Citizens Arrest - Recap

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The episode begins at a recycle center. The workers at the center find a body stuffed inside a metal container. It’s the body of a man. There are rope burns on his body. Mike concludes that he must have been tied up. Provenza is informed that the property owner has clarified; the drum in which the victim was sealed isn’t “one of his” as its too new. He is also informed that there is a service gate at the back of the property for late drops. Provenza concludes there might be more bodies in the other drums, and asks for the other drums to be opened to check for bodies. Provenza then tells Andy to get an ID on the man whose body has been found. Later Sharon is informed that the victim died of a rifle shot in the back, also there are fractures all over his body.

The victim was possibly being held hostage and was shot in the back while trying to run. The shots came from a rifle and that too from about 100 yards away. Also, because the victim’s hands were tied behind his back, he fell face first and therefore suffered the many fractures on his face and torso. She is also informed that the victim was in a fraternity, as indicated by a tattoo on his leg. Provenza later shows one of the victim’s fraternity brothers named Mark his photo and Mark recognizes him as Ben Barlow. Mark also reveals that Ben’s father at one time was the president of the fraternity, when he was a student. Mark is distraught when he realizes Ben is dead. Mark says, everybody loved Ben and he did not have any enemies. “He was a really good guy” Mark adds.

Mark also reveals that Ben’s father had recently told him Ben was out of town. Mark is later told to write down every single thing he knew about Ben. Provenza, Andy and Sharon pay Brian, Ben’s father a visit. Suddenly Ben’s mother comes to the door in tears and asks “have you found them?” Brian though asks Sharon and gang to leave. She then reveals that someone is watching their house. Brian then reveals that both their son and daughter have been kidnapped. Sharon then hands Ben’s mother a phone on the sly and asks her to text or call her later. The three then leave. Later, Sharon gives Brian’s wife Laurie a call on the phone she handed her. Laurie reveals that she first heard from the kidnappers 6 days ago. The kidnappers asked for a $100,000.

Turns out, the money was paid, but the kidnappers asked for more money and that too was paid, but still the children weren’t returned. She in the end reveals that they have paid the kidnappers, 4 times. Sharon asks her to call, as soon as she hears from the kidnappers again. Sharon then instructs that wiretaps be attached to Brian and Laurie’s home phones. The Barlow house and the peripheral area, is also placed under surveillance. Later Sharon is informed that, Brian offloaded stocks worth a million dollars and emptied all his bank accounts. Also, two black 55 gallon drums were purchased by Brian a few weeks ago. Later, Sharon and team hear a call made by the kidnappers, and hear Brian’s daughter talking to Brian and begging for help.

Sharon is informed that the number from which the call came was purchased with Brian’s credit card. Brian discovers that Laurie has Sharon’s phone. He calls up Sharon and asks her not to interfere as it would endanger the life of his kids, he then smashes the phone. Later, Sharon is informed that the credit card with which the barrels and the phone were bought, was reported stolen by Brian a few weeks ago. Brian is contesting in court that, he did not make the charges on his credit card. Sharon is then informed about one of Brian’s clients named Gerald Hall. Brian is a family lawyer and Sharon is informed that, he did not file proper paperwork for Gerald to divorce his wife. Gerald it turns out owns more than 50 guns.

Gerald’s ex-wife Susan is brought in for questioning as Gerald’s current address could not be found. Susan reveals that she divorced Gerald because he used to physically abuse her. She then went to a shelter called ‘Serenity’ for wives and women who are abused by men in their lives. Laurie was a counselor there. It was Laurie who asked Brian to take Susan’s case, and help her in getting a divorce. She 7 months later managed to get a divorce thanks to Brian. Gerald though doesn’t accept the divorce, as he doesn’t consider himself a sovereign citizen. Sharon is enlightened that, people like Gerald are a part of a radical anti-establishment group, who don’t pay taxes and don’t concede to the rule of the law.

Susan then reveals that Gerald paid her a visit the previous day and gave her $20,000 as two years of backed up child support. She also reveals that, her ex-father-in-law is twice as crazy as her husband and twice as violent. Later, Sharon his informed that Gerald and his father purchased all their guns from a guy named Dale Fisher. Mike concludes the father and son duo are running guns south of the border. Dale informs Julio and Sykes that, he has just recently got a big order from Gerald and his father and they shall be coming to collect the guns this afternoon. Dale is then asked to call Gerald and lie to him that, his order is ready and he can come pick it up. Sharon on the other hand, listens in on a call made by the kidnapper to Brian.

The kidnapper asks Brian to come with the money at a designated location, which is a train station. Sharon instructs her team what all they have to do, and tells them that they have to be prepared for a rescue operation “just in case”. Gerald on the other hand arrives to pick up the guns and is arrested by Julio and Sykes. DDA Hobbs then comes in and asks him to reveal where Emily is. “Barlow took my kids from me, what do I care what happens to his” Gerald then says. The DDA is unable to make him talk and consequently leaves Julio to deal with him. Julio then uses his own methods to try and convince Gerald. Later, Sykes and Julio are seen hiding in Gerald’s van with weapons in hand, while Gerald drives to where his father is.

Gerald tells Julio that he did not want Barlow’s kids to die and none of it was his idea. “You people stole his grandchildren, he is not going to go down easy”, Gerald warns them. Gerald arrives at the destination and climbs down from the van. He then tries talking to his father and reveals to him “the police found me”. His father in anger immediately shoots him in the chest. He then shoots at the van and runs to his trailer where Emily is kept hostage. He then hides inside the trailer. Julio fires at the trailer from the outside.

He then checks around and finds Gerald’s father lying dead on the floor. Julio searches for Emily and finds her inside a wooden trunk, alive and well, albeit terrified. Ben’s parents are informed about Ben’s murder. Later Sharon reveals to Rusty that his biological father has possibly been found. The episode ends at this point.