Ridgewell - Recap

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The episode begins with a yard sale at the Garretti’s. Deb tells her daughter that if she ever caught her daughter having sex before marriage, she will hunt the guy down and kill him. On the other hand, Darlene tells her granddaughter that she needs to be safe and have a good judgment. Next, at the firm, Nolan and Martina are talking to their new client, Ed Koneke, who tells them that his daughter got sick due to excessive carbon ethylene in his ground water and so there was a lawsuit filed against the CEO of Quanta Chemicals, Lou Morris. But the lawsuit is not going anywhere and so he wants Stark and Rowan to take over the case.

But Nolan says that if they take up the case, it will only slow it down and not speed things up. He tells them that his daughter is undergoing an expensive treatment which the insurance wouldn’t cover and he doesn’t have the money to pay for it. But there is nothing that they can do for him. Martina tells Ed that it is sad that he is not able to speed up the matter with the court. She casually remarks that Ed would have been more successful in doing so if he had punched Morris in his face!! At home, Deb is upset that Darlene told her daughter that pre-marital sex is okay as long as she is safe. Deb suddenly realizes that her daughter might be dating someone and that is why she is asking all these questions.

Martina gets a call. Ed is arrested for punching Morris in his face. Martina gets him out on bail. Ed says that Clara’s test results were bad and so he lost it and punched Morris in his face. He literally acted on Martina’s casual remark. He now wants Martina to get to Morris and make him admit that he is poisoning the ground water. Martina convinces Donovan that she wants to use this assault case to pursue the class action lawsuit against. Donavon agrees. Nolan tells her that he knows the lawyer, Hank, who is fighting the lawsuit and tells her that he will talk to him for more insight on this case. Hank is reluctant as he fears that if this case goes south; his case would be in trouble.

However he agrees to help Nolan. At home, Darlene declares that she is planning to quit her job. Martina tells Riv to dig more into this case. Tommy calls and he has an offer for her. She refuses his offer and tells him that Clara needs to be treated and Ed doesn’t have the money for the treatment and that is why she is planning to use the lawsuit for the assault charges. Tommy gives in and agrees to get her a trial. At the firm, Martina is nervous. Riv tells her that Morris did have a house in Ridgewell, the place where Ed lives and Morris is the trustee of that place. He might have lived there but that is not sure. Morris then bought a new place someplace else.

Martina thinks that this could be her doorway to the class action suit. In the court, Morris’ lawyer, Gupta presents his argument to the jury and warns them that Martina is going to use this case to bring something else up. He tells them that Ed punched Morris in front of 200 people and this is a trial for an assault case. Riv talks to Mrs. Koneke. She tells him that the house Riv is talking about was owned by the company and that there was a consultant named Bryan Holloway who lived there. But it has been empty for a long time. In the court, Gupta wants to call Martina to the stand. He tells the Judge that it were Martina’s words that provoked Ed.

The Judge allows that and he asks Martina to take the stand the next day. Martina is tensed and asks Nolan to question her. But he says that he can’t as he was a part of the first meeting. So it is Riley who does the questioning and she does an excellent job. The prosecution withdraws Martina as a witness. Riv then meets Bryan and tells him that he is planning to move into this neighborhood and wants to know more about it. Bryan tells him that he was in Ridgewell before he came here. After talking to Bryan for a while, Riv leaves. So, Martina tells Donavon that Morris got his brother-in-law a job and bought this house so that Bryan could move in and this was two years before anyone knew there was a problem with the ground water.

They go through possibilities and infer that they need to question Lou Morris; but not in front of the jury! Donavon then meet Peter, Morris’ lawyer and he hands him a subpoena. Peter realizes that Donavon is also going to call Morris on the stand. Donavon tells Peter that they have the bus boy as a witness who brought ice to Morris for his bleeding nose and Morris in a fit of rage said a lot of things in front of the bus boy. His testimony is more than enough to bring up a lot of things. Peter doesn’t want that to happen. Well, in that case, Donavon tells Peter that he wants Morris to give his deposition in the class action lawsuit. Next, during the deposition, Martina arrives and confirms Morris’ signature on the deed of the house papers on Ridgewell.

This gets tricky as it is now on record that Morris moved his sister and brother-in-law from Ridgewell to Riverdale before he got the letter from the EPA. It is now time to take some responsibility. Morris and peter walk out of the deposition. At home, Darlene has a talk with her granddaughter as Deb wanted. Darlene tells her that she is not going back on what she said, but she wants her to keep these talks to herself and not share it with her friends like she did the last time. Riley arrives to meet Martina in her office. Martina has a gift for Riley; but on the other hand, Riley hands over a bill to Martina for $500 for fighting her case. Well, this is awkward. Riley quickly takes back the bill and tells Martina that she was joking.

In the court, the defense doesn’t want to call upon any more witnesses and Martina wants to directly go to the closing statements. Gupta agrees. Martina tells the jury that Gupta was right that she was going to use this case to bring up some other case. But she wants the jury to convict Ed as he did punch Morris because he was angry that Morris’ chemical company poisoned the ground waters and this made Clara sick. But that is no justification for Ed’s actions as Ed, unlike Morris, is ready to take full responsibilities for his actions. In the park, Martina meets Tommy and tells him that Morris is ready to bear all the medical expenses. This is not admission of guilt; but Martina is not bothered about that. She only wants Ed to have the money to treat his daughter. Next, the jury is ready with the verdict and jury finds Ed NOT GUILTY.

Case closed. Donavon congratulates Martina on her victory. But he states that it is alarming that his employee did not tell him that she was called on to the stand! Well, thanks to Riley’s bill that got his attention. Anyways, all is good now. According to Martina, this was her best trial ever…the episode ends.