Top 11 Compete - Recap

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With Anna out of the competition, Josh (24), Tanya (21), Becky (27), Frank (28), Monti (36), Felix (24), David (32), Tali (29), Christine (32), Mike (40) and Stacey (29) are left and Judges Graham Elliot Bowles, Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay welcome the 11 remaining contestants. They get into the Mystery Box Challenge and they have a Michelin Star Chef to cook alongside them. It is Graham. He says that they are not competing against him. They lift the boxes and they have Rabbit to cook with and a variety of spices. Tali is feeling confident. They have 60 minutes to create a stunning dish.

The cooks get moving and Ramsay and Joe talk to one another of what they can do with the dish. They go over to Graham and he jokes with them when he cuts himself. He says that he just wanted to scare them. He says that they are going to have to make sure that they are organized. Ramsay and Joe walk around to the other cooks and ask them what they are doing. With minutes to spare they begin to plate their dish. Graham races in the back to the refrigerator to get a final ingredient. He has made dinner and desert. Ramsay asks Graham to show his dish and he serves Rabbit Five Ways with Fennel Panna Cotta. The cooks are shocked on how beautiful it looks.

The judges go to the cooks and try their dishes. The first dish that gets the approval is Frank’s. He comes up and serves Rabbit Two Ways with Vegetable Medley and Gooseberry Reduction. Ramsay says that it is a bold move that paid off. It is delicious. Joe says that his sauce is amazing. Graham says that he did a good job. The second on in the Top 3 is Mike. He is shocked. He serves Leg of Rabbit with Forbidden Rice and Brussels sprouts. Joe says that the white part is perfect and says that it is delicious. Graham says that he cooked the leg beautifully. The last dish in the Top 3 belongs to Becky. She serves a Braised Leg of Rabbit with Carrots, Mushrooms and Ramps. Ramsay says that the glaze is amazing and it tastes delicious. Joe says that they can tell how juicy the rabbit is. The winning dish goes to Becky.

After the 3rd time, Becky finally wins the challenge. She goes with the judges to the back. Becky gets to choose from equipment Pizza Stone, Wok or a Deep Fryer. Becky will have to cook, but she gets to use her own equipment and goes for the Deep Fryer. For the others, she chooses the Pizza Stone. They have one hour to utilize the Pizza Stone and make a great dish. The judges start talking on what they would cook. Ramsay says that a pizza would be great. The cooks try to race to make their dishes and Monti burns her soda bread. However, she salvages it.

Mike comes forward and serves Oven-Roasted Lobster with Vegetables and Rice. Graham says that lobster is dehydrated. Ramsay asks how a pizza stone could beat him. Joe says that the pizza dough recipe is simple and says that hopefully there isn’t a blank spot at his station. Becky comes up and serves her Shrimp Tempura with Curry Sauce and Yuca Chips. Ramsay says that it is delicious and light. Christine is up next and serves an Indian Flatbread with Chicken and Fried Egg. Graham says that it is a well constructed dish. Monti comes up and serves her Roasted Carrot Soup with Irish Soda Bread. Joe says that it is delicious. Every ingredient is delicious. Ramsay says that the soup is delicious, but the bread is phenomenal.

David comes up with his Smoked Lobster with Oven-Roasted Potatoes and Bacon. Graham says that it looks really bad. He walks away disappointed. Joe asks him about it and tries a little bit. He says that it was a let-down and slams it in the trash. Ramsay says that David just fell. Ramsay tells Tali to look at the mess and says that he would have been fired for that. He tells him to bring up his dish. Tali serves Three Cheese Pizza with Duck Breast and Crème Fraiche Sauce. Ramsay scrapes the flour off and spits out his food. Tanya presents her Lamb Cutlets with Olive Flatbread and Roasted Garlic Yogurt. Ramsay says that her dough is raw and that her dish is disappointing. Joe says that she can’t believe she served whole cloves of garlic that is raw. He says that it is offensive and to have a little respect.

The judges go out to talk about their dishes. They do not like how they messed up in this. David says that he messed up and Tanya says that she didn’t cook it right. The judges return and Ramsay says that was not the best. He says that the best dish belongs to Monti. The worst dishes belong to Tanya, David and Mike. Ramsay tells Mike to go home. Mike says that Christine is going to win it all. Ramsay says that they are not done yet. Ramsay says that Tanya is going home too. The episode ends.