Wingman - Recap

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The episode begins with Martina arriving at the park where Deb is waiting for her; Martina is 15 minutes late and Deb tells her that she is having some trouble with her kids, Robby and Joey. Cyndi calls and she tells Martina that Donovan wants her to start a meeting and so she needs to come over to the office. Martina tells her sister to leave the kids with her as she feels that Deb requires a break. Martina notices that Robby is wearing expensive clothes. She takes him aside and asks him where he got them from. After a bit of grilling, Robby admits that he stole them and doesn’t want Martina to tell his mother.

She has to tell Deb but first she wants Robby to return the clothes to the store and beg for forgiveness. At the office, Cyndi tells Martina about the latest case; Mr. Shawn Macy is the client and his wife, Kennedy, got shot and killed in an armed robbery. It was a jewelry store for the rich and the store owner is Leland. Macy is waiting in the office with his two daughters. Now, Macy wants to sue Leland who was trying to protect his store during the armed robbery. It appears that Kennedy was a personal stylist and Kennedy was picked up by Leland. Macy then shows her the video footage from the store. He tells Martina that Leland had a gun hidden under the counter and he tried shooting at the robber; but he did not realize that he ended up shooting Kennedy.

Macy tells Martina that Leland should have had a security guard and he is responsible for his wife’s death. Martina tries to explain that it was the robber’s fault. He then hands a file on Leland to Martina and says that his insurance company is ready to compensate; but it is not the money he is bothered about. Donovan and Riley arrive at the office and Donovan tells her that her perfectionist attitude makes her a little insensitive towards their clients and he doesn’t appreciate that. Later Martina briefs them about the meeting ad they tell her that they had not asked her to close the deal. Donovan wants to know as to why Martina accepted the case. She explains that Leland was a rich guy who owned a studio and a penthouse in manila, then why he didn’t install a security at the store.

Donovan tells Riley and Martin that they are both under watch for bending rules and he wants them to pull Nolan in. next, Riv briefs Martina about the sh0oting at the store and tells her that there were three shots fired but only two cases were recovered. And no one matching the robber’s description has been treated for a gunshot wound. Moreover, Leland has had two DUIs and he got the gun license in ’02 when his record was clean. Nolan talks to Riley and tells her that Leland was evading taxes and so they need to collect proof before accusing Leland; the presiding Judge on this case would be Maganeillo. Nolan realizes that it is going t be difficult for Martina and Riley to get along well. Next, Martina takes Robby to the store he stole the stuff from and Robby apologizes to the owner; but the owner does not accept it.

Instead he reports Robby to the cops and decides to press charges. Oh no; this means that Martina is going to have to call Deb and tell her that she turned her child to the cops!! At the court, Martina tells the Judge that Leland did not notify the license department about his DUI charges and also did not appear for the NYPD hearing. The Judge denies the motion for dismissal and declares the date for a trial. Riva also tells Martina that Leland was drunk when he shot Kennedy. At the office, accountant, Adam, arrives to meet Riley. He is the one investigating Leland’s accounting fraud. He points out that Leland invested in diamond futures and they soared. He is hiding his money in his losses. Riv and Martina go to the bar where Leland is a regular and talk to the bartender.

The bar tender tells them that they asked Leland not to come to the bar as he got into a fight with his girlfriend and the security had to show him the door. It turns out that Kennedy was his girlfriend! Hmm! Maybe the shooting wasn’t an accident; it was a hit! Martina and Riley tell Donovan that they need to looks for Leland’s accomplice as he made away with half a million dollars; could be someone from a criminal background. They also decide to look into Kennedy’s life. Maybe they will have to look into Kennedy’s books too as she could be a part of the same scam. Next, Martina gets a call from a “furious” Deb and she asks Martina to fix the situation with her son. Martina is going through the robbery video and she notices that the jewelry was kept “on” the counter for display.

She finds it weird and she goes to the store. She sees that the security is now up and Leland’s assistant tells him that they never kept the display on top of the counter. Leland arrives and asks Martina to leave. Riley talks to Kennedy’s assistant and she tells her that Kennedy was not having an affair with Leland as she loved her family a lot. She tells Riley that there was some problem with Leland’s jewelry and that she kept a list of the people who owned Leland’s diamonds. She wanted Leland to return the client’s money to them. The fight could be about Kennedy leaving Leland, which would cost him his reputation. She then hands over a file to Riley which also has a key to a safety deposit box.

Riv gets a list of people Leland was associated with while he was in Jersey and a guy named Danny had bailed Leland out during one of his DUI arrests. This is our guy! it is also possible Leland could have killed this guy to tie loose ends. Rive leaves to track down Danny. Martina goes to the store owner Louis and persuades him to drop charges against Robby by offering him to fight his case for him for free. Macy arrives to meet Riley and she tells him about the recent developments on the case. Martina then goes to meet her ADA friend and asks him to get a court order so that they can access the safety deposit box. Riv calls Martina and tells her that he found out that Danny was asking some pawn shops in the neighborhood about selling some diamonds. Also, Riv is going to meet Danny’s parole officer Sid the next day.

Martina and her ADA friend go to the safety deposit box and find a diamond necklace in it and it costs a hundred grand. But there is another letter that shows that this necklace is now worth only 5k as these diamonds are fake. Leland used to swap the diamonds when the clients used to bring them to him for polishing or re-sizing. And he then used to sell them in the black markets for millions. Next, Riv meets Danny with Sid and he finds out that Danny is unable to use his right arm and later they find out that there is a bullet in his shoulder. The Judge orders Danny to get himself operated so that the bullet can be removed and the forensics could match it with the bullets found in the robbery.

But Martina is disappointed when she learns that it is difficult to prove that the bullet is from the gun that was used in the robbery as the bullet has some bone fragments in it and this makes it difficult for identification. Danny knows about this and so he refuses to talk or co-operate. Martina has a “talk” with him and later we see that Leland is arrested for the murder of Kennedy Macy and the attempted murder of Danny. Next, Macy is happy and thanks Riley and Martina. Also we see that Riley and Martina did do well together! Next, at home, Martina apologizes to Deb. The episode ends.