I Won't Dance, Don't Ask Me - Recap

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Sasha has told the group that they need to learn more routines. They are going to need to think about what their skills truly are. Lauren wants to prove that she is the absolute greatest gymnast of all time and Peyson just wants to learn how to mold herself into the artistic gymnast that she really can be if she just pushes herself.

Kaylie is really not having that great of a time right now. She is trying to get her routine all figured out but she is also trying to see if she can do the whole Parent Trap thing. She thinks she should have them as her co-managers and really they end up destroying everything she has built so that really did not work out. They provide for her a god awful mash up and an even more awful routine that left all of the other people speechless and shocked. She is also having eating problems and wanting to lose weight.

Lauren is having such a hard time right now. She is trying to keep it in mind that her boyfriend, Carter, very much loves her. He isn't wanting to tell her that himself because she is really pressuring him into doing it. Lauren wants to get a brilliant choreographer so that she can get her routine dealt with and she thinks she is going to succeed. Her father tells his new girlfriend all about this and ends up getting Chloe the same choreographer just from the whole grape vine deal. Lauren is livid about it and has to hurry up and get back at them.

The choreographer that was hired is losing her cool and thinks that she is wasting her time with at least Emily. Austin begins to help out and while he is doing that Lauren is watching them the whole time. She takes every piece of Emily's routine and steals it. Emily beats her at doing it, though. Summer has found tickets on Sasha's desk and thinks that maybe he is going to actually ask her to a date. She asks Mrs. Keeler for advice and eventually she learns that the tickets were for Peyson and he brings her so that he can show her what artful ballet can be and how she can totally do it.