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All or Nothing - Recap

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It is time for the girls to go to Calais, France or at least getting ready to go. Emily should want to go visit Damon while they are going to be about an hour apart while they are in France but Emily doesn't want to due to the fact that she has a scholarship and had already risked it before. This time, she is going to keep it nice and easy by not breaking the rules and risking her scholarship with the team.

Lauren has decided that she should apologize to Kaylie as she didn't handle telling her about dating Carter the right way. It was more of a manipulative sort of way, however. Kaylie will not let any of that drama get her down at all. When they get to where they are staying at and she sees a guy named Austin Tucker. He is a famous male gymnast that is a quite the bad boy. When Kaylie decides that she wants to go speak to him he mistakes her for a fan and pretty much blows her off.

All of the girls go to eat some food and gymnast Nastia Liukin comes to say hi to all of the girls. Lauren has finally convinced Emily that it is really important that she goes to see Damon so that there can be some real legitimate closure with the end of their relationship. Kaylie gives her permission to allow for her to go so that she can get over it and then concentrate on what she needs to concentrate on with the team after instead of her ex boyfriend.

Lauren decides to buy Emily the ticket to go see her ex and when she goes to see him, but when she looks at the ticket she realizes that it is a one way. All part of a sneaky set up done by Lauren. Emily runs into Austin at the train station and decides to help her get to Calais. Unfortunately for Emily, she ends up there past the "curfew" that was given to her and she ends up not being able to perform in France. Lauren gets to instead after Emily having gotten caught by Beals.
Last week, we found out that Payson's petition was supposedly accepted but unfortunately she only got the chance to audition for the petition. The National Committee rejects her and she is unable to go to France to compete.