Made in Jersey

Made in Jersey

You can take the girl out of Jersey, but you can’t take Jersey out of the girl. When a brassy street-wise lawyer joins a posh Manhattan law firm, she lowers expectations at first sight. But, despite her white-collar colleagues’ skepticism and her Italian family’s well-meaning but constant intrusions, she rises to the challenge. She defends her clients with her distinct brand of legal strategy, intelligence, and Jersey attitude. (Source: CBS TV)

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Prev: 1x08 -- Ridgewell (Dec/29/2012)

Martina is called to the stand when a remark she made to her client resulted in him assaulting the CEO of a chemical plant. Meanwhile, Darlene quits her job and starts becoming more opinionated.

Pablo SchreiberPablo Schreiber
As Luke Aaronson (Pilot only)
Stephanie MarchStephanie March
As Natalie Minka (Pilot only)
Kristoffer PolahaKristoffer Polaha
As Nolan Adams
Felix SolisFelix Solis
As River "Riv" Brody
Erin CummingsErin Cummings
As Bonnie Garretti
Toni  TrucksToni Trucks
As Cyndi Vega
Donna MurphyDonna Murphy
As Darlene Garetti (episode 05-07)
Kyle MacLachlanKyle MacLachlan
As Donovan Stark

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1x8: Ridgewell recap: The episode begins with a yard sale at the Garretti’s. Deb tells her daughter that if she ever caught her daughter having sex before marriage, she will hunt the guy down and kill him. On the other hand, Darlene tells her granddaughter that she needs to be safe and have a good judgment. Next, at the firm, Nolan and Martina are talking to their new client, Ed Koneke, who tells them that his daughter got sick due to excessive carbon ethylene in his ground water and so there was a lawsuit filed against the CEO of Quanta Chemicals, Lou Morris. But the lawsuit is not going anywhere and so he wants Stark and Rowan to take over the case... read more.

1x7: The Farm recap: The episode begins with Martina and Riv arriving at Wheaton farm. They ask the men on the other side of the gate that they represent Jessica’s parents and they want to talk to Jessica. But the man denies the request. She then asks for their boss, Marcus Wheaton and even that request is denied. So, Martina decides to sit in front of their gate till the time she is allowed to talk to Jessica. She asks Riv to tell the local newspapers about her sitting in front of the gate; this should get them some footage. And if anyone from the farm decides to brush past her, she will charge them with attempt to murder. On seeing this, the man decides to comply. Next, Martina and Riv meet Jessica... read more.

1x6: Ancient History recap: The episode begins with Martina trying on a skirt that Darlene had altered for her and obviously Martina thinks that she cannot wear the shortened skirt to court. Looks like Martina is upset with Cindy as she invited Darlene for her party before inviting her. Next, Nolan tells Martina about their current case; Eric Jenkins and Tim Larken, the night club owners, and Eric was arrested last night for murdering Tim. Nolan and Martina arrive to meet Eric and he tells them that he did not do it. Eric tells them that the cops know that Tim and he fought a lot about their ways of running the business and the cops feel that he killed Tim after an argument they had last night... read more.

recap: The episode begins with Martina arriving at the park where Deb is waiting for her; Martina is 15 minutes late and Deb tells her that she is having some trouble with her kids, Robby and Joey. Cyndi calls and she tells Martina that Donovan wants her to start a meeting and so she needs to come over to the office. Martina tells her sister to leave the kids with her as she feels that Deb requires a break. Martina notices that Robby is wearing expensive clothes. She takes him aside and asks him where he got them from. After a bit of grilling, Robby admits that he stole them and doesn’t want Martina to tell his mother... read more.

1x2: Cacti recap: The episode begins with Martina arriving at work and Nolan Adams hands her the jail mail; it falls under the duties of the first years. She opens one of them and heads to meet Donovan Stark. Donovan tells her that he remembers the tough case of Hannah Atwood as he was the lead on that. After killing her boyfriend, Hannah pleaded for insanity and has been institutionalized ever since; it is eleven years now. It was tough because during her teens, Hannah was undergoing treatment for anxiety and it turns out that she was an undiagnosed schizophrenic. She snapped at an event and killed her boyfriend. She was found standing over the body. So an anxiety plea was the best option... read more.

Executive Producer: Jamie Tarses, Julia Franz, Jessica Tuchinsky, Kevin Falls, Mark Waters (2)
Co-Executive Producer: Dana Calvo
Producer: Jonathan Filley
Co-Producer: Katie O'Hara
Associate Producer: Deen Dioria
Production Designer: Wynn Thomas
Editor: Mark Bourgeois

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Recurring Guests

Donna Murphy as Darlene Garetti (5 eps)
Joseph Siravo as Gavin Garretti (5 eps)
Michael Drayer as Albert Garretti (5 eps)
Jessica Blank as Deb Keenan (5 eps)
Nicolette Pierini as Annika Keenan (5 eps)
Lewis Grosso as Joseph Keenan (5 eps)
Enver Gjokaj as Tommy Ligand (4 eps)
Drew Beasley as Charlie (4 eps)
Dominic Fano as Robby Keenan (3 eps)
Thomas Vaethroeder as Robby Keenan (3 eps)

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