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Al Bundy, played by Ed O'Neill

Al Bundy is the provider and the hungryman of the house. He has 2 kids and a wife. He works as a shoe salesman and hates his life. When he comes home from work he wants to watch tv and eat dinner. His wife never cooks for him so he only gets tv. He has a club called the No Ma'am and they hang out at the nuddie bars.
Bud Bundy, played by David Faustino

The best quality about Bud is he is pretty smart. The family always makes fun of him because he can never get a girl. He almost got a scholarship but because he was having a hard time studing (thanks to his family) he missed out. Although Bud did manage to go to Community College.
Marcy Rhoades D'Arcy, played by Amanda Bearse

Marcy is the Bundy's next door neighbour. She works at the bank and looks like a chicken. Bud and Marcy hate eachother but Peg and Marcy are like best friends. Although in reality Peg doesn't really like her either. She was once married to Steve but then they were divorced and she married Jefferson who end up being a good friend of Al's.
Peg Bundy, played by Katey Sagal

Peg Bundys soul purpose in life was to be a housewife, but she can't even do that right. Peg likes to sit on the coutch watch Oprah and eat bonbons. She never cooks or cleans and always begs Al for sex.
Steve Rhoades [Episodes 1-74, recurring afterwards], played by David Garrison

Steve was married to Marcy and use to live next door to the Bundys. Then he got divorced and moved. We eventually saw him again working as the Dean at Buds college.