The Ecstasy and the Agony - Recap

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The episode begins with Sharon waking up Rusty from his sleep early in the morning. She then, on the way to dropping him off at school gives him a few pointers on how he can stay out of trouble. But before she can drop him off, she stops at a crime scene. Sharon is informed at the crime scene that, the victim is a 48 year old man named Alon Strauss, who is an Israeli born naturalized American citizen. Turns out, Strauss was the CFO of a multimillion dollar firm. He was murdered with a single shot to the chest, the bullet then exited through his body and lodged in a wall. Possibly a large caliber gun was used, and hearing the shot Strauss’s wife and child came running down.

The FBI comes in just then. Morris the FBI officer tells Sharon that, Strauss was “supposed to be deposed this week” and was then going to be given witness protection, which would entail new identities and a fresh start. Mrs. Strauss though, is visibly enraged at how the FBI has handled the whole situation. Later, Mrs. Strauss tells Sharon how her husband and his cousin together founded a company. She then reveals that the two might have been dealing in drugs, and specifically ecstasy. The FBI got to know of this and asked Alon to testify against his cousin Ilya. Mrs. Strauss assures Sharon and her team that she told no one about the witness protection. Avi her son interrupts her just then and says “you tell Thorn everything”.

Thorn as it turns out is her life coach. She admits to telling Thorn about it. Later Sharon is informed that Thorn’s real name is Arthur. Howard informs Sharon and her team that, the main purpose of Alon’s company Hadera is to import ecstasy from Europe. He also informs them that, the company run by six of Alon’s male relatives uses its legal activities to cover up a lot of its illegal ones. It’s also revealed that, Thorn is in touch with the wives of all of them. Howard and Morris offer their assistance to the LAPD on this case. Later, Provenza and team apprehend Thorn, just when he is about to pack his things and take off. At the precinct, Thorn isn’t very helpful and refuses to tell Sharon and her team anything. From his house is recovered the manuscript of a book he is writing on the Israeli mob.

In the manuscript are all the names and the dates that the FBI requires, to implicate the mob. Sharon later confronts Thorn with his manuscript. He in turn tells her “that is a pitch for a motion picture or a television series”. Thorn then reveals that he has “floated this document” in front of at least 15 people. He then admits “I wrote about what these women told me”. He also reveals he knew for sure, Alon was cooperating with the FBI. Agent Morris later reveals to Sharon that, a Desert Eagle handgun was found in Ilya’s house when the FBI had searched it a few weeks ago, and as it turns out a Desert Eagle handgun was used to kill Alon. Sharon is outraged at the fact that, Morris and Howard concealed this information up until now.

Morris explains to Sharon that if they pick up Ilya now, they might be able to get him for Strauss’s murder, but they won’t be able to clamp down on the whole network. Later its planned that, Ilya shall be brought in to the precinct as a distraction, so his house can be checked for the gun, to confirm if it was used for the murder. Sharon’s plan is also to bring Ilya and Thorn, face to face so that in anger and in the heat of the moment they reveal some useful information. Provenza on the other hand pretends that he needs Thorn’s help. He then puts forth his issues in front of Thorn. Just then, Ilya comes in and is enraged to see Thorn there. Thorn is terrified on seeing Ilya and tries to run for cover.

Roma, Alon’s wife, too is thrown into the equation just then. She on seeing Ilya trying to attack Thorn runs in to defend him. Ilya and Roma then enter into a verbal dual, with Sharon and her team looking on. Ilya during their argument reveals that, Thorn has not just slept with Roma but also with his wife. Roma then asks Thorn if he was really sleeping with Ilya’s wife. Thorn doesn’t give a straight answer, which proves that he was. Ilya and Roma are then taken to two separate rooms. Roma then tells Sharon she was planning to divorce Alon. Thorn on the other hand tells Provenza that he slept with Roma because it was his job. “I am intimate with everybody” he tells Provenza. He gets Provenza to admit that, he had cheated on a few of his ex-wives.

Provenza then begins telling Thorn his problems once again. Also, it turns out the Desert Eagle isn’t in Ilya’s house. Mike then from the photographs of the crime scene figures out that Alon Strauss had opened the front door of his house to someone he knew and trusted, as the peephole to the door is open. Mike then concludes that Roma might have something to do with the whole thing. Later, Avi and Roma are dropped home by Mike. He before dropping her tells her that, he shall get a warrant to search her house more thoroughly for the murder weapon. Mike then leaves and decides to keep the victim’s house under observation for the rest of the night. The FBI too is in on the observation.

Later, Avi is shown leaving the house on some excuse, and with a backpack on. Then right outside the house he is apprehended by the FBI along with Mike and team. He tries to make a run for it, but is surrounded from all sides; with Sharon and the rest of the team also coming in. Sharon then checks his backpack and finds the Desert Eagle in it. Later at the precinct, he tells Sharon “why should I have to live in Tulsa because he was a criminal”, when asked why he killed his father. He was out of every other alternative he elaborates. Roma sees her son’s confession, and is then told by Howard “this can go two ways Mrs. Strauss” he can be handed over to the LAPD or he can be handed over to the DA where he shall be tried as an adult and can as a result spend the rest of his life in prison.

She is then offered a deal, which in other words would mean her turning into a witness for the FBI, and in return Avi would be tried as a juvenile and given a lighter sentence. She takes the deal with a tear in her eye and also reveals how Ilya murdered one of his relatives and a partner in business, named Yossi. Later, Thorn is allowed to go home, but is told that he can’t make the movie. He before leaving gives Provenza some sound advice. At home, Rusty asks Sharon to give him a 30 days’ notice, before she eventually asks him to leave, once the trial is over.

Sharon assures him that wherever and whenever he goes, he shall never be a “stranger” to her, whether he likes it or not. The two of them then shake on it. The episode ends at this point.