Dream On - Recap

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The episode begins with the Coach telling all the girls that; this is the last week that all of them will be standing together. The Coach then tells each girl to draw a chit to decide on which day their team would perform. The Coach also introduces the girls to Regina who is the new head of the Olympic Committee. Regina tells the girls that they will be assessed on their proficiency on each apparatus for 2 days at the end of which an assessment of their abilities will be made. The Coach and the NGO would then decide which of the girls deserve to stay, and who amongst them would go home. The Coach then imposes a 7pm curfew, so the girls can stay focused. Lauren meanwhile is irritated with Payson fussing over her.

Payson then tells Lauren that she wants to sneak out to meet Rigo, despite the time being past the deadline. She needs Lauren’s devious mind to help her with her plan. Jordan meanwhile catches a glimpse of the two girls sneaking out. Lauren meanwhile manages to sneak Payson out of the building. Regina meanwhile asks the Coach how the girls are doing mentally. He tells her that the girls are all focused and determined. Just then the coach receives a message informing him that, one of his girls just broke curfew. Later when Payson sneaks back into her room, she finds the Coach standing there. Coach then tells Lauren and Payson that, they would be performing on day 1 instead of day 2 as they don’t seem to need another day of practice. The Coach penalizes both as they are a team. Meanwhile, Sheila is busy trying to butter up Regina. Sheila later tells Kelly that she should consider Kaylie her competition. The Coach meanwhile tells Regina that Jordan is his big hope for the gold.

Regina doesn’t concur with the Coach though, as she feels Jordan is too headstrong. Meanwhile the girls assume that Jordan admitted to being the mole, when she did not deny being one when questioned by Lauren. Sheila meets Kaylie in her room, and tries shaking Kaylie’s confidence with her mind games. Sheila tells Kaylie that Kelly doesn’t need friends as she has her mother. Payson in the meanwhile confronts Lauren about her not seeing a cardiologist for the next 2 weeks. Lauren in turn tells her she is fine. Later, Payson tells the girls that Jordan might be many things but talentless she is not. Jordan meanwhile is shown doing her routines perfectly. The Coach meanwhile comes in and tells Jordan to do her signature move, as people want to see it. Jordan for some reason though is adamant that she doesn’t want to do it.

The Coach then comes clean with Jordan and tells her that, if she doesn’t do her signature move she better be bang on with the rest of her routine, because if she isn’t then she might not get selected. Payson in the meanwhile asks Rigo for advice on the Lauren issue. She tells Rigo how worried she is about Lauren’s health. Payson then gets angry at Rigo because he disagrees with her point of view, which would translate into Lauren probably not getting an opportunity to compete. Later it’s time for the assessments, and Payson goes first. Lauren then proceeds for her routine, once Payson is done. Payson meanwhile realizes that something is just not right with Lauren. Then suddenly in the middle of her routine, Lauren loses her consciousness and falls to the ground.

But it turns out Payson was imagining the whole thing, as the Coach just then instructs Lauren to proceed for her routine. Then before Lauren can begin Payson rushes in, and tells the Coach about Lauren’s ailment. Lauren is then taken to the medical centre by the officials. Payson later tells Kaylie that Lauren will never forgive her. Sheila meanwhile is happy that Kelly has one less girl to contend with. Later Kelly is shocked to know that, her mother has signed on Wendy as a client; a fact which she comes to know when Wendy comes to her room to give Sheila the contract, but not finding Sheila there gives it to her instead. On the day two of the assessments, Wendy performs, and then it’s Jordan’s turn. Unfortunately, Jordan isn’t able to nail the landing at the end of her routine. Regina then tells Jordan to do her signature move on another apparatus.

Regina makes it amply clear that she wants to see the move or its curtains. Jordan instead walks out, much to the surprise of the Coach and Regina. Later, Kelly tells Kaylie about how her mom has signed on Wendy as her client. Kaylie then gives Kelly a pep talk, and tells her to put in her best into her routine. Later in the assessments Kaylie is shown performing well, but Kelly somehow is shown to not be performing up to the mark. Later the Coach tells the selectors that they should keep Jordan, despite everything, as she has great potential and is only getting better. Regina doesn’t concur with the Coach once again and is especially put off by Jordan’s recent behavior. Coach then tells Regina that he would prefer keeping Payson in the team rather than Kelly. The Coach and Regina then both agree on Wendy being great, and hence she is in. The selectors, Regina and the Coach then proceed to weed out the girls who would be sent home.

Payson meanwhile tells Rigo that Lauren won’t even talk to her. Rigo tells Payson to not give up on Lauren, despite her negative behavior towards Payson. He reasons that Lauren is a part of her family, and one should never give up on their family. Rigo also tells her that Lauren might not know it, but she probably needs Payson now more than ever. Meanwhile the list is out and much to their relief, both Kaylie and Payson have made it. Turns out, Kelly hasn’t made it though. Sheila meanwhile comes in and blasts Kelly for being friends with her competitors. Kelly tells Sheila that she wasn’t cut because she had friends. In fact it’s her friends who are her support at the present moment. Sheila also tells Kelly that Jordan has been retained because she is an African American, just like the Coach.

Kelly instead tells Sheila that Jordan is better than her. Kelly tells Sheila that race has nothing to do with it. She then tells Sheila that, she is quitting the sport and there is nothing Sheila can do about it. Sheila in a fit of anger also reveals that Wendy is the mole, and was doing whatever she was doing on her instructions. Wendy apologizes to them with tears in her eyes. Kelly then fires Sheila as her mother. Later Kelly tells Kaylie while packing up that, she called her dad, and her dad told her to come and stay with him for a while. The two then bid each other a tearful goodbye.

The Coach meanwhile sees Jordan leaving. He then asks her “what is it about that move Jordan that makes you throw everything away?” She tells the Coach that she can’t talk about it. The Coach then surprises Jordan by telling her she is through. Payson and Kaylie in the meanwhile pay Lauren a visit in the hospital. Lauren lashes out at Payson on seeing her. Lauren then tells Payson that she doesn’t want to see her face ever again, and tells her to get out of the room and her life. Outside, Payson breaks down in Rigo’s arms. The episode ends at this point.