Listen to the Universe - Recap

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The episode begins with the girls training their hearts out. Each girl is putting in her best efforts in the practice. Payson is feeling bad about having accused Jordan of being the mole. The way Jordan is practicing is visibly intimidating for Payson and Kaylie. They proceed to apologize to Jordan for doubting her. Jordon doesn’t really accept their apology. Payson is also feeling guilty about Lauren hating her, although she just wanted to help her. Kaylie also makes it clear to Payson that she and Jordan will never be friends. Meanwhile, the doctors at the hospital tell Lauren that she would have to undergo open heart surgery. She is also told by the doctor that she would require several months of rest before she can resume any normal activities.

She is also informed that there is no possibility of her returning to participate in the 2012 Olympics. Meanwhile, Austin tells Kaylie about his preparations. They then see the fire brigade pull up. Wendy had activated a fire alarm which resulted in a false alarm. Wendy then gets what she wanted, by being instructed to move in with Payson. Meanwhile, Jordan is instructed to move in with Kaylie. Meanwhile, Payson tells Lauren’s dad how guilty she is feeling about everything. He instead thanks Payson for saving his daughter’s life. He says the only option for Lauren to recover quickly enough for the Olympics is to have a new non invasive procedure with one Dr. Walker. He says Walker won’t perform the procedure on a professional athlete because of the stress put on the heart by professional athletics.

Meanwhile, Jordan and her rabbit shift in with Kaylie. Meanwhile, Lauren’s father tries cheering her up. Lauren is then happy to see that Summer, has come to pay her a visit. Meanwhile, Payson tells Kaylie about Dr. Walker, and they both search for him online, so they can talk to him and convince him. They find out that Dr. Walker is on a vacation in retreat, where no form of communication of any sort is allowed. Payson says she would go to the retreat to find Walker. Meanwhile, the coach tells Jordan to resolve her issues with Kaylie. Meanwhile, Kaylie massages an injured Austin who has slipped from the rings. Kaylie is very supportive and gives Austin a few good suggestions to improve his routine. Meanwhile, Payson leaves to find Walker. Meanwhile, Jordan and Kaylie have a heart to heart and reveal the issues they have with each other; the two, then bond with each other.

Kaylie then tells Jordon about Payson. Just then Wendy walks in. They make the excuse that Payson is really sick and send Wendy packing. Jordan then tells Kaylie that she will sleep in Payson’s room under the covers, till Payson is back. Meanwhile, Lauren is severely depressed and confesses to Summer about it, in anger. Meanwhile, Austin discusses with Kaylie about the changes in routine he would make due to his injury. Austin then proceeds to do his routine, and does it perfectly. Meanwhile, Carter and Payson camp at just an hour away from the retreat. In the morning, Carter and Payson then head for the retreat. Meanwhile, Wendy comes in asking how Payson is feeling.

She then proceeds to tell the assumed Payson that Jordan is whacko, and that she is just the coach’s charity case. Meanwhile, Summer talks to Steve about Lauren, and the dark place that’s she is in at the moment. Steve meanwhile doesn’t know how to console Lauren in her present state. Meanwhile, Austin tells Kaylie that he nailed his routine. The two plan a celebration for later. Meanwhile, Jake is at the hospital to se Lauren, she is visibly surprised to see him. He has gotten along the giant bronze bust, so she can rub it for luck. She then takes a rub on the statue’s head. Meanwhile, Payson reaches the retreat and is told by a man at the gate that they can’t meet Walker. The man at the gate tells them there are no phones in the retreat ans no visitors are allowed. Lastly there is no speaking inside the retreat.

Payson plans to try a different approach, and jumps across the boundary wall. She then sneaks through shrubs and trees to reach and finally sees Walker strolling at a distance. She knows how he looks thanks to a newspaper cutting of his article. She sees him enter his room and goes after him. Meanwhile, Lauren’s father talks to her, telling her that he is proud of her. She in turn feels it’s somehow her fault. He reassures her that they will get through this ordeal together. Meanwhile, Payson enters Walker’s room, and sees him meditating there. He calls out his name, but Walker doesn’t respond, as he seems to be in deep meditation. Payson then proceeds to tell him why she is there.

She tells him that, he should try his procedure on Lauren, as he can’t be sure of anything till he tries it. She begs with him to examine Lauren, as it would possibly change Lauren’s life. Walker in the end opens his eyes and tells Payson that she has no idea what she is talking about, as its unchartered territory. He tells her that an athlete’s heart is different from a normal person’s as it’s under constant stress. Hence it causes an enlargement of one part of the heart; hence Lauren is at a risk of all kinds of complications. He tells her there is no guarantee that this procedure will work for her, she counters that there is no guarantee that it won’t work for her. He says that his reputation and Lauren’s life are at stake.

It’s not worth the risk he says; hence his answer is a no. She in the end tells him that, she thought he would be braver. Meanwhile, Lauren prays to the lord for help her find a way to accept the situation. Later, Payson tells Kaylie that Walker said a no. Kaylie asks Payson if anything happened in the night, in the tent. Payson says a no and tells he what really happened. Meanwhile, Lauren’s father comes in, and tells Payson and Kaylie that Lauren would like to see them. Meanwhile, Austin informs Kaylie that he is off the team. Kaylie is shocked to hear this and doesn’t believe it. He blames her telling Kaylie that he took her advice and now he is out. The routine suggested by Kaylie didn’t go down too well with the judges.

He tells her that she has done nothing but drag him down. He walks away, putting all the blame on Kaylie. Meanwhile, Wendy comes in and tells Jordan about Austin and Kaylie breaking up. Jordan tells Wendy to stop and confronts Wendy about her bitching behind everybody’s back. Meanwhile, Lauren apologizes to Payson for blaming her. Payson tells Lauren that she stand by her, no matter what. Meanwhile, Walker comes in, much to Payson’s surprise. Walker has agreed to examine Lauren and see if the procedure can be performed on her.

Lauren is told that it was Payson who made it happen. Walker tells Payson, she gave him the courage to go ahead with his decision. Meanwhile, Kaylie finds out that Austin has packed up and left. Meanwhile, Payson is ready to lose her virginity. The episode ends at this point.