Season 5

86 :05x01 - Vegas

Hal has a dream that leads him to Vegas in search of his fortune, a giant slot machine. Also, Reese and Dewey enter their giant rabbit in a contest in Sin City and Malcolm tries to make up his insulting Lois by taking her to a concert.
Special Guest Stars: David Cassidy as Boone Vincent |
Guest Stars: Kenneth Mars as Otto | Emy Coligado as Piama | Meagen Fay as Gretchen |
Co-Guest Stars: Ursula Whittaker as Dream Woman | Darlene Kardon as Gladys | Michael Merton as Joey | Donna Pieroni as Heavyset Woman | Jeffrey Anderson-Gunter as Concert Security Guy | Dan Desmond as Judge | Teresa Ganzel as Crystal | Loanne Bishop as Woman | Javier Grajeda as Man | Tom Lent as Heavyset Man
Director: Bryan Cranston

87 :05x02 - Watching The Baby

A night of babysitting for an exhausted Lois spins in ways no one could have predicted. First, Hal gets stuck at Lucky Aid when he's accused of shoplifting by Craig. While Reese and Malcolm abandone Dewey (who babysits Jamie) for a couple of girls.
Guest Stars: Craig Lamar Traylor as Stevie | Caitlin Crosby as Joanne | Kat Graham as Val | Michelle Durham as Kathy | Patricia Place as Dolores | David Anthony Higgins as Craig (as Dave Higgins) |
Co-Guest Stars: David Reynolds (2) as Vernon | Sharon Johnston as Theresa | Nasser Faris as Sanjay
Director: Levie Isaacks
Writer: Alex Reid
Songs: Phil Collins -- Sussudio

88 :05x03 - Goodbye Kitty

Abe refuses to tell Stevie that his mother isn't coming home as he had promised. So Reese takes it upon himself to deliver the news. Also, Reese finds the diary of what he thinks is his dream girl.

Meanwhile, Francis and Otto must contend with their duties as "real" ranchers when a horse needs to be put down.
Guest Stars: Craig Lamar Traylor as Stevie | Kenneth Mars as Otto | Gary Anthony Williams as Abe | Devin Sidell as Teenage Lois | Kyle Searles as Jason |
Co-Guest Stars: Brett Gilbert as Teenage Boy | Sarah Godshaw as J.J. | Wesley Barker as Player | John Vance as Teacher
Director: Jimmy Simons

89 :05x04 - Thanksgiving

Reese finds that making Thanksgiving dinner is harder than he thought, and Malcolm ditches the dinner to go to a party.
Guest Stars: Alessandra Torresani as Kirsten | Emy Coligado as Piama Tananahaakna Wilkerson |
Co-Guest Stars: Marshall Allman as Dylan | Joel Anderson as Mr. Edwards | John O'Brien as Store Clerk | Joyce Corradetti as Biker Chick
Director: David D'Ovidio

90 :05x05 - Malcolm Films Reese

Malcolm's teacher, Mr. Herkabe, tricks him into filming Reese on his most tender moments, and then humiliates Reese and makes Malcolm seem like a monster.
Guest Stars: Don McManus (1) as Charles Cutler | Joan M. Blair as Lunch Lady Shirley | Kenneth Mars as Otto | Emy Coligado as Piama | Chris Eigeman as Mr. Herkabe | Jennifer Shon as Patty Lin | Craig Lamar Traylor as Stevie |
Co-Guest Stars: Julian Barnes as Mr. Fortinberry | Pat Battistini as Truant Officer | Jonny Acker as Big Senior #1 | Darryl Reed, Jr. as Big Senior #2
Director: Levie Isaacks
Writer: Dan Kopelman

91 :05x06 - Malcolm's Job

Malcolm gets a job at the super market where Lois works, Hal enters Jamie in a baby competition, and Dewey runs away to the ranch to live with Francis.
Special Guest Stars: Julie Hagerty as Polly |
Guest Stars: Todd Stashwick as Nate | Holmes Osborne as Mr. Young | John Eric Bentley as Charlie | David Anthony Higgins as Craig (as Dave Higgins) |
Co-Guest Stars: Michael Dean Jacobs as Albert
Director: Steve Welch

92 :05x07 - Christmas Trees

Hal and the boys sell Christmas trees, but must outsell the church to make a profit. Francis celebrates Christmas with Otto and his family, and watches while they argue.
Guest Stars: Mark L. Taylor as Phil | Casey Sander as Father Murphy | Rick Hall as Vince | Tom Towles as Ethan | Larry Hankin as Luther | Ted Rooney as Fritz | Emy Coligado as Piama | David Anthony Higgins as Craig (as Dave Higgins) | Kenneth Mars as Otto | Meagen Fay as Gretchen | John Marshall Jones as Cop | Vic Polizos as Father McCluskey | Jonathan Schmock as Nathan |
Co-Guest Stars: Monica Smith as Gertie | Abigail Hummel as Little Girl | Wayne Thomas Yorke as Customer | Patrick T. O'Brien as Dad Driver | David Bickford as Man | Jonathan Nail as Medic | Max Van Ville as Hans | Beverly Polcyn as Old Lady Employee
Director: Steve Love
Writer: Alex Reid

93 :05x08 - Block Party

When the Wilkersons came back from their vacation they found out that the whole block was making a huge party to celebrate that they were gone. While Lois and Hal join a sausages-eating contest, Reese and Dewey start to make money by torturing younger boys and Malcolm, without knowing it, helps a thief to steal everything in the garage of an innocent family.
Guest Stars: Paul Schackman as Jackson | Mark Moses as Richard | Shashawnee Hall as Policeman | Randall Carver as Joshua | Margarita Franco as Dottie | Penny Balfour as Margie | Kenneth Mars as Otto | Paul Willson as Ed |
Co-Guest Stars: Stephen Rockwell as Mort | A.J. Noel as Bobby | Lorenzo James Henrie as Normal Kid | James Edson as Man | Thomas Bellin as Old Vendor | Michael Q. Schmidt as Big Tony | Cris Clobber as Bird Caller | Evan Lee Dahl as Teenager #1 | Ashlee Gillespie as Teenager #2 | Joey Gray as Teenager #3 |
Uncredited: Nicole Madison as Sausage Girl
Director: Levie Isaacks
Writer: Rob Ulin

94 :05x09 - Dirty Magazine

Malcolm tells the A.C.L.U (a group that's against the unfair censorship) that they are censoring the almost inoffensive school magazine which is just defending people's rights. Meanwhile, in order to get his old salary back, Hal attempts to flirt with the woman who's responsible of the salary cutbacks.
Guest Stars: Michael Monks as Grossman | Hallie Todd as Miss Shaw | Kurtwood Smith as Principal Block | Nikki Crawford as Nell | Lori Beth Denberg as Ronnie | Craig Lamar Traylor as Stevie | Kenneth Mars as Otto | Meagen Fay as Gretchen |
Co-Guest Stars: Fred Koehler as Mellon | Nicole Mansour as Hope | Lorin McCraley as Ginsberg | Bradley C Berger as Musclebound Jock
Director: Bryan Cranston
Writer: Eric Kaplan

95 :05x10 - Hot Tub

Jamie's babysitter asks Malcolm to do a small job for her. He accepts without knowing that this "task" involves messing up with Jamie's babysitter ex-boyfriend and a huge family problem. Meanwhile, Dewey's new friend leaves him and befriends Reese while Francis encourages Otto to face an old enemy who almost stole Gretchen from him.
Special Guest Stars: Julie Hagerty as Polly |
Guest Stars: Ryan Malgarini as Noah | Kenneth Mars as Otto | Meagen Fay as Gretchen | Robert Joy as Danny | Ned Schmidtke as Manfred |
Co-Guest Stars: Barton Tinapp as Doctor
Director: Jimmy Simons
Writer: Andy Bobrow

96 :05x11 - Ida's Boyfriend

Malcolm gets a tongue piercing. In a month, he'll be able to take off the piercing while he's at home; however, he has to wait that long. Unfortunately, he notices that he can't pronounce letter "S", making obvious that something is happening. Furthermore, his tongue becomes infected. Meanwhile, Ida announces that she'll marry a rich Chinese man that she met on a cruise, but Lois and Hal find out that she's drugging him.
Special Guest Stars: Cloris Leachman as Ida |
Guest Stars: James Hong as Mr. Li | Kenneth Mars as Otto | Patrick Bristow as Phillip | Dan O'Connor (2) as Edward | Kristina Hayes as Julia | Andy Umberger as Minister |
Co-Guest Stars: Larry Clarke as Don | Larry Dorf as Warren | Christie Lynn Smith as Angela | Marcy Goldman as Employee | Lyn Alicia Henderson as Audience Member #1 | Jim Grollman as Audience Member #2
Director: Peter Lauer

97 :05x12 - Softball

Lois makes Malcolm play softball, but he ends up doing a terrible job because Lois doesn't let him play well. Meanwhile, Hal accidentally became a CIA's agent, Reese tries to beat a very stupid record and Francis becomes an annoyance for Lois.
Guest Stars: Michael Gaston as Mel | Kaitlin Cullum as Stephanie | David Anthony Higgins as Craig (as Dave Higgins) |
Co-Guest Stars: Ingo Neuhaus as Nick | Brooke Radding as Girl | Tom Simmons as Mr. Snow | Kerry David as Dark Suited Man | James Martin Kelly as Umpire (as James Kelly) | Brandon Mauro as Jeremy
Director: Ken Kwapis

98 :05x13 - Lois' Sister

Lois younger sister, Susan, visits the Wilkersons and gives expensive and cool presents to the boys while she ignores Lois and Hal. Lois and Susan have been enemies since they were very young girls. Their relationship becomes especially bad when Susan gives Malcolm and Reese a luxurious Mustang. However, when Lois finds out that her sister is very sick, her thoughts about Susan change and now she feels that she should help her.
Special Guest Stars: Laurie Metcalf as Susan |
Guest Stars: Kevin Cooney as Dr. Dumont | Abigail Mavity as Meagan | Lyndsy Fonseca as Olivia |
Co-Guest Stars: Heather McPhaul as Trish | Jasmine Di Angelo as Brittany | Kate Lang Johnson as Katie | Josh Jacobson as Matt | Hayley Erin as Buttercup #1 | Tianna Danielle Kenney as Buttercup #2 | Alyssa Monka as Buttercup #3 | Montana Tsai as Buttercup #4 | Gracie Markland as Buttercup #5 | Chanel Gaines as Buttercup #6
Director: David D'Ovidio

99 :05x14 - Malcolm Dates A Family

Lois gets incredibly angry because they charged 15% more to their bill at their favorite pizza restaurant. Meanwhile, Malcolm started to date a girl, Angela. She tells him that her family is strange and usually hates her boyfriends; however Malcolm's intelligence fascinates them. He ends up going to see Angela's family, but he forgets about her in the end....
Guest Stars: Sherman Howard as Ivan | Eddie Shin as Jordan | Nike Doukas as Maria | Sara Paxton as Angela | Craig Lamar Traylor as Stevie | Kenneth Mars as Otto | Emy Coligado as Piama |
Co-Guest Stars: Helen Slayton-Hughes as Nana | Matt Crabtree as Sam | Rachel Vacca as Sarah | James DiStefano as Lawrence | Ken Land as Reporter Clyde | Jason Huber as Alfredo
Director: Steve Welch
Writer: Rob Ulin

100 :05x15 - Reese's Apartment

Reese rents an apartment after being thrown out of the Wilkersons' house - but finds it difficult to avoid debt. Malcolm helps a football player write an essay to get him into college. However, when the sportsman turns out to be even stupider than he thought, he is faced with a dilemma.
Guest Stars: Jack McGee as Coach Oleski | Patricia Belcher as Dr. Lucille Armstrong | Michael Dempsey as Teddy | Jonny Acker as Ira |
Co-Guest Stars: Rod Spencer as Lou | Gregory North as George | Brian Mulligan as Mr. Peter Noyes
Director: David Grossman
Writer: Dan Kopelman

101 :05x16 - Malcolm Visits College

Lois accompanies Malcolm on a visit to his new college - and insists on seeing his dormitory. Dewey starts stealing items from around the house to get his own back on Hal, and Reese has an unfortunate encounter with an undercover police officer.
Guest Stars: Andrew Reville as Leland | Jamie Renee Smith as Paula | Daniel Farber as Scott | Monique Coleman as Andrea | Kenneth Mars as Otto | Stephanie Nicole Lemelin as Christie (as Stephanie Lemelin) |
Co-Guest Stars: Jonathan Palmer as Salesman | David Welborn as Guest in Line | Kelsey Chapman as Sally | Cole Petersen as Tony | Evan Sabara as Roger | Bobby Block as Naked 9 Year Old | Rishonda Napier as Little Girl #1 | Allison Andreas as Little Girl #2 | Steve Kramer as Doctor | Renee Ryan as Billy's Mother | Paul Avedisian as Billy's Father | Scott Cummins as Officer | Jordan Orr as Billy
Director: Peter Lauer

102 :05x17 - Polly In The Middle

Hal plans a blind date between Polly, Jamie's babysitter, and Abe. The date is very successful, but he finds out that Lois also planned a blind date between Polly and Craig!
Special Guest Stars: Reggie Jackson as Himself | Julie Hagerty as Polly |
Guest Stars: Harley Zumbrum as Pete Pukowski | Craig Lamar Traylor as Stevie Kenarben | Emy Coligado as Piama Tananahaakna Wilkerson | David Anthony Higgins as Craig Feldspar | Gary Anthony Williams as Abe Kenarben |
Co-Guest Stars: Gino Montesinos as Ranch Hand #1 | Martin Morales as Ranch Hand #2 | Ramon Hilario as Ranch Hand #3 | Kimberly Jackson as Herself | D.J. Lockhart-Johnson as Convention Official | Ted Giannoulas as San Diego Chicken | Ron E. Dickinson as Vent Worker
Director: Steve Love

103 :05x18 - Dewey's Special Class

Dewey is about to make an I.Q. test that will determine if he'll be in the normal class, the Krelboyne class for smart children or the "special" class. Since Malcolm knows that Krelboyne's are always annoyed by their normal classmates, he convinces Dewey to get horrible results. However, the results are really awful and he is sent to the special class for Emotionally Disturbed Kids.
Guest Stars: Tricia O'Kelley as Mrs. Welsh | Amy Castle as Hayley | David Anthony Higgins as Craig Feldspar | Danny McCarthy (2) as Hanson | Craig Lamar Traylor as Stevie | Matt Malloy as Mr. Sheridan |
Co-Guest Stars: Dennis Bendersky as Davey | David Trice as Manager | Ayla Kell as Kylie | Cameron Monaghan as Chad | Derek Cox-Berg as Special Kid #1 | Raven Goodwin as Special Kid #2 | Nikki Lee as Special Kid #3 | Christopher Gerse as Red Krelboyne | Louan Gideon as Woman
Director: David D'Ovidio
Songs: Kelis -- Milkshake

104 :05x19 - Experiment

When Lois and Hal force a reluctant Dewey into the humiliation of door-to-door candy bar selling, Dewey adopts underhand tactics to get through the unbearable task. He tells each one of his neighbors all profits will go to good causes - and sales go through the roof.

Meanwhile, Malcolm and Stevie are wracking their brains on an impossible science experiment.
Guest Stars: Emy Coligado as Piama Tananahaakna Wilkerson | Craig Lamar Traylor as Stevie Kenarben |
Co-Guest Stars: Justin Martin as Pete | Gil Glasgow as Fred | Carlie Westerman as Little Girl | Regan Burns as Middle Aged Man | Cathrine Grace as Lady | Susan Leslie as Tina | Helaine Lembeck as Joanne
Director: Bryan Cranston
Writer: Alex Reid

105 :05x20 - Victor's Other Family

Lois discovers that her dad had another family. She goes to visit his "other wife" and learns some shocking secrets about her dad.
Special Guest Stars: Betty White as Sylvia | Cloris Leachman as Ida |
Guest Stars: Andrew James Allen as Jerome | Tom Virtue as Peter Detrich | Maura Soden as Roberta | Adam Wylie as Scott |
Co-Guest Stars: Megan Hubbell as Jerome's girlfriend
Director: David Grossman
Writer: Eric Kaplan

106 :05x21 - Reese Joins The Army (1)

Hal is falsely accused of a crime involving his company. Lois goes crazy, and Reese runs away when he sees Malcolm with his girlfriend. Francis and Piama must take care of the house and Lois.
Guest Stars: Erik King as Agent Stone | Michael Chieffo as Dennis | Emy Coligado as Piama | Molly Orr as Beth | James Henriksen as Officer Moon | Steve Rankin as Sgt. Hendrix | Kevin Crowley as Tech | Paul Gleason as Mystery Man | Monti Sharp as Officer Joplin
Director: Steve Love
Writer: Andy Bobrow

107 :05x22 - Reese Joins The Army (2)

Reese continues to serve in the army, Lois is still insane, and Malcolm is trying to prove Hal innocent. When Malcolm finds out a shocking secret that can prove Hal innocent, everything could be fixed.
Guest Stars: Michael Milhoan as Sgt. McManus | Michael Chieffo as Dennis | Emy Coligado as Piama | Lindsey Ginter as Captain Renquist | Steve Rankin as Sgt. Hendrix | Judith Moreland as Prosecutor | Paul Gleason as Mystery Man (Gordon Walker) | Dave Power as Private James | Nate Torrence as Private Turner | Wells Rosales as Private Martinez | Eric K. George as Private Cooper | Dennis Cockrum as Lieutenant Sortino |
Co-Guest Stars: Craig Barnett as Judge | Jan Devereaux as Executive #1 | Noel Conlon as Executive #2 | P.J. O'Connor as Executive #3 | Kareem Grimes as Private Carter | Nicolas Roye as Private Franklin | Luis Chávez as Private Meadow | Paul Hayes (1) as Jury Foreman | Michael Jerome West as Capt. Van De Kam | Larry Bagby as Aide | Randy Thompson as Officer | Jorge Pallo as Driver (as Jorge-Luis Pallo)
Director: Peter Lauer
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Comedy | Family
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: FOX ( USA)
Runtime: 30 Minutes
Premiere: January 09, 2000
Ended: May 14, 2006
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