Season 3

36 :03x01 - He Thought He Could

When Al finds a library book that is 31 years overdue, he decides to face Mrs. Degroot, the librarian who thinks he is and always will be a loser.
Guest Stars: Lu Leonard as De Groot | Edan Gross as Young Al | Brandon Bluhm as Lenny | Joseph Dammann as Book Boy
Director: Gerry Cohen

37 :03x02 - I'm Going to Sweatland

Peg sees Elvis Presley in a sweat stain on Al's t-shirt, and tries to make money off of the image.
Guest Stars: Nancy Skelton as Dottie | Justine Lenore as Edna | Michelle Milantoni as Margo | Rawley Valverde as Alajandro | Ron Stein as Elvis? | Tifni Twitchell as Mrs. Webstock | Ken Minyard as Ollie | Bob Arthur as Lew | Paul L. Casey as Elvis #1 | Aaron Paris as Elvis #2 | Robert Lenz as Elvis #3 | Robert Kim as Oriental Elvis | Raymond D. Turner as Black Elvis | Casey Stengel as Elvis On Wheels | Bruce Liberty as Clyde | Sadie Chrestman as Samantha
Director: Gerry Cohen

38 :03x03 - Poke High (aka The Red Grange Story)

Kelly tries to score with a high-school fullback, and after learning that he threatens his record, Al roots for the opposing team in order to keep his record intact.
Guest Stars: Beau Dremann as Matt | Cynthia Songe as Ms. Mount | Ria Pavia as Kitty | Carey Eidel as Mr. Groggs | Gregory White as Coach |
Uncredited: Alan Baltes as Football Player
Director: Gerry Cohen

39 :03x04 - The Camping Show (aka A Period Piece)

Al and Steve's camping vacation is ruined because Marcy, Peg, and Kelly get their periods at the same time, as well as man-eating animals surrounding them.
Director: Gerry Cohen

40 :03x05 - A Dump of My Own

Al tries to build his own dream bathroom in the garage.
Director: Gerry Cohen

41 :03x06 - Her Cups Runneth Over

Peg's favorite bra is discontinued; Al tries to find a replacement for it.
Guest Stars: April Wayne as Muffy | Devin Devasquez as Vicki | Bill Smillie as Pops | Deron McBee as Policeman | Lynn Austin as Peaches | Tally Chanel as Corky
Director: Gerry Cohen
Songs: Aretha Franklin -- Respect

42 :03x07 - The Bald and the Beautiful

When Al and Steve think that they are losing their hair, they go to a counsel of a hairless support group.
Guest Stars: Graham Jarvis as Lance | Henry G. Sanders as Murray | Jim Maniaci as Jim | Therese Kablan as Crystal | Kay Wolf as Amber
Director: John Sgueglia

43 :03x08 - The Gypsy Cried

A fortune telling gypsy predicts the Rhoades and Bundy's fortunes. Steve, Al, and Peg are given good fortunes, and Marcy's fortune predicts her dying.
Guest Stars: Carmen Zapata as Madame Olga | F. William Parker as Mr. Vandergelder | Barbara Alyn Woods as Vicki | Steve Bean as Fred | Sandra Wild as Fluffy
Director: Gerry Cohen

44 :03x09 - Requiem for a Dead Barber

Al goes in search of a real haircut after his barber of 20 years dies. An exhausted hunt leaves Al disgusted and looking like a hippie. He finally gives in and goes to a salon, which gives him a new hairdo that is a little effeminate.
Guest Stars: Kenny Sacha as Mr. Adonis | Charlie Spradling as Murphy (as Charlie) | Steven Levy as Mr. Ron | Stacy Alden as Fran | Harry Hart-Browne as Eduardo | Steve Susskind as Barney | Frank Lloyd as Norris | Vito D'Ambrosio as Louie | Garrett Morris as Russ

45 :03x10 - I'll See You in Court

The Rhoades use the Bundy's as witnesses when a motel inadvertently taped Steve and Marcy having sex.
Guest Stars: Lora Zane as Ms. Weigel | Lillian Lehman as Judge | Ken Thorley as Jury Foreman
Director: Gerry Cohen

46 :03x11 - Eatin' Out

The Bundys recieve a check for $237.00 after their Uncle Henry dies, and they decide to use it to eat out at an elegant restaurant.
Guest Stars: Michael Tulin as Paul | Clement von Franckenstein as Maitre'D | Tom Tully (2) as Harold | Mary Jo Kirwan as Harold's Wife | Dona Speir as Photo Girl | William Rogers as Waiter No. 1
Director: Gerry Cohen
Songs: Johnny Mercer and Henry Mancini -- Moon River

47 :03x12 - My Mom, the Mom

Peg accompanies Kelly to school for Mother-Daughter Career Day, where she becomes popular by describing her life as a housewife.
Guest Stars: Teri Ralston as Judge Spivak | Teri Weigel as Jade | Deborah Levin as Susan | Julie Condra as Becky
Director: Gerry Cohen

48 :03x13 - Can't Dance, Don't Ask Me (aka Kelly's Dance)

Because of a prank that she pulled at school, Kelly must learn to tap dance and perform in front of a school audience or get kicked out of school.
Guest Stars: Bunny Summers as Mrs. Wicker | Sandy Helberg as Mr. Wormer | Jesse Borrego as Bruno
Director: Gerry Cohen
Story: Gabrielle Topping | Teleplay: Rob Ulin

49 :03x14 - A Three Job, No Income Family

Peggy gets a job selling Patty Brite cosmetics. Al discovers that she is making more money than him, so he gets a second job at Burger Trek.
Guest Stars: Teresa Ganzel as Heather | Pauly Shore as Captain | Christian Jacobs as Shep | Dylan Kussman as Butch
Director: Gerry Cohen

50 :03x15 - The Harder They Fall

While driving, a driver cuts Steve off. Peg gives him "the finger", but the driver follows Steve. Steve then becomes obsessed that the enraged driver will come after him.
Guest Stars: Daniel Frishman as Mr. Williams
Director: Gerry Cohen

51 :03x16 - The House That Peg Lost

Steve and Marcy go on vacation and they put Al and Peg in charge of guarding their house. Al and Peg are only supposed to let the plumber in, but when a man comes up to the Bundy's door and asks for "Steve's Roadhouse", Peg thinks he is the plumber and that he means Steve Rhoades' house, so she lets him come inside. The man tows the Rhoades' home away. Steve and Marcy return home to discover a big hole where their house used to be, so they move in with the Bundys. Meanwhile, Kelly throws a slumber party.
Guest Stars: Allison Barron as Lauren | Tracy Justrich as Tasha | Jonathan Coogan as Workman | Kristen Pearcey as Karen | Laurie Plaxen as Charlene (as Laurie Plaksin) | Howard Stevens as TV Announcer
Director: Gerry Cohen

52 :03x17 - Married ... with Prom Queen (1)

Peg and Al go to their high school reunion, where Peg attempts to win the Reunion Queen Title. Al meets up with a rival and they decide to finish the fight that they didn't get to do in high school. Meanwhile, Bud and Kelly are trying to find food at home.
Guest Stars: Lisa Raggio as Connie Bender | Jack Yates as Jack | Catherine Carlen as Vicky | Carol Mansell as Edna | Betty Muramoto as Sumo Yohiro | Andrea Parker as Go-Go Dancer | Barbara Belmonte as Silky | Patricia Matthews as Velour |
Uncredited: Danny Timms as Guitar Player | Morgan Cavett as Guitar Player and Lead Singer
Director: Gerry Cohen

53 :03x18 - Married ... with Prom Queen: the Sequel (2)

Peg continues with her efforts to win Reunion Queen, while Al fights against his rival, Jack. Bud and Kelly go to the reunion in disguise, and eat the food there. With the help of Bud and Kelly, Peg cheats to win Reunion Queen, and Al beats Jack in their fight.
Guest Stars: Lisa Raggio as Connie Bender | Bill Applebaum as Tim Potter | Jack Yates as Jack | Catherine Carlen as Vicky | Ric Stoneback as Speedy | Robert Schuch as Jimbo | John Apicella as Rick | Eric Tull as Milton | Claudia Harrington as Thelma | Linda Lenet as Geena (as Lynda Lenet) | Lisa Donovan as Linda | Laura Mellencamp as Melinda | Andrea Parker as Go-Go Dancer | Barbara Belmonte as Silky | Patricia Matthews as Velour | Lynn Austin as Sable | Bill Bateman as Larry Fleishman | David L. Lander as Eli
Director: Gerry Cohen

54 :03x19 - The Dateless Amigo

When Bud finds out his friends have dates and he doesn't, he tries to get one for himself and fails. So, he turns to the next best thing, a mannequin. Meanwhile, Al comes up with an idea for a new invention: The Bundy Shoe Lights. He introduces them to the people at the shoe convention, but they reject it after a mishap. Al does come up with another invention, though: Shoeper-Scoopers.
Guest Stars: Stephen Dorff as Boz | Giovanni Ribisi as Teddy (as Vonni Ribisi) | Heather Hopper as Lisa | Christy Taylor as Caroline (as Christy Johnson)
Director: Gerry Cohen

55 :03x20 - The Computer Show

The Bundys get a computer that is costing them a lot of money. However, nobody uses it, forcing Al to smash it with a sledgehammer.
Guest Stars: Nick Toth as Voice of the Computer
Director: Gerry Cohen

56 :03x21 - Life's a Beach

Al decides that he and his family need to spend some more time together, so they all go to the beach.
Guest Stars: Morgan Brittany as Marilyn Beamis | Candace Hutson as Tina (as Candy Hutson) | Brice Alan as Chris | Pete Steinfeld as Lifeguard | Christi Allen as Lucy | Sandra Alexander as Wendy | Amber Susa as Jill | Gary Mauro as Mark | Tracy Burton as Sandy | Marilyn Pitzer as Betsy | Michael Faustino as Kid #1 | Marcy Austin as Luana | Saman as Beach Boy
Director: Gerry Cohen

57 :03x22 - Here's Lookin' at You, Kid

There's a guy in the neighborhood that is peeping on all the women in the neighborbood ... except Peg. Getting tired of having sex with Peg to make her feel better, Al pretends to be the peeper and he peeps on Peg. In the meantime, Bud helps Kelly with her studies.
Guest Stars: LaRue Stanley as Fanny | Shirley Prestia as Marsha | Dolores Albin as Mrs. McGinty | Healy Cunningham as Lois | Luann Lee as Fifi
Director: Gerry Cohen