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Season 7

The Return of Marcus Welby, M.D.

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148 :07x01 - Tomorrow May Never Come

Dr. Kiley realizes he has feelings for Janet Blake, the new hospital director. However, Janet faces tragedy when she is thrown from her horse and rendered paralyzed.

149 :07x02 - The Fruitfulness of Mrs. Steffie Rhodes

Following her tragic accident, Janet has a difficult time coping with the aftermath, but is called to help deliver quintuplets. Janet Blake (Pamela Hensley), the new hand on the scene this season, gets a workout in this episode. When the word gets around that the birth of quintuplets is expected at Lang Hospital, she is besieged for information by the news media. And in the wings stands lovesick Dr. Kiley.

150 :07x03 - The Lie

A patient appears to have a recurrence of skin cancer. Eric Brandon, a new patient and longtime friend of Janet Blake, fails to reveal to Dr. Welby that he recently suffered a mild stroke which jeopardizes his life when major surgery is required.

151 :07x04 - The Covenant

Janet can't help but feel responsible when Dr. Welby is the main target in a malpractice lawsuit. A patient begins hemorrhaging and Dr. Welby orders a transfusion. But it is against the woman's religion, and her husband starts a malpractice suit. Janet Blake feels responsible, having gone to Welby for assistance in the case since the woman is her friend. Meanwhile, her ex-boy friend is still in the hospital, causing further strain in her relationship with Kiley.

152 :07x05 - The Double Edged Razor

When his sister has to undergo surgery in order to save her life, a young man debates leaving law school in order to help pay the medical bills.

153 :07x06 - To Live Another Day

The parents of a sick child have difficulty keeping their marriage together when the child continues to have setbacks during the recovery process.

154 :07x07 - An End and a Beginning

Kiley and Janet ruin her mother's wedding plans she made for the two of them when they decide to suddenly get married instead of wait. Dr. Welby's elation over the imminent marriage of Dr. Kiley and Janet Blake is paralleled with concern over an autistic youth whose troubled mother is reluctant to submit him to proper medical care.

155 :07x08 - The Tidal Wave

A violent patient, not responding to medication, focuses his violent bursts on his wife. In order to control his temper, Welby and Kiley debate using a controversial brain surgery.

156 :07x09 - The Strange Behaviour of Paul Kelland

Dr. Welby must figure out why a husband is against hospitalizing his ill wife.

157 :07x10 - Calculated Risk

Dr. Welby's son-in-law returns from South America, but Welby soon notices signs of heart disease.

158 :07x11 - Killer of Dreams

A young couple dreams of a picture-perfect wedding, but their dreams come crashing down around them due to a recurring illness. Plans for a forthcoming marriage of a young couple are abruptly halted when Dr. Welby is forced to return the woman to a life giving machine which also affects her fiance's feelings for her.
In "Killers of Dreams," Stella Coulter, an old school friend of Welby's daughter, Sandy, is making plans to marry Jack Hartley, until violent headaches and back pains force her to return to Dr. Welby. The diagnosis is that Stella's former kidney infection has recurred and she will have to return to a dialysis machine. Shattered at learning about her condition and aware that Jack's attitude toward her has changed, she rejects the treatments.
Guest Stars: Jill Jaress as Stella Colter | Don Galloway as Jack Hartley | Damian London as Dr. Hal Dinmont | Anne Schedeen as Sandy Porter | Gavin Brendan as Phil Porter
Writer: Norman Hudis

159 :07x12 - The Medea Factor

After being placed in foster care, a young boy refuses to speak, and the foster parents ask Welby and Kiley to find out why he will no longer talk.

160 :07x13 - The One Face in the World

When her father is diagnosed with leukemia, a young doctor tries to convince Welby to include her in his medical care. Doctor Welby runs into a touchy situation when a woman doctor flouts an unwritten law of the medical profession that physicians should not treat members of their own families, by becoming involved in the treatment of her father, a leukemia victim.

161 :07x14 - Go Ahead and Cry

Consuelo learns she must undergo a major surgery all while considering a marriage proposal.

162 :07x15 - Strike II

A former rookie of the year baseball player battling alcoholism and his wife are hired as the new physical education directors at the center.

163 :07x16 - How Do You Know What Hurts Me?

A showgirl collapses after a performance, and fails to tell the doctors that she has had silicone injections.
Director: Joseph Pevney

164 :07x17 - Prisoner of the Island Cell (1)

Dr. Welby is convinced that a fellow doctor has been wrongly convicted of rape.
Director: Marc Daniels
Writer: Norman Hudis

165 :07x18 - Prisoner of the Island Cell (2)

Dr. Welby's colleague is forced to quit practicing medicine following a rape accusation. However, Welby is convinced that the claim is false.
Director: Marc Daniels
Writer: Norman Hudis

166 :07x19 - The Highest Mountain

Dr. Kiley studies to be a brain surgeon; Dr. Welby visits Sandy and Phil.
Director: Russ Mayberry
Writer: Eugene Price

167 :07x20 - To Trump an Ace

A patient chooses to postpone tests for asthma due to fears of losing his pilot's license.

168 :07x21 - All Passions Spent

Kiley's former roommate accuses him of making a move on his wife.

169 :07x22 - Vanity Case (1)

Sandy and Paul become engaged while Paul's ex-wife undergoes tests on her vision.
Guest Stars: Cliff Potts as Dr. Paul Moran
Director: Joseph Pevney
Writer: Norman Hudis

170 :07x23 - Vanity Case (2)

Sandy and Paul become engaged while Paul's ex-wife undergoes tests on her vision.

Dr. Welby Is resigned to the prospect of his daughter marrying the romantically unreliable Dr. Moran, but the engagement runs into trouble when the young doctor's ex-wife enters his life again.
In "Vanity Case," Dr. Welby's initial concern about Sandy marrying Dr. Paul Moran is overcome and he accepts him as a future member of the family. Dr. Moran's divorce from his former wife, Hedy, was an amicable one and she is now in town on business. Suddenly Hedy begins losing her eyesight and Dr. Moran's affection for her is reawakened as she looks to him for support in her time of trouble.

Pamela Hensley as Janet Kiley, Cliff Potts guest stars as Dr. Paul Moran
Guest Stars: Cliff Potts as Dr. Paul Moran
Director: Leo Penn
Writer: Norman Hudis
Classification: Scripted
Genre: Drama | Medical
Status: Canceled/Ended
Network: ABC ( USA)
Airs: Tuesdays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes
Premiere: September 23, 1969
Ended: July 29, 1976
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