and Judith tells her that they might be there in the house where the murder happened. Donovan tells Martina to go to the house and get the pictures and while at it, she could also look at the murder scene again. Brody and Martina go to the house. Brody tells her that Rick is clean. They then check the murder scene. Martina states that she is finding it difficult to lift the paving stone. She wonders how Hannah managed it. Judith brings the pictures to them.

Martina looks at them and finds that none of the pictures show Hannah wearing braids as she had mentioned earlier. Martina shows Hannah the pics and Hannah feels that they have been doctored. Hannah then sees a picture of a man and she seems shocked. She states that this man is supposed to be in Chicago; what is he doing here? Hannah begins to panic and Martina tries to question her about the man. Hannah is trembling and she says that the man abused her when she was 9. She screams, and runs away. Brody tells Donovan that the man is Jake Beckett and he was with Lorraine Beckett, one of the DA’s witnesses. Now, Martina says that this is a case of conflated memory.

Martina says that Hannah must have told Carl what Jake did to her when she was a child and Carl must have confronted Jake at the party and Jake must have killed Carl. When Hannah saw Jake unexpectedly, her memories must have gone back to her childhood days when he abused her. That is why Hannah remembers herself in braids. Also, Martina tells Donovan that Hannah had told her that her mother shook her out of some trance. The psychiatrists also confirm the conflated memory theory. Donovan tells him team to get to Lorraine and break her; she is the case as Jake is nowhere to be found. After a bit of persuasion, Lorraine confesses that she realized what her husband had done to Hannah when she saw Hannah blank out on seeing Jake.

She also remembers that Jake left early from that party and there was a blood spot on his collar. She confronted him and he looked directly into her eyes and said nothing. Now that is totally admissible in court. Lorraine then tells them how they could find Jake. The cops arrest Jake at the airport. The DA drops all charges against Hannah and Hannah is free to go. Judith embraces her daughter. Next, Rick meets the Garratti family. The women of the house feel that Rick is a great guy but he is not Bonnie’s man. The Garratti girls require a little more danger. The episode ends.