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Medical Causes - Recap

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The episode begins with a car swerving through traffic. The person behind the wheel is shown driving recklessly. A group of girls are meanwhile waiting in a queue outside a nightclub. The car in meanwhile comes from behind and mows down the girls and then bangs into the wall of the nightclub. The driver, who as it turns out is a lady, steps out of the vehicle looking all groggy. The people, who are around, assume she is drunk and in anger push her to the ground and assault her. A girl is then pulled out from under the vehicle, but is senseless much to her friend’s dismay. Provenza and Andy later discover that the girl is dead. Her name is Vanessa; there are two others who are also dead.

Besides this there are many who are injured. Provenza then orders that, the blood alcohol content of the driver be tested. Later, Andy and Julio find out the name of their suspect is Leslie Nolan and that she is a doctor. Later Leslie asks Sharon “what happened to me?” She then tells them, the last thing she remembers is going to a restaurant and then leaving it a little later, but she can’t remember getting into her car or driving away. “Everything goes blank after the valet” she adds. Her lawyer meanwhile comes in and asks her not to talk to the cops anymore. The lawyer later comes out and tells Sharon and her team that, Dr. Nolan suffers from a medical condition, which resulted in the accident. Tom Ross who is Leslie’s boyfriend is also present.

Turns out, he was with her when she had dinner at the restaurant last night. Tom agrees to cooperate with the police in any way he can. Sharon then gets a call telling her that Rusty’s mother has been found. Sharon then makes Rusty talk to her over the phone. She then agrees to come over, in order to take care of her son. Rusty in the meanwhile is really excited and shares his excitement with Sharon. He is happy that his mother is getting away from her loser boyfriend Gary, so now it will just be him and his mother. Rusty then is enraged to know that, he would only be allowed supervised visitations from his mother, until a judge, rules in this matter. “We found your mother Rusty, concentrate on the positive” she adds. Rusty then calms down and thanks Sharon for helping him out.

Later, Sharon is informed that, just half an hour before the incident Leslie had sent a text to someone named Ralf, apologizing to him for being late. She is also informed that Leslie and Tom had ordered for 6 drinks at the restaurant. Also, the place where she met with an accident is just 15 minutes away from the restaurant, but she reached there after 50 minutes of leaving the restaurant, which means she was somewhere else for the half an hour in between. Tom is later confronted about the 6 drinks, but reiterates that Leslie wasn’t drunk when she left the restaurant. He also tells Provenza that Ralf is Leslie’s new boss. He is the attending physician in Leslie’s department. Later, Ralf tells Sharon that Leslie was going to meet him at a reception being held for all the new residents, at a place called Ginger.

He clarifies that he doesn’t know Leslie too well, and she has his cell number just like all his other residents do. Sharon then confronts Ralf about the sexual harassment cases that were filed against him by two of his residents. Ralf in turn asks them to talk to his lawyer. Sharon is later informed that Leslie isn’t suffering from any medical condition, unlike what her lawyer had claimed. Later, Tom is again questioned about how many drinks Leslie had, but he once again reiterates that she did not have more than one drink and was hence not drunk. Tom is then surprised to hear about the reception at Ginger, and seems completely unaware about it. Julio tells Tom that Leslie is cheating on him, with Ralf, her new boss.

Tom then tells them “I didn’t want to get her in trouble, but she took samples from the hospital sometimes”. Sharon is later informed that Leslie had high levels of Valium and Ambien in her system, during the accident. Turns out, the two drugs when combined, increase the potency of each. Leslie as a result was basically “extra high”. Leslie is later confronted about this at the hospital. She then tells her lawyer that she wants to explain to Sharon and her team, what really happened. Andy in the meanwhile is waiting with Rusty to meet his mother, at the bus station. As it turns out, she doesn’t arrive. Then after confirming that Rusty’s mother got off from her bus before reaching the bus station and left with some guy, Andy turns around and sees that Rusty has disappeared. He then calls out for Rusty.

Julio at the hospital tells Tom that there is nothing going on between Ralf and Leslie and Tom was simply lied to, by them. Leslie’s lawyer and the DA later come out and inform Tom that, Leslie has been offered the deal of admitting to 4 counts of manslaughter. The DA asks Tom to convince her, to take it. Turns out, it’s some sort of a plan that Sharon and her team has concocted. She and her whole team later monitor the conversation taking place between Tom and Leslie, from a nearby room. Leslie is shown telling Tom, how there were illegal prescriptions found against her name, and if the drugs are found in either of their apartments, she could go to jail for 20 years. Leslie then tells Tom that it was stupid of her to push him away, and that she loves him.

Tom then asks Leslie to not take the deal. “I can make sure they don’t find those drugs” he then tells her. He then reveals to her that, he was the one who took her reference number and called in the prescriptions on her cell. He then justifies himself by saying he needed those drugs for the severe back pain that he was having. “Everything is in my locker at the club” he then explains, reassuring her that the police won’t find the drugs. He also tells her that, he will dump the drugs the moment he leaves the hospital. He then admits to Leslie that, he drugged her by putting the drugs in the one drink that she had. He did so, because he wanted her to fail the drug test, which in turn would mean her residency wouldn’t work out and she would therefore “come back” to him.

She then reveals to him “I recorded your crazy confession for the police”. Tom is livid on hearing this and proceeds to attack her. Sykes though, comes in at the nick of time and restrains him. “You mad me kill four people” she then tells him in anger. Andy in the meanwhile calls Sharon and tells her that, Rusty has run off. Andy later tells Sharon “everyone we can spare is looking for him”. Sharon then returns home with a heavy heart. She is then surprised to find Rusty standing behind her, while she is pouring herself a drink. He then explains that he doesn’t cry in front of other people and therefore he left, as he didn’t want Andy to see him crying. Sharon later informs Provenza that “Rusty is home”. The episode ends at this point.