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Make It or Break It: Where's Kaylie

Kaylie's desperation to see Carter leads Ronnie to set-up a meeting between the love-struck pair. A meeting that ends horribly when Carter reveals a painful secret. Though that is not the only painful secret that slips out. Kaylie, Ronnie, Summer and Lauren all drop bombs themselves.

Meanwhile, Emily's homefront drama flares again when she realizes that Chloe has once again struck up an affair with her on-again, off-again boyfriend, Joe. But this time, Chloe makes a painful decision to put Emily and Brian first.

Episode Info  

Episode number: 1x9
Production Number: 109
Airdate: Monday August 17th, 2009

Director: Ron Underwood
Writer: Joanna Johnson

Alternate Airdates:

DK (DR3) Apr 30, 2014

Guest Stars
Anthony StarkeAnthony Starke
As Steve Tanner
Neil JacksonNeil Jackson
As Sasha Belov
Rosa BlasiRosa Blasi
As Ronnie Cruz
Wyatt SmithWyatt Smith
As Brian Kmetko
Brad RoweBrad Rowe
As Joe
Main Cast
Chelsea HobbsChelsea Hobbs
As Emily Kmetko
Ayla KellAyla Kell
As Payson Keeler
Josie LorenJosie Loren
As Kaylie Cruz
Cassie ScerboCassie Scerbo
As Lauren Tanner
Susan WardSusan Ward
As Chloe Kmetko
Candace CameronCandace Cameron
As Summer Van Horne
Peri GilpinPeri Gilpin
As Kim Keeler
Zachary AbelZachary Abel
As Carter Anderson
Episode Notes
Leslie Tanner is the name of Lauren's mother.

The lcense plate on Lauren's Hummer is "I09-30X"

Apparatus Rankings for Nationals:
1. Lauren
2. Payson
3. Kaylie
4. Emily
5. Kim (alt)
6. Annie (alt)

1. Payson
2. Kaylie
3. Lauren
4. Emily
5. Brie (alt)
6. Kim (alt)

1. Payson
2. Kaylie
3. Emily
4. Lauren
5. Jade (alt)
6. Gina(alt)

1. Payson
2. Lauren
3. Kaylie
4. Emily
5. Kim (alt)
6. Robin (alt)

Post Production Services: KEEP ME POSTED (a FotoKem Company)
Post Production Sound: Smart Post Sound
Gymnastics Equipment: AAI
Gymnastics Apparel: GK Elite Sportswear
Cameras: Panavision Digital Cinematography

A Hollycake and Pirates' Cove Entertainment production

ArtistSong TitlePlayed When
Alexa WilkinsonLullaby Appetiteas the girls all share secrets around the fire
Lucy SchwartzGone Awaywhen Sasha works with Lauren on the beam
Lucy SchwartzTurn Back Aroundwhen Steve gives Lauren her mom’s phone number

Episode Quotes
Kim: (to Ronnie) How's Kaylie this morning?
Ronnie: Miserable and angry and of course, she hates us.
Kim: Course.
Ronnie: Yeah but she's 16 and her heart is breaking. I don't understand why the girls aren't allowed to have boyfriends anyway.
Kim: I think the idea is to prevent this type of drama. Between me and you, I don't know that this no dating rule hurts or helps.
Ronnie: Well you're lucky that Payson is so focused.
Kim: That has issues of it's own.
Ronnie: Well not the kind that comes with your husband being punched by a teenage boy in your living room.

(Sasha adresses the entire gym)
Sasha: I've recently been informed that the no dating rule has been broken by two of your teammates. My source refused to name the girl involved but just in case your wondering how seriously I take these rules. The boy involved, Carter Anderson, has been suspended from the Rock and he won't be going to Nationals. That's all.
Kaylie: (to Lauren) What? That is so unfair. He can't suspend Carter three days before Nationals.
Emily: At least Carter didn't rat on you too.
Lauren: Maybe it's better this way.
Kaylie: How is it better?

Kim: (to Sasha) Thought your title was coach not god.

(Ronnie charges into Kaylie's room and turns off her Ipod dock)
Kaylie: I was listening to that.
Ronnie: Yeah I know, and so were the Smith's halfway down the Street.

Joe: (to Brian) At least you don't hate me.
Brian: I don't expect anything from you. So when you leave, you never disappoint me.

(Kaylie meets Carter in the parking lot)
Kaylie: Why did you let Sasha kick you out of the rock?
Carter: I didn't really have a choice.
Kaylie: You could have told him about me.
Carter: So we could both be suspended?
Kaylie: He's not gonna suspend one of his top four gymnasts before Nationals.
Carter: You don't know that.
Kaylie: Yeah well, if you're not going to Nationals neither am I.
Carter: What about your gymnastics?
Kaylie: I don't care about gymnastics. (hugs Carter) I just wanna be with you. You're the only person in the world I can believe in. Just hold me and never let me go.
Carter: Listen...
Kaylie: Let's runaway...
Carter: Listen to me...
Kaylie: Right now.
Carter: I can't. I can't let you do this.
Kaylie: I wanna do this.
Carter: Look, you can believe in me, you can. But I made a mistake.
Kaylie: I don't care.
Carter: It was after we fought at the kegger and we said we were gonna play it cool. Which doesn't make it OK.
Kaylie: What did you do?
Carter: I had sex with someone else.
(Kaylie pushes him away and run off down the street)

Emily: OK, if you were Kaylie and you were upset, where would you go?
Lauren: Other than Carter's truck?
Payson: Sounds like she's at the horse races
Lauren: I doubt she'd be at a track.
Emily: Is there anywhere that makes her feel safe or secure?
Lauren: She loves the mall.

(Payson offers Kaylie an energy bar from Lauren)
Kaylie: I don't want anything that came from her skanky bag.
Lauren: Yeah, my bag's a whore.

(Kaylie to Lauren after she found out about Lauren sleeping with Carter)
Kaylie: We can stay here all night. But if you think I'm ever going to forgive really are crazy.

(Lauren and Kaylie fight about Carter)
Lauren: You knew I had a crush on Carter since I was 13 years old. He kissed me right here at camp. But were you thinking about my feelings when you went after him, huh?
Kaylie: I thought you were over it.
Lauren: Did you? Or is that the reason you kept it a secret to start with. Because you knew how much I liked him.
(everyone looks to a stunned Kaylie)
Kaylie: Let's not forget it's her fault we lost Marty.
Lauren: It was Marty's choice to go to Denver.
Kaylie: He only went because your father was blackmailing him.
Lauren: That's ridiculous.
Payson: No it isn't. I never believed Marty would just walk out on us. Kaylie what do you know?
Lauren: Why would my dad blackmail Marty?
Kaylie: Because Marty was sleeping to my Mom.

Emily: (to Chloe) You can screw up your life all you want, but you are done screwing up mine!

Payson: I can't just give up my dream of going to the Olympics! It's everything I ever wanted. It's my entire life. It's everything I am.

Episode Goofs
Carter is kicked out of The Rock after an anonymous informant rats on him to Sasha. Though they don't reveal who the girl is. It's later revealed that the resident blond, Summer, was the culprit but but had no idea that breaking a serious rule would result in Carter being suspended. It's not revealed however, what was going through Summer's empty head when she revealed this to Sasha.

Lauren runs onto the mats to find Emily, Kaylie and Payson together and announces with breathless excitement that her Mom (Leslie Tanner) is coming to see her, finally. The lady will be flying into Denver and Lauren's gonna pick her the bus station!

If the girls were in such a hurry to go find Kaylie so that Payson could get back in time for her 10 hours of sleep, when did Lauren find time to change outfits between leaving Payson's house and arriving at gymnastics camp? She goes from wearing a pink and orange ensemble to a blue and green one.

Other Episode Crew

CreatorHolly Sorensen
Executive ProducerJohn Ziffren  |  Paul Stupin  |  Holly Sorensen
Co-Executive ProducerJoanna Johnson
Supervising ProducerRichard Register  |  Michael Gans
ProducerNancy Chadrow Haas
Consulting ProducerJohn J. Sakmar  |  Kerry Lenhart
Associate ProducerTom Summers
Production DesignerGreg J. Grande
EditorLori Jane Coleman
CastingMichael Testa  |  Danny Shaner
Unit Production ManagerMaria L. Melograne
First Assistant DirectorMichael DeMeritt  |  Glenn Steelman
Second Assistant DirectorJohn Mattingly
Music EditorElliott Goldkind
Music SupervisorWendy Levy
Costume DesignerMary Kate Killilea
Key GripJason Andrew
Camera OperatorKenji Luster  |  Adam Ward
Set DecoratorNya Patrinos
Location ManagerJordana Kronen
Transportation CoordinatorRobert Santoro
Property MasterAngela Mae O'Neill
Construction CoordinatorStar Fields
Production Sound MixerBuck Robinson
Script SupervisorLori Grabowski
Production CoordinatorSiobhan Barnett
Assistant EditorMelissa Brown
Supervising Sound EditorMark Friedgen
Re-Recording MixerTerry O'Bright  |  Keith Rogers (1)
Director of PhotographyPatrick Cady
Story EditorAmy Turner
Stunt CoordinatorGregory J. Barnett
Art DirectorDaniel E. Maltese
Post Production CoordinatorMichael Kagey
Costume SupervisorDanielle Feller
Makeup Department Head Deborah K. Larsen
Main Title ThemeMichael Suby
Chief Lighting TechnicianDerrick Kolus
ScoreMichael Suby
Department Head HairJean Webber
Production StaffCathy Zukimoto  |  Eric L Hurd  |  Andrea M. Kagey  |  Leilani Caluya  |  Vivian Lee  |  Anthony Mintos  |  Gillian Hinton  |  Ryan Little
Production ControllerBrett D. Born
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