It Takes Two - Recap

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The scene opens, and just as the Rock girls are calming down after being forced to burn their team jackets as per the coach’s instructions, and visibly against their wishes; Coach Mac has a new surprise in store for them: training partners, that is his idea for enhancing their performances and making them work as a team. He teams up every girl at the camp with a new permanent training partner with who they will be performing till the end. He even makes the girls room together so they can eat, sleep, and breathe gymnastics together, and not lose focus being distracted by something else. Jordan and Wendy, Lauren and Payson, and Kaylie and Kelly Parker make up the notable teams, and they would all bunk together, whilst preparing for their ultimate goal. In another twist, Coach Mac tells everyone to choreograph a floor routine for their partners within two days, with the last-place team being sent home.

Everybody is visibly horrified and worried on hearing this news; as for one team it would mean the end of the Olympic dream. Since no one is particularly thrilled with their partner that the coach has chosen for them, this becomes an even bigger challenge in trust and teamwork--which is just what Coach Mac intended from the beginning. Hence there is worry and concern written all over their faces. When the nutritionist questions his choice of keeping Lauren and Payson together even though they already know each other, hence defeating the whole purpose of his exercise, he replies that he suspects that with Kaylie removed from the group that the Rock girls would crumble; hence he made the decision that he made. Meanwhile, Lauren decides that the only way to get Payson out of her funk over her breakup with Max is to set her up with someone new; so it can help her get her mind off him.

After running around campus trying to find a potential date for her, she runs into Brad and Rigo, who are on the BMX biking team; thus it seems that, she might have just stumbled on to the apt candidate. Lauren still finds Rigo repulsive so she rules him out as an option; she instead asks Brad if he would pretend to "stumble into" Payson at the coffee cart tomorrow at 3pm, hoping there would be some fireworks, and that the two of them would hit it off. Brad remembers meeting Payson at the mixer the other day, and he seems to have a liking for her, so he agrees, saying that she was hot, thus revealing his fondness for her. However, the next day Coach Mac decides that the girls will have to stay and do an extra hour of conditioning much to their frustration and dismay, so Lauren has to run out to find Brad to tell him the "date" has been pushed back to 4pm, due to unforeseen circumstances. When she can only find Rigo she asks him to pass the word on to Brad, as she is in a hurry to get back to the practice and hence can't convey the message to him personally, as she is unable to locate him.

Rigo seizes this opportunity to get to know Payson as he too seems to have a fascination for her and never tells Brad about the time change, thus hoping to meet Payson himself. He manages to get Payson's attention by doing some stunts on his bike by the coffee cart. Payson likes what she sees and the two spend the afternoon together, and seem to be hitting it off rather well, from the look of things. Meanwhile, Austin visibly dejected, tells Kaylie he lost one of his sponsorships because he's no longer a player, so he's exploring new ways to bring in money as the previous avenue is closed for him. He signs them both up for an on-camera broadcasting class and tells Kaylie that they'll be just like Bart and Nadia after the Olympics with a long career in gymnastics commentating. But it turns out that it's Kaylie, not Austin, that's cut out for being on camera, so Austin gets discouraged about his future prospects after the Olympics; as he discovers the truth.

Meanwhile, Jordan is still trying to stir up trouble in the gym and tries to "warn" Kelly about Kaylie's attitude and back-stabbing; as Jordan is worried it might end up hurting Kelly. However the truth is, it's Kaylie that's worried about Kelly, as she's been known to snoop and steal things from her in the past, and that causes more tension between the two, as both of them are wary of the other. When it comes time for their routines, Kelly lies about how well she's mastering the moves as she doesn’t want to look unprepared in front of her rival and Kaylie thinks her routine is too simple and changes it to her liking, and decides to do what according to her seems best. Because of that obvious showing of mistrust in each other, that becomes quite apparent; Coach Mac drops their ranking down to fifth place, much to their frustration and dismay.

Meanwhile, Lauren and Payson do very well and move up into second, as they perform really well apparently, and Jordan and Wendy move into fourth, as they are just about fine with their performance. Lauren also lies about her health and covers up her fainting spells so that she can ensure that, she doesn't get taken out of training, and therefore, her Olympic dreams aren’t jeopardized in any way. That night Lauren is helping Payson get ready for her date with Rigo when she lets it spill that she set the whole thing up--with Brad; much to Payson’s shock and anger. Payson is hurt either way on hearing this revelation and storms out of the room clearly angry at being set up for a pity date, and hence telling Lauren to keep out of her life in anger.

Later, she finds Rigo and yells at him for pretending to like her, when it was all a set up in the first place, and he tells her that he liked her all along--that's why he never told Brad about the time change so he would have the opportunity to meet Payson himself. Thus revealing to her how he truly feels about her, and also revealing his reason for the deceit. Realizing that Rigo has genuine feelings for her, Payson agrees to keep seeing him, as she too seems to like him, and now that things have cleared up, she doesn’t mind continuing the relationship, to see where it goes.

She goes back to the room and apologizes to Lauren, for her behavior, as she knows Lauren did have her best interests in minds, and was only trying to help her get over things. Meanwhile, in Kelly and Kaylie's room they're also having a heart-to-heart, where each of them share their apprehensions and misunderstandings that they had about each other, and they agree to leave the past where it is and start fresh; as it is imperative that they give it their best, if they are to survive in the competition. The episode ends on this note.