Top 8 Compete - Recap

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With Tali out of the competition, only Josh (24), Becky (27), Frank (28), Monti (36), Felix (24), David (32), Christine (32) and Stacey (29) are left as the home-town cooks move into the next stage of the competition. Tonight they are going to have to cook for a posse of Cowboys and Cowgirls. In the middle of the desert, in Horsetown USA, the cooks arrive. They are going to have to get into teams. Judges Graham Elliot Bowles, Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay ride up and tell the cooks that Cowboys and Cowgirls are coming. They are going to have to cook steaks and a side dish for all of them.

Monti and Frank are Team Captains. Frank chooses Becky, Josh and Felix and Monti chooses Stacey, David and Christine. They tell Frank and Monti that they are going to have to switch teams. Frank’s team is the Blue Team and Monti’s team is the Red Team. They have 90 minutes to get the food ready for the crowd coming. Red Team is thinking Rib Eye Steak with Sweet Potato Mash and Spicy Green Beans despite Becky’s concerns of it not being “Cowboy enough”. The Blue Team is thinking New York Strip Steak with Garlic Mashed Potatoes, Corn on the Cob and Barbecue Sauce. The judges talk amongst one another and they say that they cannot be raw. The Red Team has Becky manning the grill, a front position. On the Red Team, Christine leaves the husks on and causes a small fire.

The teams move it and figure out a rhythm to getting the food ready in such a short time. Becky starts to overcook the steaks and Monti puts Josh on the grill instead. Frank runs into a issue with stacking his steaks and Joe tells him that they have to lay them out like the Red Team. The teams continue to have little issues here and there with the mass production of steaks and side dishes. Joe says that the Blue Team has a nice rhythm going on. With 15 minutes until service, they see the cowboys coming. The teams rush to finish. The serving begins and the cowboys and cowgirls get their food from the Red and Blue Teams. Less then 5 minutes into service, the Red Team runs out of mashed sweet potatoes. Monti rushes to make more. The goal is first team to 51 votes, wins. The cooks push out their food.

On the Red Team, they still don’t have the Sweet Potato Mash and they apologize for it. The judges go around the tables and the consensus is that the Blue Team steak is good. The Blue Team kicks butt to begin with, but the Red Team makes a comeback. This is because Frank is over-cooking the steaks. The votes keep coming and the Blue keeps a slight lead. With the final votes the winning team of the service is the Blue Team. This means that the Red Team will be facing the Pressure Test. They celebrate the win and head back to the kitchen.

Monti, Becky, Josh, Felix face the judges. Only 3 cooks will be cooking. They have to make the choice on their own. They go into the wine cellar and talk. Monti says that Felix deserves immunity. Josh disagrees because he feels that he did the most. Monti says that they all screwed up a little. They come out and vote Felix to sit out. The pressure test is to make a soft boiled egg, a sunny side up fried egg, a poached egg and a tree-egg omelet. With 20 minutes to do so, their time starts. The judges talk and they say that Josh and Becky may have a leg up with their experience. They rush to complete it and with only seconds remaining, the cooks finish up and the challenge ends.

The cooks bring up their eggs forward. First is Monti. Ramsay says that her eggs don’t look too pretty, but taste nice and are cooked properly. They go to Becky’s. Graham says that Becky’s eggs are good and Graham calls her omelet “sex on a plate”. He loves her poached egg. However, she fails at the soft boiled egg. Joe goes up to Josh’s eggs. His omelet doesn’t score points. With the soft boiled egg is not good and cold. Monti and Becky are safe. This means that Josh is going home and is eliminated. Ramsay asks who is going to win and he says that he can’t wait to try Christine’s cookbook.