United Stakes - Recap

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The episode begins with Payson telling Kaylie to reconsider her decision of complaining against Coach Ray Keegan, for sexually harassing Jordan. Payson tells Kaylie that Jordan might be lying or confused. Kaylie assures Payson that Jordan wasn’t in any way confused. Kaylie then tells Payson that it has to end now, and somehow Payson also seems to agree and goes along with Kaylie’s decision. Later Coach Mcintire tells the girls that they are leveling a very serious charge. He says that Jordan would have to confirm to the police what Coach Keegan exactly did. Meanwhile, Wendy is busy preparing a smoothie for Kaylie. She then puts the cough medicine in it, just as Lauren comes in. Lauren wants sip of it but Wendy immediately prevents her from doing so.

Later Coach Mcintire tells Jordan that he is there for her, and that he will help her take up what Coach Ray did to her, with the authorities. Jordan tells Mcintire that Kaylie is lying and that nothing of the sort happened. Later, Kaylie tells Mcintire that Jordan lied to him, as there is no reason as to why Jordan would the previous night make up those things about Coach Ray. Kaylie then in the heat of the moment tells Mcintire how Jordan trashed Coach Keegan’s car. Mcintire tells Kaylie to stay out of it, and says he will deal with it himself. Later Jordan tells Kaylie that telling people won’t help, as she did try telling her foster parents about it, when it happened, but they did nothing. She tells Kaylie that no one would believe her, as it would be her word against Keegan’s.

Meanwhile, Lauren is slowly on her way to recovery, but Coach Mcintire is being cautious and not giving her a tough routine at the moment. Later, Coach Mcintire tells Keegan to leave and tells him that he doesn’t want him around the girls. He also tells him the reason without taking Jordan’s name. Keegan says he is innocent and also tells Mcintire that he doesn’t work for him, so he isn’t going anywhere. Mcintire then catches hold of Keegan and punches him. Keegan threatens to sue him and leaves. Later Mcintire is informed that unless Jordan says something, no action can be taken against Keegan. Payson in the meanwhile tells Kaylie that, if Jordan won’t talk there must be some other girl who Keegan must have done the same with, so they need to find that someone else who would. They decide to find that person through social media.

Meanwhile, Payson and Rigo come to a club, for dancing, as Payson wants to improve on her choreography. Payson then sees other dancers on the floor and tries to pick up their moves. Meanwhile, Payson and Kaylie receive many alerts on their social media site from girls who have been victims of Coach Keegan. Jordan is then shown by Payson and Kaylie that she wasn’t alone. The best part is that the victims are ready to come forward. Later Jordan admits everything to Coach Mcintire. She also gives police her statement. Later, it’s shown that Coach Keegan is arrested. Meanwhile, Sasha comes in and tells Payson that she is taking a big risk by going against Coach Mcintire’s decision of him wanting her, to be the opening act.

Sasha then begins to train Payson. Meanwhile, Kaylie and her parents are informed that Kaylie has been tested for a banned substance, which is found in cold medicines but is also used to enhance performance. Kaylie denies it but is told the tests have been crosschecked and are correct. Coach Mcintire tells Kaylie that, thanks to the results of the tests she can’t go to the Olympics. Later the Coach tells the girls to get ready for the trials. Later, Lauren, Jordan and Payson bring Kaylie with them to find Odes, as Lauren feels rubbing his head would bring Kaylie luck as it did with Lauren when she was in the hospital. Kaylie isn’t interested as she doesn’t believe in such superstitions. Later Austin comes in and apologizes to Kaylie for before.

She in turn tells him the misfortune that has befallen her. Later Jordan, Lauren and Payson tell the Coach and the guy from the NGO that, if Kaylie doesn’t compete they won’t either; as they are sure Kaylie is innocent. The Coach is impressed with their unity, but the guy from the NGO isn’t impressed. Later it is shown that Kaylie is being allowed to compete in the trials. Kaylie then thanks the girls for standing up for her against the NGO. Kaylie then begins her routine. Kaylie then performs a great routine, and a great landing. The Coach is happy with her, but the guy from the NGO, Marcus, reminds him that it’s all up to her blood tests coming clean, that she would go to the Olympics.

Later, its Jordan’s turn and the Coach tells Jordan to do the routine Coach Keegan taught her, as her hatred for him shouldn’t mean she avoids doing something good that, Coach Keegan had taught her. Jordan then does her routine beautifully and also does a perfect dismount. Meanwhile, Lauren confronts Wendy about Kaylie’s issue and Wendy takes the name of the drug found in Kaylie’s blood which no one actually knows about, as Kaylie didn’t want anyone to know. It’s then Lauren’s turn to perform with the heart monitor attached to her body. She then does her routine perfectly, and without her heart rate spiking more than 4 times. Next its Wendy’s turn and Lauren sneaks into her room to find out what Wendy has been up to.

She then finds the envelope in which the banned cold medicine that, she had ordered had come in. Lauren then checks on the internet and finds out what Wendy has exactly been up to. Meanwhile, Payson proceeds to do her new routine, with the blessings of her father, who she makes aware that her doing the new routine could cost her the place in the team, especially if the coach doesn’t like it. Payson then begins her new routine, and seems to be doing a great job of it. The crowd too seems to love her routine, something that is evidenced by the loud cheer it receives. Later, Marcus tells the Coach that Kaylie can’t be allowed to compete, and she was only allowed to do so in the trails to appease her friends.

Lauren meanwhile comes in and gives them evidence that Wendy is the real culprit. Wendy is then brought in for questioning and denies everything, saying she ordered the medicine for her cold, but as soon as she realized there was a banned substance in it she decided to not use it. Lauren then realizes that the medicine is in Wendy’s lip gloss case, and they find it in there. Later the Coach declares the results, and names the 5 girls who would go to the Olympics. The five girls he names are Jordan, Payson, Kaylie, Coleen and Lauren. Later the girls are congratulated by their family and boyfriends. Payson also introduces her father to Rigo. The 5 girls then wave to the crowds, while standing on a podium. The episode ends at this point.