Growing Pains - Recap

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The episode begins with the Coach checking out the photos of legendary gymnasts. The girls are meanwhile shown performing their respective routines. The parents of the girls would be coming in to watch them perform, and the coach entrusts Kaylie with speaking to them. The Coach then tells the girls that, more than impressing their parents the girls, better worry about impressing him. Coach then asks Jordan why she isn’t performing to the best of her abilities. Jordan tells him the routine she has been given is much more artistic than she is used to. Jordan assures him though that, she isn’t nervous about performing in front of her foster parents who she has invited. Meanwhile Kelly and Kaylie talk about the whole incident with Kelly’s mom.

Kelly tells Kaylie that her mom isn’t all that bad. Kelly then tells Kaylie about the limited contact she has with her father. Payson meanwhile is trying her best to convince Lauren to see a doctor. Lauren in turn promises Payson that, she would get a complete physical done right after London. Payson had anticipated that Lauren would procrastinate and hence she has herself made an appointment with a doctor, who would be there to see Lauren the next day afternoon. Lauren begs her not to do this, but Payson can’t stand by and watch Lauren risk her life. Lauren promises Payson that she would make an appointment with a doctor outside, but doesn’t want anyone in the camp knowing about it, as that would jeopardize her chances of going to London.

Kaylie meanwhile is stressed out about the speech she has to make on parents day. Austin tries cheering her up. Kaylie then requests Austin to come along for dinner with her parents, which she feels would force them to be on their best behavior. Austin agrees as he wants to be there for Kaylie. Meanwhile Kelly’s mom Sheila comes to meet the Coach. She tells the Coach that she can’t stay for parent’s day as there is no room available in town. Later Kelly is shocked to know that the Coach has invited Sheila to stay at his house. Then after Kelly leaves, Sheila calls up a hotel and tells them to cancel her room reservation for the night. Lauren meanwhile plans to use a fake ID for her doctor’s appointment. Payson then decides to take Lauren to the doctor in her dad’s car.

Lauren later lies to Mark that she is borrowing his car to buy cufflinks that she wants to gift her father. Meanwhile, Jordan is still finding it difficult to adjust to her new routine. The Coach encourages her to get outside her comfort zone and do something different. Coach then asks Jordan why she lied about her foster parents coming in, when they actually aren’t. She tells him she invited them but didn’t say anything about them coming. The Coach then invites her for dinner to his house, but she turns down his offer. Meanwhile, the doctor runs some tests on Lauren to get to the bottom of the reason for her dizzy spells. Later, Lauren is seen crying in the doctor’s room sitting all alone. She then wipes her tears, pick up a pamphlet for Potassium deficiency, and walks out.

Lauren tells Payson waiting outside that all she has is potassium deficiency, and just need to have few supplements. Kelly meanwhile tells Kaylie that, her boyfriend having dinner with her parents is a really big deal. It translates into the relationship being taken to another level. Kaylie tells her that she doesn’t see it that way. But Kelly feels that Austin does. Austin then enters the room wearing a suit, and carrying roses. Sheila has ordered take out for dinner, which she plan to pass off to the Coach as a home cooked meal. Her agenda is to impress the Coach enough, to make him appoint Kelly as the team leader. The Coach then enters, with Jordan accompanying him. Kaylie’s father in the meanwhile is bothered about the fact that Austin would also be joining them for dinner.

Kaylie and Austin then arrive at the table. Kaylie is visibly bothered by the apparent friction between her parents. Austin then asks Kaylie’s father about the famous incidents in his baseball career. The two then seem to immediately hit off. Meanwhile, Sheila is trying her best to convince the Coach about Kelly’s leadership abilities. The Coach meanwhile tells Sheila that Jordan has all the abilities of a leader. Kaylie in the meanwhile is visibly bothered by the fact that, her parents are becoming a bit too friendly with Austin. Her father in fact tells Austin to call him Alex. Mark meanwhile tells Payson that, the family is thinking of moving back to Minnesota. He also tells her that, the best part is she can stay at Kaylie’s house, till she goes to London. Payson doesn’t take this news too well.

Kaylie in the meanwhile tells Austin that, she wasn’t at all comfortable with what he did at dinner. Austin tells her to calm down. He tells Kaylie he just wanted her parents to like him, as he loves her. Kaylie doesn’t say anything in return which Austin finds odd. Later, Kaylie tells Kelly how Austin told her he loves her, and how she didn’t say it back. She is overwhelmed by all that is happening and just wants to focus on London at the moment. Meanwhile, Sheila tells the Coach that she knows about his financial troubles. She also tells him that she can get him sponsors and make all his troubles go away. The only thing Sheila wants in return is for him to confirm to her that, Kelly would go to London as the captain.

She tells the Coach to sleep on her offer. Payson in the meanwhile finds Lauren’s behavior odd and gives her doctor a call. Kaylie’s parents have meanwhile spent the night together, and seem to be mending their fences. Kaylie meanwhile comes to the room and is surprised to see her parents together. Later, Kaylie’s mother tells her, if she misses out on love then she will miss out on life. Meanwhile, its parent’s day and the girl’s folks are all attending to see their daughters perform. The Coach tells Jordan that he put up with Sheila the night before, only for Kelly’s sake. Payson meanwhile tells Lauren that she has talked to her doctor, who has told her that Lauren has an irregular heartbeat. Payson also tells Lauren that, the doctor has said only a cardiologist can make the right assessment of Lauren’s condition.

Lauren in turn tells her “my life, my call, not yours”. Lauren then begins to perform, and finishes her routine without a hitch. Kaylie then gives a flawless performance. Payson then, does her bit perfectly. Jordan too does her part with conviction. Kaylie then gives her speech to the parents. The girls then all cheer for the Coach. After the event Kaylie meets Austin and tells him that, she loves him. The Coach in the meanwhile turns down Sheila’s offer in absolute clear terms. Payson in meanwhile tells her father to move to Minnesota and take the job he has been offered. She also tells her father that she wants to stay with Lauren instead of Kaylie, as she and Lauren have gotten really close. Her father then tells her how proud he is of her. The two then go out for lunch. The episode ends at this point.