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Make It or Break It: Between a Rock and a Hard Place

Taking a gamble that the girls are ready and can use the motivation for Nationals, Sasha invites Marty and the Denver team to The Rock for an invitational meet. Payson is determined to show that she is the best, but when an old injury flares up, it might have devastating results. Emily is also resolved to show what she can do, but Sasha has other, less advanced plans for her. But with reigning Nationals champion Kelly Parker (guest star Nicole Anderson, “JONAS”) in tow, are the girls really ready for the Denver gym and this challenge?

Meanwhile, Carter has to rethink his relationship with Kaylie when Sasha and Lauren give him an ultimatum.

Source: ABC Media Net

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x6
Production Number: 106
Airdate: Monday July 27th, 2009

Alternate Airdates:

DK (DR3) Apr 28, 2014

Guest Stars
Anthony StarkeAnthony Starke
As Steve Tanner
Erik PalladinoErik Palladino
As Marty Walsh
Jason Manuel OlazabalJason Manuel Olazabal
As Alex Cruz
Johnny PacarJohnny Pacar
As Damon Young
Neil JacksonNeil Jackson
As Sasha Belov
Nicole AndersonNicole Anderson
As Kelly Parker (as Nicole Gale Anderson)
Rosa BlasiRosa Blasi
As Ronnie Cruz

Co-Guest Stars
Renae MoneymakerRenae Moneymaker
As Gymnast #2
Courtney KupetsCourtney Kupets
As Gymnast #1
Main Cast
Chelsea HobbsChelsea Hobbs
As Emily Kmetko
Ayla KellAyla Kell
As Payson Keeler
Josie LorenJosie Loren
As Kaylie Cruz
Cassie ScerboCassie Scerbo
As Lauren Tanner
Susan WardSusan Ward
As Chloe Kmetko
Candace CameronCandace Cameron
As Summer Van Horne
Peri GilpinPeri Gilpin
As Kim Keeler
Zachary AbelZachary Abel
As Carter Anderson
Episode Notes
This episode featured a cameo appearance by 2004 Olympic Silver Medalist Courtney Kupets.

It's revealed in this episode that Sasha Beloff won not one but Four gold medals in total in his Olympic career.

Emily's address (according to the postcard from Razor) is 7414 Jefferson Street. Boulder, Colorado, 80303

Post Production Services: KEEP ME POSTED (a FotoKem Company)
Post Production Sound: Smart Post Sound
Gymnastics Equipment: AAI
Gymnastics Apparel: GK Elite Sportswear
Cameras: Panavision Digital Cinematography

A Hollycake and Pirates' Cove Entertainment production

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Miss Eighty 6Ring-A-Lingduring the floor exercise and uneven bars montage
Quanteisha BenjaminGet Loosewhen Kelly Parker challenges Payson

Episode Quotes
Payson: (to Kaylie) Nationals are three weeks away I don't have time to be nervous.

(Marty walks into the Rock unannounced)
Chloe: (looking at Ronnie) Awkward!

(Marty and Sasha talking in the office of the Rock)
Sasha: (to Marty) You haven't aged a bit.
Marty: You have. Guess your still hitting the sauce.
Sasha: Guess your still hitting on unavailable women (Marty cringes)
Marty: You're still reeling from that one, huh?
Sasha: Maybe a bit, at the time. But it did allow me the focus to win four Olympic gold medals.
Marty: So I've decided you're nuts.
Sasha: Yeah it is a ballsy idea. But I thought you had balls.
Marty: Well, I don't know what you have up your sleeve. But what I do know is I'm on top of my game. And you, they just pulled you out mothballs. We accept your offer, it's on.

(Lauren suggests to Kaylie that Carter might cheat on her)
Kaylie: Carter's not like that, he loves me, he'd never cheat on me. And if he did, he knows it would be the end.

Kim:'re icing your back?
Payson: It's fine.
Kim: Says the kid with the pain threshold of a gladiator.

Damon: So UMMMMM can regular people come to these meets?
Emily: Why? You'd wanna come?
Damon: Come and see you in a leotard? Hell yeah!

Lauren: How can you act like the perfect boyfriend after you seduced your girlfriend's best friend?
Carter: I feel terrible what happened.
Lauren: So do I. Which is why you need to break up with Kaylie.
Carter: What?
Lauren: Look, if you break up with her you never have to tell her. And she won't hate me or you.
Carter: I love Kaylie, and I'm not breaking up with her. And I'm telling her about us, after Nationals.
Lauren: You think after Nationals it'll be OK? You're living in a dream world if you think she'll ever forgive you. Think about it, Carter.

Kaylie (watching Kelly Parker strut into the rock) Look at her walking in here like she owns the place.

Kelly Parker: Oh Payson! You know I was really looking forward to kicking your ass at Nationals. But it's not gonna be nearly as fun after I kick your ass here.
Payson: You know what's sad about you? You're such a legend in your mind. While you've been selling Mascara and blush, I've been training day and night. So we'll see who gets their ass kicked.
Kelly Parker: You're cute. But I'm the reigning National Champion and I have no intention of letting you or your little friends forget it.
Lauren: (to Kelly) You know, these devil horns really suit you.

Episode Goofs
In the scene where Emily does the dismount from the parallel bars and Sasha tells her the dismount is too difficult it's rather obvious that the stunt double doing the actual gymnastics had to put her hands down in front of her to keep from falling. But due to creative camera angles and quick editing you only see this for a nano second. Emily then goes on to insist (to Sasha) that she can do the dismount because "I just landed it". He thinks differently.

Kaylie and Payson are chatting about Sasha's decision to add a more difficult move to Lauren's routine, making her even with Payson in the all important Degree of Difficulty. But instead of referring to it as that Kaylie calls it the "D.O.D." without explaining to the audience what exactly that is and how it applies to a gymnasts life.

When Payson is completing her floor routine she steps out of bounds and gives the Denver club the lead in the head to head match up. But moments later she completes her vault and it's announced that she is now leading Kelly Parker in the All Around Individual standings. There's virtually no way this could be possible because stepping out of bounds on floor is a 5/10th deduction (meaning a half point essentially) and Payson would not have even still been in contention if this would have been true. Kelly Parker would also have had to screw up (say falling off the beam) to make the standings even. But the problem in that is Lauren, Kaylie and Emily were also in the competition and would have passed both of them.

Razor already knew Emily's home address because he wrote it on the postcard he sent her from the road, so why did he then send it to Damon so he could deliver it to Emily?

Cultural References
Damon ...if Keith Richards walked through that right now and offered me tips on noodling I'd listen.

Damon is trying to convince Emily that since Sasha is a four time Olympic gold medalist that maybe she should listen to him even if she does have her own style. Referencing the legendary Guitar player (Damon is one too) by saying that if he offered him lessons on anything he'd take it.

Episode References
Kaylie: (to Lauren) Uh, she was consistent enough to beat you when Marty was here.

Lauren comments that Emily has no consistency and gives Kaylie the oppurtunity (again) to bring up the fact that Emily has already beat Lauren once even with Lauren cheating.

Summer's 'Tammy Faye Baker' Side Comes Out!

Summer's wounding words about Lauren's mother were truly the first insight we'd had into this character and I know many will explain this action away as her finally standing up to Lauren...I don't think so.

Summer (the moribund Cameron Candace Bure) is supposed to be the good christian girl who holds her tongue and tries to make things better with "love" instead of hurtful words. That changed in this episode when she took glee in lashing out at a 16 year old girl with the horrible words about Lauren's long lost mother. Though she didn't have the final say as Lauren swung back.

I just don't get what purpose all of this serves in the context of the series. Summer appears to be nothing more than an appendage to Steve Tanner. She has no personality and even when she does it comes off as cold and uncaring. She also builds up this big Christian image only to dress like a million dollars 24/7 and to act like she did tonight. Getting into a piss fight with a 16 year old girl.

Maybe next week her Jim Baker side will come out (she'll steal Steve blind).

Other Episode Crew

CreatorHolly Sorensen
Executive ProducerJohn Ziffren  |  Paul Stupin  |  Holly Sorensen
Co-Executive ProducerJoanna Johnson
Supervising ProducerMichael Gans  |  Richard Register
ProducerNancy Chadrow Haas
Associate ProducerTom Summers
Production DesignerGreg J. Grande
EditorLori Jane Coleman
CastingMichael Testa  |  Danny Shaner
Unit Production ManagerMaria L. Melograne
First Assistant DirectorBruce Humphrey
Second Assistant DirectorMichael DeMeritt
Music EditorElliott Goldkind
Music SupervisorWendy Levy
Costume DesignerMary Kate Killilea
Key GripJason Andrew
Camera OperatorKenji Luster  |  Adam Ward
Set DecoratorNya Patrinos
Location ManagerJordana Kronen
Transportation CoordinatorRobert Santoro
Property MasterAngela Mae O'Neill
Construction CoordinatorStar Fields
Production Sound MixerBuck Robinson
Script SupervisorLori Grabowski
Production CoordinatorDelia Circelli
Assistant EditorTim Brinker
Supervising Sound EditorMark Friedgen
Re-Recording MixerTerry O'Bright  |  Brian Sharman
Director of PhotographyPatrick Cady
Story EditorAmy Turner
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Post Production CoordinatorMichael Kagey
Costume SupervisorDanielle Feller
Makeup Department Head Deborah K. Larsen
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Chief Lighting TechnicianDerrick Kolus
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Production ControllerBrett D. Born