Top 6 Compete, Part 1 - Recap

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With the elimination of Stacey last week, it is down to Becky (27), Frank (28), Monti (36), Felix (24), David (32), or Christine (32) to get to the end of the competition and win it all. The home cooks come to the front and Judges Graham Elliot Bowles, Joe Bastianich and Gordon Ramsay tell the contestants that none of them will be cooking today. They tell them that they have familiar faces that are going to cook. Stacey, Josh, Tali, Tanya, Mike, Anna, Scott and Ryan come into the kitchen. They are told that one of them are going to have a chance to get back into the competition. They have to put together a mystery box by picking the ingredients. Mushrooms, Pork Chop, Celebry, Condenced Mik, White Vinegar, Chocolate Buttons, Pomegranate and heavy cream.

They get their ingredients and the two cooks that make the best dishes are going to go head to head for their chance to get back into the game. They begin cooking and Mike says that he is ready for anything. The judges say that the ingredients that they chose are all horrible and say that they are going to have their hands full. Ryan says that he loves competition and Felix doesn’t think that Ryan is a threat. Josh is determined to get back into the game. Becky is scared. Ramsay asks Mike what he is doing and Mike is doing a desert. He goes up to Stacey and she tells that she is fierce and wants to fight her way to the top. Ryan tells Joe that David doesn’t deserve to be there and that he is going to get it back. Josh says that David doesn’t belong there and David says that he would go head to head with any of them. The time comes to an end and they serve their dishes.

Josh serves his Chocolate Mousse with Pomegranate Sauce and Candied Lemon Peel. Graham says that it is not a work of art, but it tastes amazing. Ramsay says that it is absolutely delicious. Joe likes it too. Anna serves her Pan-Seared Pork Chop with Shaved Celery and Pomegranate Salad. Ramsay says that it looks beautiful. He says that it is a bit overcooked. Tali serves his Chocolate Pot De Crème with Pomegranate Syrup and Celery Foam. Joe says that it is very dense and heavy. Scott serves his Stuffed Pork Chop with Pickled Celery and Pomegranate Sauce. Ramsay says that it is slightly under cooked. But, he loved the sear. Tanya brings up her Grilled Pork Chop with Crispy Celery and Mushroom Ragu. Graham says that the celery is weird, but everything is great.

Stacey comes up and serves Mushroom Ravioli with Celery Cream and Roasted Pork Chop. Ramsay says that it is delicious and says that it is amazing. He says that she is back with a vengeance. Mike comes up and serves his Chocolate Flan with Lemon Zest and Sugar Glass. Graham asks him why a desert and he says that he wanted to stand out. Graham says that it is delicious. Ramsay says that it is very good. Lastly, Ryan serves his Pan-Seared Pork Chop with Mushroom Ragu and Pomegranate Gastrique. Ramsay says that it is delicious and says that it is one of the best dishes. Joe says that Frank is rolling his eyes, but says that Ryan’s dish is amazing. The judges decide that Ryan and Josh are going to be going head-to-head.

Ryan and Josh are told that they are going to have to make a fruit tart. The home cooks are going to be judges. They are going to be doing a blind taste so that they don’t know which dish is which. Josh and Ryan get cooking and Josh is ready to fight. Ryan has a lot to prove since he has never made a fruit tart before. Ramsay talks to Josh and he says that he has some tricks up his sleeves. He goes up to Ryan and asks how desperate he is to get back in. He wishes him luck and leaves. They work at getting their crust in the oven and Josh is struggling a little. They finish off.

They cut six slices and they are taken to the home cooks. They are presented with the dishes and try it. Some of them like Ryan’s and other really like Josh’s tart. They finish their judging and write their answer on the card. The judges get them and deliberate. Ramsay says that the decision has been made. Monti says that Josh’s tart was the best tasting. Becky says that Ryan’s tart was more delicate. The home cook coming back is Josh! He says that he is more than determined to be in the end.