Top 7 Compete - Recap

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With the elimination of Josh, it is down to Becky (27), Frank (28), Monti (36), Felix (24), David (32), Christine (32) or Stacey (29) to win the prize of $250,000 and their own cookbook. The cooks come into the kitchen and see a giant mystery box in front of Judges Graham Elliot Bowles, Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay. Joe says that they have the biggest mystery box. They reveal that Paula Deen is inside. They are amazed. The cooks lift their mystery boxes to find a while chicken and every other Southern foods. Graham says that Paula Deen has arranged something from home for them.

Becky gets a letter from her parents, Monti gets a letter from her son, Christine gets a letter from her husband, Felix gets a letter from her parents, David gets a letter from his wife, Frank gets a letter from his daughter. And Stacey gets a letter from her family. All are happy. Ramsay asks the cooks what it means and they love it. They have 60 minutes to create a dish worthy of a Masterchef. Paula and Ramsey walk around and Christine is told that she is one of her new heroes. Felix is motivated by her parents. Monti is making a desert. Joe loves the flavors that David is making. Becky is making a dish that is to Paula’s heart and says that this is going to be good. With minutes left, they rush to get their plates completed. The judges look around and say that they have made their choices.

The first dish that they love is Becky. She serves Oven-Roasted Chicken with Fried Green Tomatoes, Biscuits and Gravy. Paula Dean says that she loves the sweet and savory mix. Graham says that she has done them proud. Ramsay says that she has finesse. The second dish is Frank’s. He serves Chicken Roulade with Pepper Chutney and Spicy Potatoes. Paula Dean says that it is delicious. She chokes a little from the spiciness. Joe says that the technique is skillful. Grahams says that it is great consistency. The final dish belongs to David. He serves Pan-Roasted Chicken with Red Pepper Grits and Shoestring Onions. Ramsay says that he loved how he used the boring grits and turned them tasty. Paula Dean comes up and says that he proved that humble food could be wonderful.

After talking amongst themselves, the judges decide that Frank wins this challenge. They all thank Paula Dean for coming. Frank goes back to the pantry. They reveal that it is Japanese food. The judges say that he is going to have immunity from this. They come out to the other cooks and reveal that it a Japanese platter. They are going to be paired up. That was decided by Frank. The teams are: Becky & David, Felix & Monti, and Christine & Stacey. The teams get together and are going to have to work as a tag team. They start cooking and start to communicate. Ramsay walks around and Felix tells him that they are not going home. David & Becky are starting to not communicate well. Frank’s plan is starting to work out.

Joe goes up to Monti and says that Felix is pulling Monti’s weight too. Monti says that this is Felix’s challenge and they are going to do great. They switch again and Becky says that David deserves to go home if they have to go up for elimination. Christine and Stacey are falling behind and start to panic. With seconds remaining, the cooks start to plate their dishes and are flustered. They race and with 30 seconds, they plate their food. At the end, Stacey can’t get the last part. Stacey cries, but Christine tells her that it is alright and that they tried their best.

Monti & Felix come up and serve their plate. Joe says that it looks very nice. He says that they are really good. Graham says that the California Roll is amazing and that the tuna is great. Ramsay says that the end product is great. David & Becky come up and David asks her not to throw him under the bus. Ramsay says that there is no sauce and Becky throws David under the bus. Joe says that he saw a disappointing side of Becky when she ducked behind when things went south. Christine & Stacey come up with their plate. Graham points that the California Roll is missing. The Tuna is nice, but the veggies have no batter. Ramsay says that the rice is fine, but the cut is dreadful. They don’t like this.

The judges tell the cooks that Felix and Monty did a great job, but say that the losing team is Stacey & Christine. The judges take a moment to themselves. Stacey says that she never thought that Sushi would beat her. The judges return and Ramsay says that both of them have been a dream and says that they are incredible. The person leaving tonight is Stacey. Christine cries and says goodbye. Ramsay says that she has been an inspiration. Joe says that it was a tailspin that was hard to get out. She says that it has been a great experience.