The Farm - Recap

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The episode begins with Martina and Riv arriving at Wheaton farm. They ask the men on the other side of the gate that they represent Jessica’s parents and they want to talk to Jessica. But the man denies the request. She then asks for their boss, Marcus Wheaton and even that request is denied. So, Martina decides to sit in front of their gate till the time she is allowed to talk to Jessica. She asks Riv to tell the local newspapers about her sitting in front of the gate; this should get them some footage. And if anyone from the farm decides to brush past her, she will charge them with attempt to murder. On seeing this, the man decides to comply. Next, Martina and Riv meet Jessica.

Jessica tells them that she doesn’t want to talk to her parents. Martina hands over the lavender Jessica had planted in her garden. Her mother has sent the leaves to her. But Wheaton arrives and returns the lavender to Martina. He tells them that he helps his followers to leave their former lives behind. Jessica too wants the same. Martina is not convinced. She thinks that Wheaton is after the trust money Jessica promised to give him. Wheaton asks them to leave. Next, Donovan, Nolan and Martina meet Jessica’s parents. They tell the lawyers that Jessica was in the rehab and since it was her 18th birthday, they decided to celebrate it. They got worried about the ATM withdrawals she was making and then one day they got a tip that she was at the farm. Riv tells them that they are investigating about the caller.

They tell the lawyers that Jessica got involved with a boy in school and then she started doing cocaine. Martina assures them that she will get Jessica back to them. Next, Riley tells Martina that she heard about her dating DA Tommy and that he is the one who got her the job. Martina doesn’t like the sound of it. Donovon doesn’t know what can be done as Jessica appears to be perfectly fit and has expressed her desire to stay on the farm. Next, Martina confronts Tommy and asks him if he has been spreading the rumor that he is the one who got her the job. Tommy apologizes if his saying something has tarnished her reputation. He then asks her out for lunch. In the courtroom, Nolan tells the Judge that Jessica is misusing the trust fund. IT was allocated for her senior education till she gets a degree. Else she will be given control over those funds after she turns 25.

The Judge rules in favor of the parents, and turns over the control of the funds to them. Riv meets the anonymous caller Micah Schraft. Micah tells Riv that he cannot help him anymore as all he could do was call the father, William Barnes and inform him about Jessica’s whereabouts. He then writes down the name of the person who could help them by telling them more about the farm. Meanwhile, William insists that he wants to go to the farm to meet Wheaton; but Martina tells him that things could get emotional due to his presence and that could complicate things. His wife Maureen requests him to stay back and let the lawyers do their job. Martina goes to talk to Wheaton and offers him a deal where he gets paid a good amount and he lets Jessica walk away.

But he tells her that he is not interested in the money. He also tells her that he kicked out Micah because Micah had made sexual advances towards Jessica and he was concerned about her. Next, Martina, Riv, Donavon and Nolan discuss the case. Riv tells Donavon that he talked to the parents of the kids who lived on the farm along with Micah. They have heard stories about abuse, but there is no proof. Riv also is digging into Wheaton’s lawyer Gilchrist. Riv has a haunch that Marcus Wheaton is not his real name as this name is squeaky clean with no records. Well, if you walk, one leaves behind some footprints!! But there is nothing on Wheaton.

Martina suggests that they should charge Wheaton with false imprisonment and this way they could subpoena his financial records. Let’s do it!! In the courtroom, the Judge rule in Nolan’s favor and, asks Jessica to be produced in court. Riv talks to Micah and Micah tells him that the Wheaton was lying about the sexual advance; Jessica was like a kid sister to him. He then tells Riv about Wheaton’s parents and tells him that Wheaton worshiped them. His mother was a singer and that is why Wheaton made them sing on the farm. Riv also learns that there were a lot of tornadoes where Wheaton lived when he was a kid.

Just then Riv realizes something. Next, Jessica is in the court and Martina cross examines her and brings it to the Judge’s attention that she is not receiving any medical attention for her addiction issues at the farm. But Wheaton’s lawyer Gilchrist manages to prove that Jessica is free from drugs and is living a happy life. At the office, Nolan and Martina go over Wheaton’s finances and they don’t add up; he has got to be hiding it somewhere. Cindy arrives and announces an upset Donavon’s arrival. Donavon tells them that Jessica is missing and her father has been arrested for kidnapping. So, there civil case has now become a criminal one.

Nolan and Donavon go to meet William in the prison and he tells them that he will reveal the location of his daughter, if they could assure that Wheaton is no more a threat to her. Riley tells Martina and Riv that they could prove that Wheaton is a danger and so they can defend William by stating that he committed a small crime to avoid a bigger one. Riv states that the names of Wheaton’s parents are fakes and no such couple lived in NY. But Martina is sure that when he bought the farm, there had to be some sort of a title transfer and that way they can know Wheaton’s real identity. Riv and Riley are relishing the pies brought to the office from the farm. Riv tells Martina the things that are grown on the farm; and that Wheaton is from a place where there are a lot of tornadoes; that is Central US.

Riley points out that the pie is made of English Morello cherries and they are rare. Martina does a search and finds out where Wheaton is originally from. In the court, Martina calls Wheaton to the stand. She tells the court that Wheaton was actually born in Michigan and that is where he imports the cherry trees from. She then states that his real name is Tyler Packy and that he had set his parent’s house on fire while they were asleep; they had just told him that they were getting divorced. His mother survived but 40% of her body was covered with burns.

She also brings to the court’s notice that Tyler Packy has a condo worth 2 million and that his tax reports are falsified. She then says that William kidnapped his daughter only to ensure her safety. The Judge drops the charges against William and charges Tyler for tax fraud. Case Closed. Jessica reunites with her parents. Next, Martina and Tommy have lunch together. She has accepted his apology. The episode ends.