Auditions #2 - Recap

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It is Day Two and the auditions continue in Los Angeles. There are many enthusiastic people who wan to show what they have. Judges Graham Elliot Bowles, Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay are back for another round to see who has it to be the next Masterchef and win the prize of 250,000 and their own cookbook. The contestants are happy to be there and want to show that they have what it takes to be the next Masterchef. The judges take their spots and wait for the contestants to come up.

Felix, 24, a Food Runner from Hollywood, CA, is up first to attempt to impress the judges. She says that she needs the apron and won’t give a sob story. She comes up to the judges and she says that she is strait forward and says she is going to make them something delicious. She serves them a Crispy Risotto with Steak Tartar and Quail Egg. Ramsay says that the seasoning is underwhelming. Graham says that it is a bit charred. Joe tries it and walks away. Ramsay says that her presentation is arrogant because it wasn’t good enough. However, Joe says that he really liked it and says that it was great. Graham says that he could go either way. Graham says that she deserves another try.

Luca, 30, a Restaurant Manager from Astoria, NY, is up next. He says that his love of cooking came from his mother. He gets his mother to fly in to his surprise. He comes out to the judges and Joe and Luca talk Italian to one another. He serves Venetian Calf’s Liver with Parmesan Polenta. Joe tries it and says that his mother would spank him for putting butter in it. However, Luca is confident. Ramsay says that it is slightly overcooked but good. Joe says that the dish reminds him of home and says yes. Graham says that the dish is overcooked for him and he says no. Ramsay says that he can cook and is passionate. He says that he can do better and says that he is going to have to give him a no. He says that next year he can try again.

The next contestant, Haisa comes out and says that she is going to make a desert. She is told to get her rolling pin and she comes back and serves a Chocolate Custard with Raspberry Center and Cashew Nut Crust. The judges love it and give her an apron. The next contestants fail to impress as the battle of the cowboys begins. They all fail except for one chef to impress the judges with their own brand of cooking.

However, the next cowboy Mike, 40, a Contractor from Powder Springs, GA hopes to wow the judges with his dish. He says that he is doing this for his sister who was killed in a car wreck and is on a mission. He comes out on a horse. He serves Pan Seared Venison with Creamed Potatoes and Haricots Verts. The judges try the dish. Afterward, Graham says that he says that it is a yes for him. Joe is skeptical, but says that he is going to say yes. Ramsay says that it is definitely a yes.

Next up are bizarre cooks that need a gimmick to try to get through. One is a witch that chants incantations. Another one has a monkey and another tries by bringing in a puppet. None of the judges take them serious and tell them that it is a no for this year.

Anna and AJ, Husband and Wife from Boston, MA are up next. They are going head to head. AJ comes up first and tells them that she will be up next. AJ serves Dirty Lobster with Tomalley Sauce and Red Onion while Anna serves White Clam Pizza with Chinese Parsley. Joe says that the pizza dough is what it is for Anna. Ramsay says that the lobster is delicious. AJ is told that it is a yes. Anna is told that it is a yes as well and both husband and wife are going to go into the next round.

After the Masterchef Food Truck contestants fail to impress, Bubba, 40, a musician from Blackshear, GA is determined to turn things around. He comes out and plays the harmonica. He serves Bacon Wrapped Venison with Pureed Rutabaga and Sautéed Mustard Greens. Ramsay asks him about his beard and he says that he hasn’t trimmed it for 2 years. Graham says that it was good. Joe says that the venison is overcooked and over seasoned. Graham says that he loved the fact that he knows where his food comes from and says yes. Ramsay has the final vote and it is a yes.

Up next is Craig, 43, a Call Center Assistant from Santa Monica, CA. He says that he wants the apron like a fat man wants cake. He says that he is going to do it too. He pulls out a blowtorch to melt the cheese on top. He serves Eggplant Rollatini with Truffle Ricotta and Linguini. The judges come up and taste his dish. Joe says that everything was all really quite good and says that it is a yes. Ramsay says that it is a no for him. Graham says that the eggplant was good, but the other stuff is not needed. He says that he is going to say no. He doesn’t get the apron.

The battle of the strong begins and each of the cooks with muscles fail to impress. Hoping to get a yes, Frank comes out and serves Guanciale Ravioli with Brown Butter Sauce and Romanesco. The judges come up and try the dish. Ramsay says that the dish looks great, but doesn’t taste that great. Frank says that he didn’t taste the dish and agrees that it is swimming in fat. However, Graham says that it is a yes from him. Joe says that he thinks that Frank could bounce back and tells him not to make him look like a chump in front of Ramsay. He walks out with his apron on.

The final cook of the day is Joel, 37, a US Army Station Commander from Miramar, FL. He says that he was cooking since he was 12-years-old. He comes out and says that he has brought Jamaica to them. He serves them Jamaican Rice & Peas with Chicken and Scotch Bonnet Sauce. Joe comes in and asks about the salt. Graham thanks him for the service and says that the rice and peas are delicious. Ramsay says that when he was in Caribbean they didn’t have breasts that big. Joel says that the women there now are a little different. Ramsay says that he was talking about the chicken. He says that the dish was modernized. Joel says that he wants a restaurant and to name it after his son who drowned. Joe says that the rice and peas were good, but the rest of the dish is simple. Graham says that the rice and peas are delicious and he would like to see more. He says that the dish was delicious and gives the apron. That is it for this round of contestants!