Marcus Welby, M.D.

Marcus Welby, M.D.

Marcus Welby MD (played by Robert Young) was the top rated series in the 1970/71 American television season. The story followed Welby, an old-school general practitioner, who worked from his home in Santa Monica, California. He made house calls as a matter of course, which endeared him even further to his patients. After suffering a heart attack, he is forced to hire a young associate. Welby appreciates that the days of the GP are numbered, as his new young intern, Dr. James Kiley (James Brolin) wastes no opportunity in telling him that specialization is the way forward. Kiley is training to be a neuroscientist yet needs money to put his younger brother through medical school. Welby is in conflict with the theory of specialization, yet he appreciates that the money available is much better for newcomers to the medical profession. As a result Welby works twice as hard for half the money. The hot-headed young doctor and the seasoned old hand iron out any differences and work together as a tight unit. Together they are involved in great drama through a variety of situations. Such uplifting drama soon achieved extremely healthy ratings and the approval of the TV industry. The show received an Emmy for Outstanding Dramatic Show in 1970, as well as awards for Young and Brolin.
Welby is more than a GP - he is often a father figure, marriage counselor and psychiatrist. His way of looking at the person behind the problem struck a chord with millions of viewers.

Episode Info

Final: 7x23 -- Vanity Case (2) (May/04/1976)

Sandy and Paul become engaged while Paul's ex-wife undergoes tests on her vision.

Dr. Welby Is resigned to the prospect of his daughter marrying the romantically unreliable Dr. Moran, but the engagement runs into trouble when the young doctor's ex-wife enters his life again.
In "Vanity Case," Dr. Welby's initial concern about Sandy marrying Dr. Paul Moran is overcome and he accepts him as a future member of the family. Dr. Moran's divorce from his former wife, Hedy, was an amicable one and she is now in town on business. Suddenly Hedy begins losing her eyesight and Dr. Moran's affection for her is reawakened as she looks to him for support in her time of trouble.

Pamela Hensley as Janet Kiley, Cliff Potts guest stars as Dr. Paul Moran
James BrolinJames Brolin
As Dr. Steven Kiley
James BrolinJames Brolin
As Dr. Steven Kiley
Elena VerdugoElena Verdugo
As Consuelo Lopez
Pamela HensleyPamela Hensley
As Janet Blake (1975-1976)
Pamela HensleyPamela Hensley
As Janet Blake (1975-1976)

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5x13: Death Is Only a Side Effect recap: Patricia Lowry, despondent over her chronic kidney aliment and fearing that her husband Duke, is having romantic affairs on his business trips, takes a tranquilizer that puts her in a coma." Patricia's sister, Noreen, finds her unconscious and believes she has attempted suicide by taking an overdose of medication prescribed by Dr. Kiley. But Kiley finds that the symptoms are unlike any that might have been caused by the medication he ordered. Time is a critical factor as he and Dr. Welby race to determine what substance their patient took to induce her comatose condition.
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Creator: David Victor
Executive Producer: David Victor
Producer: David J. O'Connell
Music: Leonard Rosenman
Music Supervisor: Stanley Wilson, Hal Mooney
Costume Designer: Charles Waldo
Make-up: Bud Westmore
Set Decorator: George Milo, John McCarthy, Jr., Arthur Jeph Parker

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Recurring Guests

Anne Baxter as Myra Sherwood (17 eps)
Marcia Ralston as Nurse (8 eps)
Michele Lee as Unknown (6 eps)
JoAnna Cameron (1) as Anne (6 eps)
Richard Van Vleet as Jim Morran (5 eps)
Larry Linville as Dr. Beck (4 eps)
Larry J. Blake as Captain Merriman (4 eps)
Shirley O'Hara as Nurse (4 eps)
Cliff Potts as Paul (4 eps)
Christine Belford as Sandy (4 eps)

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