Camelot - Recap

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The episode begins with Martina meeting Nolan in the elevator. She knows him and she introduces himself. He gets a message saying that Donovan wants to meet him. When Martina arrives at her office, she sees Riley Prescott removing some files from the closet. This was Riley’s office before Martina moved in. Donovan calls Martina to his office. He tells her that she will be working with Nolan on her new client, Penelope Hewett. She is a surrogate and she wants to keep the baby. Seems like a straight case; except for the fact that the client is the surrogate for her sister and her sister is in coma.

She is in coma due to an accident. Penelope wants to fight for the custody of the baby and the surrogacy clause was between Penelope and her sister. Emma her sister wasn’t able to bear a child and so this idea and her husband Mason went along with it. Penelope tells Martina that Mason cannot give the baby the life that Emma dreamt of and she obviously did not want Mason to take the baby to Paris as Emma hadn’t renewed the passport. Now, the thing is that the lawyers need to prove that the surrogacy contract was signed in NY and not Philadelphia where surrogacy is not accepted. Also, Martina tells Nolan that Penelope is fine with shared custody as long as Mason stays in custody.

Martina then goes home for the birthday party and her sister Deb is furious about the fact that the apple tree is dead and her father had to take it off from the lawn. Deb is sure that the neighbors poisoned it as they had a problem with it from the beginning. Next, Riv and Martina arrive at Emma’s and Mason’s mansion. There they meet Lila, the nanny who is very close to the sisters. Martina then goes to Emma’s room to click picture to help boost the emotional aspect of the case. Penelope tells Martina that she does inform Mason when she comes over to meet Emma. Martina then sees pictures of them in the wine cellar where the genesis of the surrogacy agreement took place and then one where they were in Marco Islands, Florida, where Emma has a house.

It was after she returned when the accident took place. Riv tries talking to the cook who tells him that the sisters used to love to cook and that she was allowed to go home early when Penelope visited; twice a week. Mason arrives and is surprised to meet Martina as he wasn’t aware that the lawyer was in his house. Also he doesn’t want to share custody as Penelope is not the parent. The cook tells Riv that Emma had given her the day off. She was found in the wine cellar. She came to drop some grocery and she saw that the water was boiling on the stove. The cellar door was open which was weird as there are Boudreaux which are older than her. She found Emma on the floor and she learned from the EMT that it was carbon monoxide.

Martina and Riv learn that Mason and Emma’s relation was not doing all that good as they seem to be distanced from each other; but they did not want to let Penelope know as they did not want to upset her. Riv tells Emma that when the EMT took Emma, Mason went straight up to the study and then went to the hospital half an hour later. What was he doing up there? In the court, the Judge rules against Penelope as the contract was made in Pennsylvania. So, Mason gets the baby, unless they come up with a better plan. Riv tells Donovan that e sniffed around a bit and found out that Emma met her divorce attorney twice. But Riv said in court that they were happily married; so either he was lying or he did not know about the divorce and Emma must have not told Penelope to spare her the stress.

Martina has an idea. They could pull up this divorce issue and assign Penelope to be Emma’s guardian. This way she gets partial custody and this will force Mason to stay in NY. Now, the Hewett sisters are loaded. And if the divorce takes place before 7 years, Mason gets only a small stipend. But if Emma dies after giving birth to a baby, then he becomes the executor of the baby’s trust. In the court, they bring up the divorce angel and the Judge wants to see the petition and after that he would decide if he would grant Penelope Emma’s guardianship. Mason meets Martina and tells her to drop this madness. He tries telling her that Penelope has an alcohol problem and she is on anti depressants and that she is spoilt as she is a Hewett.

Martina tells him that she can have Penelope give him the house in France and the ski lounge and other luxuries he is used to, if he gives her the baby. He refuses the proposal. Martina tells Nolan that Mason was doing the math and he knew the baby is worth more and so they should try giving the baby to Penelope as Mason is not a good parent as he has a price. Also, Martina tells Nolan that this case looks like an attempted murder. But there is bad news, Penelope is having the baby and she is in the hospital. At home, Martina’s father arrives to meet her and tells her that he is the one who yanked the apple tree as it was buckling the foundation of the deck which is his getaway for some alone time.

They then end up discussing about the case and her father tells her that carbon monoxide poisoning cannot be possible without creating a leak and then blocking the vent to trap the gas. Martina puts this forth in front of Donovan. So, the guardianship case just is unfolding into a suspected murder case. Martina asks Riv to check at the flower shop and get the message card that was on the bunch of flowers that Mason sent for Emma. They need proof that Mason knew about the divorce and tried to kill her. Riv goes to the flower shop and gets the message that Mason sends to Emma; it is about giving their marriage one more chance. Then later, in court, Nolan tries to buy some time. But then he is forced to reveal that Penelope gave birth to a healthy baby girl. Mason’s lawyer asks for recess so that Mason can go get his baby.

Granted. Martina goes to the mansion and convinces Lila, the nanny, to help her with the case by telling her that Mason wants to take the baby away to Europe and is not interested in the baby but the money she brought with her. Lila allows her to check Mason’s study where he spent half an hour before he went to the hospital. She checks the vent and the cement around it. There are marks on the cement which are made from the spikes of the golf shoes. Nolan requests the Judge to issue a warrant to search the Birch house. They then search the house and find a show which made those marks. Mason is arrested for attempted murder. Case closed. But guess there is one more. Martina finds a way out to get across to Deb.

She tells them that she made a contract where the neighbors admitted to their guilt but then Deb Is not allowed mentioning this or discussing it with them; else there could be legal consequences and they could drag their parent’s house into this for breach of contract! Well, Deb is not a fool; she realizes that something is brewing and her father admits that he tore apart that tree to save his deck.

Deb finds that the efforts Martina put to go through all this; it is sweet. But that is not it; Deb tells her that Bonnie and Martina will be the guardians for her children, if anything happened to her and Brian. Well, now that is a wonderful reward. The episode ends.