Payday - Recap

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The episode begin with Bonnie telling Martina that her brother wants her to invest in his new idea of a phone app where they can find ticket brokers for sports; he means scalpers. She tells her mother that she needs to check whether it is feasible and whether it is legal. Martina reaches office, and she learns that she has missed her first pay cycle. Riley arrives and tells Martina to go along with her so that the first years get to see their masters play. The case is about the football player with concussions and the client fired the lawyer for wanting to settle for too less and too quickly.

The player’s father is too pissed as his son who has suffered three concussions is now asked to stop playing and his career is over and the previous attorney did not do enough. And moreover the coaches let him play despite that concussion. The player tells him father that he did not tell the coach about the last one. Martina interrupts and she tells them that due to the pressure, the players find it unmanly to ask out of a game. So it is the coach’s responsibility to keep a close check on the players. Looks like it is on the school and the coach, who failed to act in a medically appropriate way! And the client totally impressed with Martina’s football knowledge wants her on his team.

Martina feels bad for Doug that he cannot play. Now, they discuss the case. Nolan briefs them about the history; three concussions in three weeks. After the first concussion, Doug had a second one which he doesn’t remember having. So it is on the coaches to watch the players carefully and let them rest before letting him play. Next, Martina and Riv go to meet Coach Long. But he doesn’t want to talk and has them escorted of the school premises. The Judge refuses to grant a subpoena to get the coach’s emails. Martina talks to Doug to see if he remembers anything about the second concussion; he doesn’t. She also learns that his mother took off when he was eight.

At the office, Martina is going through the tapes of the games where Doug had his concussion but the video hasn’t recorded the relevant part. Just then she thinks about getting tapes from the opposite team as they too would have had cameras angled at Doug’s team. In the court, Nolan plays the video of the game and points out to the time where Doug was exposed to the second concussion. And we see that he was dazed and so he walked into the wrong huddle. Later the coach did check on him and ask him if he was fine. Dough did not want to hurt the coach or the team and so he said he is fine and got back to the game. Looks like he remembers a lot for some on who had a concussion.

Gale, the opposing counsel asks him whether he got the third concussion during football practice or was he hit by a car. There is a witness. Martina and her team weren’t told about this and Gale tells the court that the witness was to be brought only if Doug lied on stand. Nolan asks for continuance and the Judge grants it. Donovan wants to put this case off. Martina thinks there is a chance and she wants Riv to check on the hit and run. Donovan takes Nolan off this case as he is more useful on a billable case. We then see that Riv digs around a bit about the hit and run and Martina arrives at Doug’s place. She wants him to be honest with her so that she could help him. She knows that he was chasing a kid.

But she is shocked to learn that the kid was bullying him. That is why he doesn’t want this to get out and especially to his father. He tells her that a while he got emails from his mother saying that she wants to get back into his life. It seems that she would come and watch him play and this made Doug very nervous in the game. At first, all this was not okay with him but later he was fine with it. But then he heard in the dressing room, that Oliver, the equipment guy, was posing as his mother on the internet and trying to get back at Doug for a prank Doug played on him a while back. Doug had pushed Oliver in the shower with his clothes on and this ruined Oliver’s phone.

So he got back at Doug by doing this. Doug confronted him and then Oliver brushed past him, got into his car and drove away. This is when he got hit. He doesn’t want his father to know as he will be angry to know that Doug tried to get his mother into his life. That is why he lied that he got the third concussion at practice. Martina tells Donovan that they need to get permission to access the school computers to check for electronic harassment. Oliver was bullying Doug via emails. Doug tells his father the truth. He is pissed and wants to drop the suit. Martina talks to him telling him that it is the second concussion that made Doug more vulnerable. The third one is irrelevant.

So it does not matter. She tells him that he should talk to Doug more about his personal life rather than only football; as more than the money, they both need each other. The father is convinced. So, what next? Riley present cyber bullying in court and asks for access to student’s computers. But the Judge does not allow access to the teacher’s mails. Martina’s mother is at work. She is worried about her daughter as Martina backed out on the promise she made to her brother and so they opened her mail and saw that she has only $37 in her account. But Martina tells her that after all her bills, she is lucky to have $37 left. And this time her pay is late.

Nolan arrives and tells Martina about an email sent from one of Doug’s coaches to his tutor about Doug’s headaches. It seems that Stiles left the team and so he wasn’t questioned by the other lawyers about Doug’s condition. But Nolan is also curious to know why Stiles left? Martina goes to talk to Stiles. He will not talk against the fellow coaches. But since he feeks bad about Doug, he tells Martina that somebody heard his conversation which coach Long about Doug’s second concussion and that he needs to be kept from playing the next big game. He tells Martina that there is someone who overheard this conversation; and it was not a student.

Martina figures out who it is; Oliver! She tells Oliver that he has a chance of fixing everything otherwise all this will reflect on the transcripts of the college he is applying for. He did bully Doug and now this is the chance to set things straight. Oliver testifies in court. The college is come with an amazing settlement. Dough and his father are happy. Well done Rookie! Donovan tells Martina that her mother did tell him about Martina not receiving her pay. He hands over Martina’s first paycheck; and she is enthralled! The episode ends.