Truth Be Told - Recap

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The episode begins with, Dr Walker explaining to Payson and Lauren’s father, about Lauren’s heart condition. He then explains the procedure that he would follow to correct her heart condition. He also gives them the good news that most him patients have had positive results after this procedure and have been able to resume their normal lives post operation. Meanwhile, Coach Ray meets with Kaylie and Jordan. It turns out Coach Ray might work with the girls. Meanwhile, Payson admits to Kaylie and Lauren that she made love for the first time the previous night, and it being with Rigo made the whole experience special. Meanwhile, Walker comes in and warns Lauren that she can’t expect miracles, as she is an entirely new subject and also that this operation has never been tried on a professional athlete before.

He makes Lauren aware that there might be a very real chance that she might not be ready in time for the trials. Meanwhile, Coach McIntyre announces to the girls that Coach Ray is there to help with the choreography. Jordan seems visibly unhappy with the news. Meanwhile, Kaylie tells Jordan about the reason Austin gave for breaking up with her. Jordan says her bit to make Kaylie feel better. Meanwhile, Coach Ray takes special interest in Wendy. Wendy then pries it out of the Coach that Kaylie would be her biggest competition. Later, Jordan makes an excuse to avoid training with Coach Ray. Ray then explains to McIntyre how Jordan thinks, and offers to help Jordan with a signature move of his. Meanwhile, Lauren is wheeled in for the operation with Kaylie and Payson wishing her luck. Later Walker comes out and tells the girls and Lauren’s father that the operation went smoothly. He can’t assure though if she would be ready for the trials yet.

Meanwhile, Wendy orders a cold medicine online, with a substance in it that is banned. Coach Ray in the meanwhile, is impressed with Payson’s performance, but Payson is disappointed to know that she would be considered for a lead off position, instead of being sent in last for the win. Coach McIntyre confirms with Payson that ever since her back surgery she has been performing consistently, but not to a level where she can be considered for the position of an anchor. The coach tries encouraging her by saying that she is a safe performer, and has a good chance of going to London as a lead off. Later, Payson angrily tells Kaylie about what the Coach has told her. Kaylie tries to calm her down and tells her to look at the bright side, which is that she has practically been selected for London.

Meanwhile, Lauren is back at practice, but Coach McIntyre doesn’t want her there, as Walker has instructed him that Lauren is to do no strenuous exercise till the doctor is convinced about her being 100% fit. She can only be back once Walker gives her the OK. Rigo and Lauren in the meanwhile spend time as a couple and seem to be having a great time together. She reassures Rigo that she doesn’t regret having sex with him. Meanwhile, Kaylie is doing her best to get over Austin. Meanwhile, Wendy mixes the banned cough medicine she has ordered online into a smoothie she has made. She then serves Kaylie the smoothie just as Kalie enters the room. She then looks on happily as Kaylie gulps down the drink. Meanwhile, Walker puts Lauren through stress tests to see how her heart is responding to them.

Walker then tells Payson and Lauren that he would be convinced that she can get back to practice, if he can monitor her performing her routine, and check the performance of her heart. It’s decided that he would use a wireless device to monitor the performance. Later Rigo and Payson spend a few romantic moments together. Later, Lauren proceeds to perform with the sensor attached to her body. Walker tells everyone present that if she has five consecutive spikes she stands the risk of fainting, so that is what will have to be monitored. The coach feels that Lauren deserves to try, although her father is apprehensive. Lauren then begins her performance. After her performance Walker seems satisfied, and tells the coach that Lauren should be ready for practice in about 2 days. Then the possibility of her competing can be reassessed. Later Payson gives a distraught Lauren a pep talk. Lauren is frustrated that she can’t train hard enough thanks to her heart, and if she doesn’t train hard enough, it would mean that she wouldn’t be able to get enough practice.

Payson tells Lauren that she has to use her mind to train, as training her mind is more important for her at this point than training her body. Payson tells her that Lauren has to practice her whole routine piece by piece, just like she did after recovering from her broken back. Meanwhile, Coach Ray comes in to talk to Jordan about her missing his training session again. Ray then tells Jordan that he understands that Jordan is feeling jealous on seeing him work with the other girls. He thinks she is feeling bad because she feels he has given up on her. The coach then tells Jordan that he never stopped believing in her. He did everything that he could to make Jordan the best, and he could no longer just be her private coach. He then tells Jordan that he never abandoned her and also that he never stopped believing in her.

Meanwhile, Lauren is practicing a few techniques to calm her heart. She then mentally pictures her whole routine, and how she would perform each part of it. She manages a perfect dismount mentally and is overjoyed to achieve it. Later Lauren proceeds to help a nervous Payson with her routine. Meanwhile, Wendy comes into the room really late and tells Jordan that she was late because Coach Ray offered to help her. Jordan is irritated to hear this and asks Wendy what she is really trying to do. Wendy in turn tells Jordan to stop being jealous, and also tells her that Ray had warned her that Jordan would react this way. Jordan then rushes to meet Ray, but is told that he is in an important meeting. Jordan then goes out in the parking lot, with Kaylie trying her best to stop Jordan; she then begins smashing the Coach’s vehicle’s headlight and then the glasses of his car windows.

She then in tears tells Kaylie that, Coach Ray had touched her inappropriately. She then further elaborates to Kaylie that, Coach Ray molested her for years. She then tells Kaylie that in camp she tried to keep Kaylie away from the Coach as she didn’t want him hurting Kaylie. He had also threatened Jordan that he would get her banned from gymnastics, if she told anyone. Gymnastics was her life so she gave in to whatever Ray said, for the fear of gymnastics being taken away from her. Kaylie tells Jordan that she can’t blame herself, as she was just a kid at the time. Kaylie says they can get help. Jordan feels no one will believe her as it will be her word against the Coach’s. Just then they see the cops arrive and make a run for it. The episode ends at this point.