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Ancient History - Recap

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The episode begins with Martina trying on a skirt that Darlene had altered for her and obviously Martina thinks that she cannot wear the shortened skirt to court. Looks like Martina is upset with Cindy as she invited Darlene for her party before inviting her. Next, Nolan tells Martina about their current case; Eric Jenkins and Tim Larken, the night club owners, and Eric was arrested last night for murdering Tim. Nolan and Martina arrive to meet Eric and he tells them that he did not do it. Eric tells them that the cops know that Tim and he fought a lot about their ways of running the business and the cops feel that he killed Tim after an argument they had last night.

Tim separated from his Phoebe and Eric thinks that Phoebe kicked him out. Eric says that Tim was drunk and started fighting in front of the staff. So, Eric took him home and drove back in Tim’s car so that Tim could not drive. He says that Tim was alive when he left him home. Martina manages to move them up on the hearing list and the Judge grants them bail on the condition that Eric turns in his passport and the prelims will be held in 72 hours. Next. Riv does some preliminary investigation by talking to the neighbors and finds out that Tim’s body was discovered by the house keeper and there are traces of Tim’s blood on the steering wheels. All in all, things don’t look good for Eric. Riv then takes her to a door which has no camera and thus the fact that Eric entered the building also cannot be proved.

At the office, Cindy hasn’t invited Riley and Riley tells her that she would like to come as she has began liking Cindy and is no more hung up about socializing. This is awkward! But however, Riley ends up inviting herself to the party. Martina and Riv talk to the janitor Hank at the club and he tells them that he did not see Eric arriving at the club at 4.30 in the morning as he was busy cleaning upstairs. Martina notices a teary girl standing nearby and Hank tells her that she is Heather and she is all broken up about Tim’s death. Tim was the one who hired the waitresses and Heather was the one who got the VIP room. Heather tells them that she has been having an affair with Tim for a long time and Eric does not know about it. She feels that Tim’s wife knew about the affair as someone had keyed “SLUT” on her car.

She has an alibi for the night of the murder; her sponsor. Time to talk to the estranged widow!! They talk to Phoebe and she doesn’t think that Eric killed Tim. She tells them that at the time of the murder, she was at Rhode Island. She also tells them that she was planning to divorce Tim but she had to learn more about him and according to the PI, Curran Papke, Tim had more money stashed away than what reflected in his accounts. Riv knows Curran. He meets him and convinces him to turn over the surveillance footage on Tim. Nolan, Martina and Riv go through the footage which was shot with a toy helicopter! It doesn’t look too good for Eric. The guy from the DA’s office arrives and looks like they might have to turn over this footage to him. They learn from the men from the DA’s office that they were told about this footage from a cop who Curran shared this info with.

Nolan thinks that the cop knows more about this case than Curran or them, and they decide to visit Ron Denault. Cindy tells Martina that Riley invited herself to the party and that he doesn’t want her to run into Jim. Jim and Riley broke up and Riley really liked him; but now Jim likes Cindy and Cindy too likes him a lot. So, she wants Martina to keep Riley away till 9.30 as Jim needs to catch a flight for London and would leave around that time. Martina agrees. Nolan confronts Eric and asks him as to why he did not tell him about pushing Tim. Eric tells him that it was nothing and that this happened often as he and Tim were like brothers. Nolan feels that Eric is hiding something.

Next, Martina and Riv meet Ron and he tells them that he told Curran that Tim was involved with some guy, Carter Gresham, who is connected with some e-commerce scams. This explains for the unaccounted money. In the court, Nolan argues to for the footage to be inadmissible; but the Judge rules against Nolan. This could be difficult for the case. Riv and Martina meet carter Gresham and he tells them that he had nothing to do with the murder. he tells them that since the police did not recover any money from Tim’s house, they should look for the thief as someone stole his money from Tim. Riv and Martina decide to stakeout the building. Martina finds Darlene waiting for her in her office and she tells her mother about Cindy’s plight regarding Jim and Riley attending the party.

She wants her mother to handle it for her as Martina is all excited about the stakeout and will be late for the party. Darlene tries to delay Riley and eventually tells her that her ex is now dating Cindy. Riley now decides not to go for the party and Darlene offers to buy her a drink. At the stakeout, they don’t find much. They talk to a nurse and they figure out that no one entered the building through the front door or the back door; this leaves them with the window which leads to a common hallway which leads to Tim’s apartment through the stairs or the elevator. Riv finds a hole drilled on the window and the next day he has the room immediately behind the window dusted for prints. Riley hands Cindy her birthday gift and Cindy tells her that she began dating Jim only after Riley broke up with him. Riley says that she is fine with it.

Next, in the court, the DA plays the footage in front of the Judge which shows that Eric assaulted Tim right before murdering him and Curran is on the stand and testifies that he shot the footage through a drone. And then the case takes a different turn. Martina proves to the court that after investigating a second case of a singer, Curran went back to Tim’s building and on seeing that his car was not there, he decided to break into Tim’s apartment to steal the money. But he was surprised to find Tim home and this led him to murdering Tim by pushing him down the stairs. Curran knew about the money as Ron had told him about Tim working for Carter. Moreover, Curran’s prints were found in the work room behind the window he used to enter the building.

She also states that recently Curran managed to pay his child support which has been pending for the past six months. Curran invokes the Fifth Amendment. Case closed. At the bar, Donovan thanks Riv for all his help and he admits that this case would have been difficult to solve without his help. So, the drinks are on Donovan; Salut! The episode ends.